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As of star date 9-15-16 the shipmates have been on 4/5 major mission, with smaller submissions contained within. We will position links to summaries of all previous missions, and all future missions below. 

Arc 1 - Beyond the Rim (FFG content, GM = John)

Arc 2 – Echoes of the Past (by Peter “Maveritchell” Thompson, GM = Ryan) 

Arc 3 – A Primal Enterprise (by Peter "Maveritchell" Thompson, GM = Johnny)

  • Act 1 – The Old Bait and Switch
  • Act 2 – Extracting Revenge

Arc 4 – Previous Enemies (self made, GM = John)

Arc 5 – An Exercise in Futility (self made, GM = Ryan)

Arc 6 – Missing in Action (self made, GM= John)

  • Act 1 – Roam If You Want To
  • Act 2 – No Sleep 'Til Ryloth

Main Page

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