Arc 2 - Act 1 – Flight from Nar Shaddaa

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After finishing their work with Reom, the group decides to head to criminal haven of Nar Shaddaa to lay low for a while and resupply the ship. While leaving a shop they meet an older man and a Leppy who seem to be keeping a low profile. The two seem drawn to the group and the older gentleman introduces himself as Lorik Feryss, a librarian, and his Leppy friend is Trixx. He tells the group that his is searching for an artifact and will give them 5000 credits for their help retrieving it. They feel that this price is low and that he probably isn't actually a librarian, but reluctantly agree anyway.

As they are concluding their deal, they notice that there are some unfamiliar eyes on them. There are quite a few Ubese mercenaries in the crowd that seem to have taken interest in the group. The Ubese decide this is time to attack for whatever reason and give chase. They make a run for the docking bay where The Boonta Eve is, but there is no chance they are going to get away without a fight. A new group of Ubese appear directly in their path. Jaromir turns on them with his newly acquired flamethrower attachment and lights one of them on fire. Trixx shows his abilities by jumping up onto a billboard and begins picking them off with his slugthrower. Between them and the docking bay is a suspended bridge they must advance across. On the other side the party decides to end the chase by cutting down the bridge and stranding the Ubese on the other side. Their attempts are successful when Aztin and Fingorn shoot the cables to loosen them and Jaromir and Trixx tear it down. 

When they make it to the ship and leave the moon's atmosphere they are chased by an assualt ship manned by the Ubese. Jeria and Fingorn realize the Boonta Eve may be outgunned here and attempt to make a jump to hyperspace. They successfully escape the Ubese ship for now. The group asks Feryss why the Ubese were chasing them, but he's not very forthcoming with information. Some of the group believe they should get whatever artifact this strange old man is looking for and keep it for themselves. Either way, they plot their course for the coordinates Feryss gives them. And head towards the deep core planet of Tython.

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Arc 2 - Act 1 – Flight from Nar Shaddaa

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