Arc 1 - Act 3 - Battle on Raxus Prime

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Part I

The Boonta Eve find themselves over Raxus Prime, which has a high level of Imperial security, which they have to lie to get around. They tell the agents at the checkpoint that they are carrying debris to be dumped and give the codes provided to them by Reom to get on planet. The Imperials do not believe them and Jeria is forced to pilot the ship through the mountains of trash on the scrap-heap planet. Jaromir and Valik take position in the gunner seats and begin shooting at the advancing Tie Fighters. The team narrowly escapes the Tie Fighters and find Reom's hidden base. They hide the ship in a hangar masked by trash and are greeted by a Rodian at the docking bay who agrees to show them around Reom's base. Fingorn says he is going to stay behind and oversee repair to The Boonta Eve. While surveying some damage to equipment in the ship he hears a banging in one of the compartments. The Nautolan advances towards it with his blaster drawn and is surprised to see a Kel'dor fall out. The Kel'dor introduces himself as Aztin H'barr and says that he means no harm. He was an explorer who was stranded on Cholganna while searching out a new rebel base when Harsol destroyed his ship. He saw The Boonta Eve as a chance to escape the planet and promises to help the crew in any way possible. 

Meanwhile, the crew is being shown the base of operations on Raxus Prime. They are very impressed by the setup Reom has built on this planet. The crew asks to speak to Reom, but the Rodian tells them that he is not there at the moment. The Rodian tells the party there are some jobs to be done to help Isotech while they await the arrival of Reom. The crew agrees and goes out into the wastelands to find spare parts to help repair the main ship Isotech is working out of. Fingorn and Aztin go to make a deal with Jawas, where Fingorn is caught stealing from them and they are chased out of the sandcrawler. They get some of the parts the need and head back to the base

Part II

Shortly after returning to the Isotech base all hell breaks loose. The party notices that there are some Jawas near their ship, but something seemed off about them. Upon approaching the Jawas, the party realized that they were way too big. They came to realize that the "Jawas" were actually Talo and the remainder of the Yiyar clan coming to exact their revenge. A battle broke out between Talo and the crew as troop of Trandoshan mercenaries came storming through the rubble towards Reom's headquarters. To make matters worse, Imperial troops also came heading towards the base and a battle between the three groups ensued. Jeria and Lurek took off in The Boonta Eve, Valik, Seb and Jaromir helped hold  off both sets of advancing enemies. Aztin helped with injured members of Reom's crew and Fingorn helped repair Reom's ship. In the heat of the battle Reom finally shows up with reinforcements. It turns out he has been in the ship the whole time, recovering from wounds sustained on The Wheel. He has a noticeable limp, but it doesn't seem to hinder his fighting skills. Fingorn gets the ship up and running and helps get the hulk into space. The Boonta Eve helps fight off Tie Fighters as they leave the planet's atmosphere. They escape the Imperials and Yiyar clan and help Reom set up his new base on the satellite IsoOne. Reom is grateful for all the help the party has provided him and makes good on his word. He takes a large chunk of debt off of Jeria for the ship and gives the party a substantial amount of money. He is amazed by the fact that Cratala and Harsol were still alive and the party brought them back to work with him. Their work with the finding of the Sa Nalaoer was finally complete.    

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Arc 1 - Act 3 - Battle on Raxus Prime

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