Arc 1 - Act 2 - Exploring Cholganna

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Part I

After the crew leaves The Wheel and a short period in hyperspace they find themselves on the outskirts of uncharted space. They emerge from hyperspace in the middle of an asteroid field which Jeria and Fingorn navigate through with minor damage to the ship. They have arrived at the jungle planet of Cholganna, using the coordinates that Reom has provided them with before his mysterious disappearance. Fortunately they arrive at the planet in the season where there are no storms or cyclones. After a quick scan of the planet, the crew finds a clearing where they believe the Sa Nalaor may be and disembark to investigate. The search of this area ends up being fruitless, however the isolation of the wild jungle unsettles the tough Wookiee muscle, and he his soon pulled into the trees by a predatory arboreal octopus. He begins to struggle against the foe and the beast tightens its grasp. The rest of the crew need to fight the octopus so it will release their hairy companion. This attack leaves the team worried about what else may be lurking in the jungle and they head back to their ship.

Upon returning back at their ship, they run another scan and find another point of interest. This time proves to be more successful, as they find the remains of a ship partially submerged in a lake. Based on schematics of the ship obtained on The Wheel, the team has an idea that there may be a treasury in the submerged in the submerged portion of the ship. Fingorn, being a Nautolan, has the ability to breath underwater swims down and places explosives at the door of the vault. The explosives are placed at the wrong spot and he blows up a small fortune.

After Fingorn blows up a ton of credits and disappoints the entire team, they decide to investigate the wreckage. They check the barracks, where Seb Neb is bit by a highly toxic spider and Fingorn decides to suck the poison out of his hand to make sure it doesn't need to be cut off. The team continues their search and finds a recording of the crew of the Sa Nalaor, led by Captain Rel Harsol, as it crashes down and they make their final stand. The Boonta Eve crew realizes that something seems off about the recording, but do not have much time to think about it as they hear a growl and mechanical hum behind them. They find themselves surrounded by three cybernetically enhanced nexu. They manage to kill two of them and chase off the third and Fingorn takes the cybernetic enhancements off of the two dead creatures. While all of these events are transpiring, IT-3PO has activated a beacon to alert any survivors on the planet.The crew makes their way out of the ship as dusk is beginning to settle on the jungle and the crew has a fairly restless night at a makeshift camp.

Part II

The next morning the crew is awakened by the arrival of Yav Yivar and his clan of Rodians. The clan of Rodians have been following The Boonta Eve since The Wheel, but Seb Neb and Valik failed to notice the enemy ship in the hangar of The Wheel. The Rodians attack the crew, but the fighting is quickly ended when Harsol shows up with a couple of outdated battle droids. Fingorn had planted the cybernetic pieces from the nexu on the Yiyar clan and Harsol kills them on the spot, Yav included. The pilot of the Nightflyer, Yiyar's ship, and leaves the planet. Harsol is considering killing the party as well when he sees his old droid IT-3PO. He tells the party that they are to come with him to the settlement he established with the survivors. The party travel through the jungle with Harsol, his droids and these large aquatic creatures that the party come to find out are reevos. They feel more as if they are going as prisoners than as friends.

Upon arriving at the encampment, they see that it is fairly heavily secured. There are walls built to surround the camp with guard towers in place. The gates open for the party and they are led to a town hall area. They receive skeptical stares and hear whispers from the survivors. Harsol commands all of the survivors to crowd into the hall to meet with the party of The Boonta Eve. While the meeting is going on, the party sees that Harsol seems to keep complete control over the others. He shoots down many of their questions for the party and will not allow answers for the inquiries that do make it through. The party informs the survivors of the rise of the Empire, many of them are horrified or simply do not believe them. Harsol decides to keep the party around for a few days until he can figure out what to do with them after hearing this news. The party have time to talk to some of the survivors and find out that their observations are correct. Harsol is a tyrant and his paranoia is destroying the survivors. He keeps most of the blasters locked away and kills almost anyone he comes in contact with on Cholganna. Cratala, the cybernetics specialist Reom was looking for is at the camp and seems more trusting of the group than Harsol is and expresses interest in leaving Cholganna.

After a few days of being at the camp things go very wrong. ISB agents have also been following them since The Wheel, led by agent Liers Osnin. He tells the party that they are free to go, he just wants Harsol and Cratala. Harsol becomes more erratic and blames the crew for leading the Imperials, but quickly realizes it's all his fault. Cratala locks herself in a nexu cage and threatens to kill herself, but Lurek talks her down. The Boonta Eve help to defend the camp from the storm troopers and Harsol and Cratala agree to leave with the party to work with Reom. The Boonta Eve loads up as many survivors from the camp as they can and drop them on various planets. They head to the rendezvous point on Raxus Prime.

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Arc 1 - Act 2 - Exploring Cholganna

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