Arc 1 - Act 1 Flight from The Wheel

Shortly after the team comes together, they are called on for their first mission. Jeria Kansan is contacted by his old friend Reom, the Twi'lek who helped finance the purchase of The Boonta Eve. He tells the crew of a great financial opportunity and asks them to meet him at the headquarters for his tech company, IsoTech, on the space station, The Wheel. The crew agree to meet with him where he fills them in on his business proposal.

Reom tells the crew of the long lost CIS era ship that went missing at the tail end of the Clone Wars. He has the knowledge of the whereabouts of the ship and the treasure it may still hold. Reom has received a pod with the last know coordinates of the Sa Naloar, which is expected to have gone down in uncharted space, on the planet Cholganna. He promises to remove some of Captain Kansan's debt for the ship, as well as pay the crew a nominal fee which is determinate on what they find aboard the ship. Reom believes the ship to have advanced cybernetic technology still on board because the ship had supposedly been carrying a specialist who ad been fleeing from Chancellor Palpatine. The crew agrees and begins to ask questions around The Wheel.

Jaromir, the Wookiee and his employer, Lurek the Pau'an head off to a bar to talk with a Alderinian bartender to gather some information on their employer, where they learn that he may have some unwanted attention from the Empire. Captain Jeria and his Nautolan mechanic Fingorn Krill attempt to hack a computer, which alerts security and a chase ensues. While the ship is being guarded by the Zabrak and Dashade bounty hunters Seb Neb and Valik, they notice that a maintenance droid is attempting to place a tracker on The Boonta Eve and chase the droid off. Jaromir and Lurek meet up with Jeria and Fingorn, when they return to Reom's office, only to see signs of a struggle and Reom is nowhere to be found. Meanwile, Reom's droid IT-3PO, whom the Twi'lek urged the crew to bring along, has been grabbed by a rival company of Rodians, led by Yav Yiyar. The Yiyar clan takes off with the droid after Jaromir the Wookiee brutally kills two of them by smashing their heads together. In the hanger bay Yav and his men are stopped by Valik and Seb, where they abandon the droid, but Valik manages to take one of the Rodians hostage. 

At this point the pressure is on The Boonta Eve crew and they feel it is the best time to make their leave. Their departure marks the beginning of their journey.

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Arc 1 - Act 1 Flight from The Wheel

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