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  • Icy Return to IsoUnderground

    Monday November 7 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-6/ D-4

    With the explosion, Sash who was sitting in wait in the entrance of the medical room darts out, slams into Jaromir who was turning at the last second …

  • Total Recall

    Thursday December 1st 2016 
    After a long break because of the holidays and some job changes, we were eager to muk things up again. AND A NEW PLAYER APPROACHES! 

    Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

  • This Episode Brought To You By...

    Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

    Back to the half of the group traveling to the holy site, Jeria cautiously navigates getting more information from Shira about Reom and the their father. From there most …

  • Say Uncle


    Beginning Destiny Points L-2 / D-8

    Part One - 12/15/16 (This session was less than an hour long due to a late start and an early end due to a party viewing of Rogue One)

  • Reom wasn't found in a day

    Beginning Destiny Points L-7 / D-3

    The session starts off with the crew in hyperspace, healing the various incapacitated party members. Unfortunately in the crate of cybernetics that Lurek and Jaromir ' …

  • The School of Rokc

    Beginning Destiny Points L-5 / D-5

    The session begins with an incoming transmission from a one Kalo Dari stating that he was able to successfully throw the Imperials from the Super Star Destroyer Ravager off his back, …