Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

On To The Proving Grounds!

Session 44 Thursday February 2nd, 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-4 / D-6 

Upon arrival on Mygeeto, Milo attempts to reach General Antilles by comm, to no avail. Milo fiddles around with the comm, trying to reach Antilles by incessantly calling back, probably at the same time Antilles is trying to reach him and getting hung up. Finally in the split second between Milo ends his call, and attempts to make another one, an incoming call arrives from a somewhat annoyed Wedge Antilles. Wedge says he a little busy at the moment with other matters and that why he can’t spare anyone to inspect a set of coordinates that he needs the Boontanites to look into. He sends over the details with the express instructions that this is a rush and needs to be done shortly. He will meet the crew in person in a day or two. 

Flying towards the coordinates the crew sees there is a large city, expanding into the surround wastelands, dotted with small civilizations and ruins. There is a notable Imperial presence in the air around the city, but much less so in the air as you go further out from there. The coordinates given to them point towards one of those ruin structures a few days travel by mundane means outside of the city, just on the other side of a large mountain range, and thus no Imperial presence above ground. Even amidst the pouring rain (now L-5/D-5), Jeria navigates the Boonta into an area of the ruins that should be able to hide it well from any roving ships above. At this point it is well into the night and they would need to be careful outside of the ship. Before exiting the ship Fingorn initiates a lifeform scan of the surrounding area which yields on a few small creatures outside but nothing of note. Fingorn does mention though that the ruins may or may not be interfering with the scan and that the crew should still be on the lookout. 

Having seen the aerial view of the ruins as they flew over, a memory comes back to Lurek. These are the same ruins that he stored one of his boxes in one of the IBC vaults before he escaped the Empire and faked his death (now L-4/D-6). He tells the crew that on foot it is on the complete opposite side of the ruins and probably at least 6 hours to get there. The vault is on level 46 of a large underground vault complex, guarded by mercenaries, laser turrets, and other goonies. The mercenary group that was operating this establishment, as with many of the vault complexes that were left over from the IBC, were known for their secrecy and loyalty to their patrons, and Lurek was not concerned about having any trouble. It is decided the the 4 remaining members of the original Boonta Crew will go track down Lurek’s secret box, traveling through the ruins by night while the new crew will search the surrounding area to try and figure out what would interest General Antilles here. Before going their separate ways, Milo reveals that he has a device that resonates with kyber crystals (now L-3/D-7). Lurek hasn't been to this planet for at least 6-7 years and thus his memory will be hazy, plus he came under very different circumstances. 

Before leaving the ship, Fingorn programs in a sort of summon feature into two of the killerbots, enabling one to return to Fingorn, and one to Lurek. He then sets them to stay guard at the ship while it gets left without an organic crew. Jaromir threatens all of the ruin crew that they will rue the day that they let Castor get hurt and leaves them with a menacing glare. 

After walking for a few hours, navigating the ruins in a straight of a direction as they could with the rain finally letting up, they come to an impassable wall, with no seeable way around it. Go over or lose hours trying to find a way around. Fingorn, Jeria, and Lurek are able to get over without any issue. Because of the damp moss on the wall, and his added weight, Jaromir slips on his way over, scrambling the rest of the way and falls on top of Jeria, breaking his arm. 

After searching for some hours, Milo, Boyd, and friends stumble upon the entrance to some dark tunnels. Shortly into the entrance they find a few exploration packs that look as if they were dropped while someone was running out, not a good sign. While going through the packs, they find a journal with notes written in rodian. Milo begins reading it as they walk along. The tunnel passes by without much note, until they chance upon a fork in the path. Milo breaks out his kyber crystal sensor and it indicates a resonance down the right fork. At this point Castor bolts in the other direction, running down the left path. They yell to him, but he isn't responding, so Svarjoke shoots a warning shot down the hallway. This brings Castor to a halt and he reluctantly returns. Milo is surprised when Castor returns down the other hallways as he was engrossed in the journal. It has taken him a long time to be able to read through the notes and get to the most recent entries.

The last entry states that the writer thinks they found the crystals and a large deposit of unrefined metals. They lost a lot of men once they entered a large room and the rest of the crew has turned around and is high tailing it out of there. Milo finishes reading this just as they reach the precipice of a very large open cavern. There are working lights and hieroglyphics on the walls of the room. As the rest of the crew starts to mingle about the entrance looking at the walls, Milo can easily deduce the meaning behind them, they point towards a cult dedicate to the Sith. Upon this realization Milo frantically, but quietly, tries to get the others to slowly back out the way they came and to leave immediately. Being the first one to back out, still facing the room, he was the one to bump into a tall figure, even while all his companions were in his line of sight (now L-4/D-6)

Through his excruciating cries, Fingorn attempts to brace Jeria's arm. He thinks its still salvageable, but not something he has the chops to do anything about now other than help his friend. By the time dawn rolls around, they finally reach what Lurek recognizes as a clearing just before the vault complex entrance. It appears abandoned, there are no banners, no sentries, the grass is creeping up around the door, Lurek says something is wrong, it was clear in his agreement with the GreyStar Syndicate that there is supposed to be two guards outside the door at all times. They have a small argument over whether it is a deception or not, but they finally go up to the door and attempt to open it, with no success. Upon knocking, a low rumbling noise reaches their ears, followed by the door viewport opening. They are greeted with the eyes of someone pointedly not willing to let them in. This clearly isn't the same crew operation that Lurek left his holdings with. The doorman says that since Lurek hasn't accessed since the 'change of ownership' he won't be let in without the requisite credits.  Lurek attempts to name drop the head of the operation Zaq Olden who brokered his deal originally, but this doesn't makes him budge, saying that Zaq Olden has been dealt with. Lurek is trying to make the case that the contract was binding for eternity, but the doorman simply says contracts can be changed. Lurek finally becomes complacent and says negotiates that he will pay the 20k credits for access to the his vault and the backpay owed the operation if and only if he speaks to the the head of this outfit.

After a few minutes a besalisk by the name of Letti Semual the head of the Besalisk Mutual. The two go back in forth about formalities, Lurek was never notified of the change of ownership but Letti states he can not make deals and give away free services just due to ignorance. This goes back and forth for a while, revealing such things as the GreyStar Syndicate were ill equipped to run this facilitys, to the Besalisk Mutual is one of the legitimate businesses fronted by the remnants of the Black Suns. Lurek finally convinces Letti to ease up and only charge 10k for the backpay but only if Lurek leaves all their weapons here, and that only two of the four venture into the vault. They agree to this and Lurek and Jaromir pass all of their weapons (except for Lurek's write flamethrower he was able to conceal) to Fingorn as he waits in the guard room next to the entrance door just outside the complex. Walking in, Fingorn eyes a terminal in the corner and already has a few ideas brewing in the ole noggin. 

Milo spins around and grabs the strangers face, demanding to know who he is. The individual, apparently unperturbed about Milo's attempt to manhandle him says they are not going to identify themselves in their own halls, this obviously shocks Milo. At the same moment Svarjoke attempts to use his shock glove to grab the figure and push him away from Milo. The hit connects and pushes him back a foot or two. At this, the individual looks up and force pushes Milo and Svarjoke back into the open room, back into the Halls of Plagueis, and screams "ON TO THE PROVING GROUNDS!" 

Ending Destiny Points L-4 / D-6


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