Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Chef Krill attempts to make pancakes

Session 43 Thursday January 26th, 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

We begin the session with a small description of what Castor's hangar looks like. Directly as you enter there is a large ship bay which has a roof mounted tractor beam in order to lift and work on the ships. To the right of that there's a second ship bay which is equipped with sliding doors that are able to conceal the presence of this second room (Now L-5/D-5). To the left of the first bay there is a small workshop and small office. Behind the ship bay there are a large number of exhaust fans. Surrounding the entire hangar there are a series of catwalks on the second floor (Now L-4/D-6)

When Lurek, Jaromir, and Milo return from Talo's library hideout they ask Castor if they know where his ship is. Caster says that he thinks it's being hidden at one of the many junkyards Talo owns, but he is unsure of which one. Svarjoke informs the crew of that Talo does not currently have a bounty. He had one recently but it was redacted by the Black Suns, he is not sure why this has happened but it may indicate the Talo is working with them. Castor though has a small bounty on his head, 12,000 credits listed by a small outfit in the outer rim by the name of Rinnrivin Di. At this point Jaromir informs the crew that he used to be good friends with Castor's mother and that he does not want to bring about any harm to Castor and because of that he suggests, strongly suggest with much menace and knuckle cracking that bringing Castor along with them is the right plan. The crew can see that this means a lot to Jaromir. So they alter their plan to ambush Talo when he comes to pick up Castor. Fingorn is quite happy about this because he was planning on taking Talo down the entire time. At this point the crew begins to plan for the ambush of Talo.

Fingorn programs their trusty killerbots to walk in the street and come up behind Talo after they enter the hangar to flank them. Luckily the trade off would be occurring in the early hours of the morning and thus there would be enough cover for the droids to not be noticed, but also be able to keep a watch on those that enter and be able to inform the crew of their numbers and arsenal. 

Jeria expertly flies the Boonta Eve into the second bay and they other crew members are able to pile up all the junk that Castor had laying around to conceal the ship so even if the door controls are found by Talo and his men, they may not see the Boonta Eve and just think of the room as empty. 

Next Fingorn inspects the controls for the ship tractor beam and an idea comes to him. He thinks that he would be able to reverse the polarity and instead of a traditional tractor beam it could function as a crude sort of repulsing beam strong enough to once lift a ship, and thus more than capable of making a few besalisk pancakes out of any unsuspecting individuals. He unfortunately though can not determine the size of the repulsor beam and thus the crew will have to plan accordingly. To accommodate this they decide to move some of the various crates around the entrance of the hangar so that any guests would be funneled directly under tractor-turn-splat beam housing. 

The plan finally wraps up with the crew positions. Lurek and Jaromir will be the ones to greet Talo and crew into the hangar, doing the job of any conversing and convincing Talo to enter the splay zone. Fingorn will logically be at the controls, waiting for the opportune moment. Svarjoke and Jeria will being waiting on the catwalks, initially just over the doors so that they can not be seen. Milo will be lounging over by the exhaust fan controls, which were 'macgyvered' by Fingorn to override their safety and spin at drastically higher speeds and potentially mince any would be combatants that got too close. Adalya would be waiting in the office with Castor as a means of protection, and also insurance he wouldn't duck out a hidden exit. 

Finally all the pieces are set in motion, and not a minute too late because a gotal and an assassin droid walk into the hangar, looking as if they have purpose in mind. They inform Lurek that they are here for Castor and they will bring him back to Talo. Naturally Lurek does not buy this story, and demands to speak with Talo. Without hesitation they call Talo and he confirms these two work for him and would be acting as Castor's escort. Why would Lurek actually expect him to come in person for the deal, after everything the crew of the Boonta Eve put him and the Yivar clan through back on The Wheel, Chulgana, and Raxus Prime? Lurek is furious and calls off the deal for the transportation and detainment of Castor, saying they will meet Talo, alone, in 2 hours to pay off Castor's debt and be done with Talo. It is at this point in time that the droids inform everyone that there are a lot suspicious people walking down the street, and an as of yet unknown rumbling that appears to be getting louder and more severe by the second. 

The crew very quickly decides to high tail it out of there with Castor in tow. Once out of atmo Lurek suggests calling into some of Milo's rebellion contacts to try and get more information on the Dathomiran prison before they actually make landfall. Lurek urges Milo to make the call with himself posing as a Mandolorian bounty hunter by the name Specter 37. Through the use of his ever wonderful secretary, Milo is connected with General Wedge Antilles. He instructs them that he needs their help on the planet of Mygeeto as soon as possible and that he would possibly be able to help with afterwards. 

Once they end the transmission Lurek informs the crew that luckily he has one of his famous boxes stashed in a vault stored on Mygeeto that he bought protection of from the old InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Shouldn't be an issue for Lurek to get access to at all.

Ending Destiny Points L-4 / D-6


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