Bixby (Dead Former PC)

Ryn Scout and Agent of Osnin


Bixby Bub was a Ryn trader the crew picked up when they came across his escape pod floating in space. He betrayed the group when he sold them out to the vengeful Liers Osnin. He was killed aboard Osnin’s ship when he was jettisoned out of the airlock by Aztin H’Barr.


Bixby Bub was a Ryn trader who was picked up by The Boonta Eve crew floating in an escape pod after leaving Mon Calamari. He claimed that his ship had been hijacked by pirates and he was barely able to escape. The crew told the trader that they would bring him to a nearby planet, but they received a job opportunity from a Shistavanen named Veno Finn on the planet Uvena Prime.

Bixby (Dead Former PC)

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