Aztin H'Barr (Bisected Former PC)

Dead Kel'Dor Scout


Formerly an alcoholic Kel’Dor scout/would-be doctor that was living in exile on Chullgana when the party was on the planet. Aztin snuck on to the ship the party was off fighting Imperials and was not noticed until they were on Raxus Prime. During the large battle towards the end of their stay on planet, Aztin proved himself very useful by saving multiple civilians and helping Fingorn restore power to the ship.

Aztin flew relatively under the radar for most of the next few party missions, until their time on Klatooine where he took part in, and was one of the main reasons for, the burning down of the bar Dragon Saloon in Derelkoos Outpost.

During the capture of the party by former Imperial Captain Osnin now a vengeful cybernetic posing as an Imperial agent, Aztin launched a number of Stormtroopers into deep space by forcing open airlocks. Unfortunately however he was also launched out into space. In an attempt to save himself, Aztin attempted to jump through space to latch on to the attacking ship. In the process, new party member Svarjok bisected Aztin through the stomach with the wing of his starfighter (totally on accident of course). Aztin passed away in cold emptiness of space with his guts floating though space.


Aztin H'Barr (Bisected Former PC)

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