Adalya Milli (Dead Former PC)

Togruta survivalist


Sex: Female
Age: 24
Hight: 5’7"
Eyes: Blue
Skin color: Tan
Head tails: White with blue markings
Skin marking: On arms and face
Skin marking color: White


Born on the planet Shili, Adalya was different then most Togrutans. Growing up in a family of hunters she never truly felt that she had fit in. At a young age she would befriend the wildlife instead of hunting them. After a hunt on an Akule, she had became attached to the baby of the mother they had just killed. Her parents had tried to persuade her other wise thinking it had been just a phase but to no avail. She had become a secluded girl by not believing in her parents actions which made her feel like an out cast. Her parents could not stand for this because she had become an embarrassment to them. Adalya had ran away at the young age of 10 to be on her own. So she could truly be who she wanted to be. The beasts had calmed her in a way she could not describe and also she felt more connected to them then anyone has made her feel. The first thing she set out to do was to find her one and only true friend that she had made with the baby Akule.

Two years went by of her being on her own with the Akule, and fending for their safety. In this time they had become inseparable! She had also learned many forms of plant life and their properties and how to fight. she had gotten stronger mentally and physically. She learned how to be street savvy and how to keep her eyes open for trouble. The Togrutans aren’t necessarily ones for being on their own but this didn’t bother Adalya one bit. She loved having the company of Zovraa her Akule.

One morning walking through the market getting some food for her and Zovraa, She had over heard a Duro named Rika Jalba. He was looking for a caretaker who was experienced with all or most forms of wildlife for a Hutt named Raanta back on Klatooine. She was immediately intrigued and had to meet him and his animals. So she had met up with the Duro and showed him Zovraa. He was amazed and gave her and the Akule passage to travel back with him. When Raanta was greeted by Adalya she had come riding in on Zovraa. Raanta was impressed and interviewed her for the position. Amazed by her knowledge he wanted to see her in action with his animals particularly his not so well behaved Kowakian monkey-lizard. It took her a matter of minutes to gain his trust and had him on his back for belly rubs. Leaving Raanta speechless, Adalya knew she got the job!

Months had past of her living in the animal quarters. She was working hard and loving how happy she made Raanta with his pets. But even with a dream job she always wondered about the emptiness left in her heart by her family. Raanta felt for the young togrutan. She was so young and already had such an old soul. Raanta had a feeling come over him like never before. He became very attached to the young ling. He spoiled her with treats and jokes. Anything she could ever want, Raanta was ready to give to her. Adalya felt a piece of the emptiness in her heart heal because of Him.

Four years had passed with nothing but laughter and love for this girl. On her 16th birthday Raanta had asked her if she had any family she would like to visit, to which she replied that she did not because of her parents disowning her at a young age. He had left it at that for a few days. Then he had returned with news of wanting to adopt her as his own. She was thrilled! Adalya ran over and threw her arms around her new father and cried tears of joy! Because she had not asked this Hutt to take her in and feed her, clothe her, and love her like his own. Most of all he did not judge her for who she was and that was enough for her! So she continued to keep an eye on his animals and Ravaa. She finally had a home and a place to call her own.

9 years later, it was the same as any other day. She woke up, did her morning routine. Took care of the animals and rode Zovraa to the market for the latest treats for Raanta’s pets. uppon her arrival back to the palace she notices a group of people talking with her father. She had not thought anything of it because of her fathers normal dealings with people working for the rebellion. She was walking threw to set up the new tasty treats she had bought when her father introduces her to the mystery crew. Raanta had filled Adalya in on his plan to kill his brother Tukka, and for it to succeed he needed her to go with them as proof of her fathers fake death to gain the crews trust. Adalya was ready to help her father in anyway she could to seek his approval. Over the years they had started to become distant and not as close as they had once been. She agreed and within the hour they had departed to Tukka’s. The crew consisted of 6 different races. Jeria, Svarjoke, Jaromir, Lyrick, and Sash. They all seemed very nice and very driven to help please Raanta. They explained the plan and what she had to do. They successfully kill Tukka and head out of there alive.

Ready to show her father that she was still the same girl he loved so long ago, she calls and tells him of their success. She was about to say something but stopped suddenly when she realized it would hurt the crew. She had tried to deceive her father because she owed her life to the crew for getting her out of harms way alive and well. Raanta expressed his disappointment and assured that their would be consequences. They get back to Raanta and the one crew member wanted her father to throw her into the rancor pit because of letting her tongue slip to him of their other plans. Raanta thought it a bit harsh and instead banished her to never come back until she proved herself worthy. But if she returned before then he would not think twice of tossing her and her akule in the pit. Upset she stayed in silence with tears swelling in her eyes, Her father also dealt a punishment to the crew for their deceitfulness as well. They were to take Adalya with them and to only contact him strictly for business. Adalya had one final question. It was to see if she could bring her pet Zovraa. Raanta forbidden it,telling her to think of it as motivation to prove herself. She said her final goodbyes to Zovraa, and got on the ship of the crew that had a bitter taste in their mouth because of her. So now is a sad but new beginning for her to be able to pick up the broken pieces and put them back together in a new way. She had let her guard down living with Raanta and forgot who she was before ever meeting him. She was sad because he had opened up a chance in her to love and trust others besides the animals and beasts that she held so dear. Adalya made a promise to herself, to get back to the ten year old Togrutan who was on her own in the galaxy. It made her tough and strong. Starting to rebuild herself she knew something that was very certain. No matter where this crew took her or how long it would take, she was coming back for Zovraa.

Adalya Milli (Dead Former PC)

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