Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Total Recall

Session 37

Thursday December 1st 2016 
After a long break because of the holidays and some job changes, we were eager to muk things up again. AND A NEW PLAYER APPROACHES

Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

Before getting into the thick of things, an amendment to a previous Destiny point was made that the trackers placed on Reom's scout ships are long range trackers, so we wouldn't lose range of them if they had gone off planet.

Remaining behind as the rest of the crew are going to try and handle the situation with Raanta, Sash accesses Reom's terminal again to try and get information on the whereabouts on the ship that Trokho came and went in. Having previously asked the mechanics which ship it was, Sash filters the tracking program to only display the ISO77 ship. Luckily though, ISO77 was recently upgraded to have an automatic 'recall to base'  that can not be deactivated from the ship (now L-4/D-6). Unfortunately however, 3 signals pop up on the display (as a resolution of Sash's previous despair accessing Reom's terminal) one is close by to Reom's outpost in the desert, one is located at the holy site, and the last one is located at Tukka's palace. Sash calls in to the group to deliver the news and Svarjok does what everyone should have done upon first arriving at Reom's operation and tries to contact him on their personal comm line. Static. Sitting next to Sash on Reom's desk is a damaged comm link, with a blink light to indicate an incoming call (now L-5/D-5). Sash tells the team to be ready for anything, and recalls ISO77 to the hangar, the blip from the Fountain of the Ancients takes off. While waiting for the ship to return from the holy site. Sash digs a bit deeper into the terminal and finds out through classified documents of dubious origin, the Cerean prison maker he was researching is named Veskasa Daress, roughly 60-70 years old and designed the prison on Dathomir. This bit of information is strongly noted and seems Reom is interested greatly by this. 

As the ship lands, the crew of Reom's operation stage themselves throughout the hangar to be ready for anything. Jeria, Vanin, Lurek, and Jaromir go up the Devaronian blood covered ramp and there is a sound coming from the cockpit. Vanin pulls out a life form scanner and turns it on (now L-4/D-6). It yield results from one life form in the cockpit of the ship. Jeria steps forward and opens the doors, gun drawn only to hear a timid high pitch voice squeak "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME!" Milo Tagg an arkanian archeologist apparently bought the ship off of a guy at the holy site because he needed a ship with a hyper drive but he was duped, this ship does not have a hyperdrive. He bought the ship 'a couple of hours ago, maybe a day, I don't know I took a really long nap'. Milo confirms that he bought the ship from an injured devaronian. After questioning more about the circumstances surrounding him acquiring the ship at the holy site it comes out that Milo has met Fingorn, alive but unconscious. He was going back to his new ship to try and get medical supplies to work on Fingorn when the ship initiated its automatic recall option. Lurek asks him point blank why he shouldn't kill him right now? Milo responds stating that because his research may affect the entire universe, but he can not tell them about it, he would have to show them. Milo tells them that his ship broken down at the holy site and then the bandits picked it clean (now L-5/D-5). But later reveals its probably because he left it open while he went down into the caves. He shot off a flare to try and get someone's aid, and this is what brought Trokho's attention. They are having trouble getting information out of Milo, and ask about his memory to try and see if he may have been affected by the unknown Force user, but he says its just due to his time down in the caves. Everyone gets frustrated with how oblivious this newcomer is. 

Jeria and Lurek make the decision that they have to go back to the holy site, one because its the only lead they have on Reom at the moment, and two because there is a possibility that their mechanic is still alive. Vanin, Jeria, Milo, Sash, Shira, and Crack decide that they need to go to the holy site and will be leaving a 'skeleton force' at Reom's outpost. Jaromir voices opposition to Lurek going with them because it is clear that Trokho has some vested interest in Lurek so the decision is made that they will go and help with the deal at Raanta's along with Valik, Svarjok, and Adalya. 

Before they leave Vanin takes Svarjok aside and informs him that Lurek is yet unaware of Reom's rebel ties and that he is the one to deliver this information, and with this they go off. 

 On the way over to Raanta's Adalya attempts to strike up small talk with Lurek. Lurek is mostly dismissive to Adalya and does not reveal much information to her, but this is just Lurek's personality. When they eventually arrive Raanta's palace and they begin to unload the crates, Lurek and Jaromir are extremely pissed because they were not made privy to the new plan of trying to appease Raanta. Raanta is pleased with Adalya for bringing the cybernetics back, but still wants to terminate their relationship. Adalya tried to argue back, and Raanta threatens to throw her in with the rancors if she does not leave. 

Lurek just wants an explanation. Svarjok tells Lurek that at this point he should know that Reom is involved with the rebellion to some extent. At news of this Raanta begins to chuckle, but Lurek becomes visibly agitated. Jaromir is simply pissed off that if they are not going to be able to make money off of the sale of these cybernetics, that's money he can't have. Lurek ask if Reom had these cybernetics that the money from them would probably make its way into the hands of the rebellion, and when Svarjok confirms, he wishes Raanta the best of luck in selling them for himself. Raanta just keeps laughing and has to wipe tears from his eyes with his fat slug arms. Lurek asks Raanta to throw Svarjok and Adalya to the rancor for lying to him, but quickly sees the error in his hastiness and takes this back. Lurek agrees to take Adalya basically off Raanta's hands but would like to keep a crate or two for compensation. Raanta is obviously not please with this notion, but Valik steps up and says there is quite a few more boxes at the remains of Tukka's palace. Luckily the crate that Lurek takes happens to be one of the 6 delivered that contains some of the cybernetics. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5/D-5


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