Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Reom wasn't found in a day

Session 40 Thursday December 29th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points L-7 / D-3

The session starts off with the crew in hyperspace, healing the various incapacitated party members. Unfortunately in the crate of cybernetics that Lurek and Jaromir 'wrestled' from Raanta didn't have any models that are compatible with Milo's Arkanian biology, and is forced to make due with the attachment of a Rodian hand, that will likely not work as he wants it to work, most likely in key situations (Now L-8/D-2). Through a week in the bacta tank while in hyperspace, Fingorn is able to heal both critically injured legs with nothing but a limp that does not appear will heal up by 'natural means', but now seems to be addicted to the pakpah fruit that they had harvested at the Klaatooine holy site and will need to find more in the future. 

The crew finally does something that they've direly been needing to do for a while discuss the election of a party leader. The vote is nearly unanimous for Lurek, with only Fingorn voting for his long time companion, Jeria. Lurek assures everyone that his immediate goal is still to find and rescue Reom, then we will reconvene and figure out our next steps. The crew begins to bring to the table concerns and thoughts on how to break into the prison at Dathomir (as they still believe this is their destination). Team Reom is going to meet us at Dathomir and would pick up communications back at the planet.

Lurek reveals that he is familiar with this prison, and had once visited it on a galactic wide tour of Imperial installations but is unlikely to have any codes as they have likely been updated, but he believes the numerous maintenance shaft may have gone overlooked. Lurek reveals that the prison is under the control of human Imperial Warden Vinzel Haylon and they High Inquisitor Oloff may still be using the prison as a base of operations. The prison is massive, and because of this, we would need to try and get information on his whereabouts, and it should be kept in mind that he is not the only key prisoner and we should also be on the look out for Reom's father Ropak and Harcel, and likely any other number of high profile prisoners. Lurek thinks that the Cerean prison designer Veskasa Duress is unlikely to have been directly involved in the building of the prison, but only designing many of its key elements. Officially there have been no prison breaks, and officially no break ins, unofficially the one break in that ever occurred, the infiltrator never left the prison. The only known locations of the up to date schematics are located in the Imperial Archives on Coruscant. Lurek does let up on some information that he does have a box that contains a few sets of Imperial uniforms, but it is not anywhere nearby (Now L-7/D-3). Lurek clarifies that he doesn't want to go to Coruscant, but instead thinks the Boonta Eve should change directions and make way for Ryloth. "Oh that's where we are going", a quiet Milo finally speaks up. He finally reveals that he thought the intention was to go to Ryloth all along and that's where they've been traveling to for the past 2 weeks. It is somewhat apparent, to the more observant party members, that Lurek is unnerved by the Inquisitor. The idea of someone being brought in as a prisoner is thrown out there, but with the limited information at the moment, that plan will be further investigate after arriving on Dathomir. 

While this conversation continues on, The Boonta Eve suddenly drops out of hyperspace (Now L-8/D-2). Fingorn and Jeria run to the cockpit, Fingorn identifies the cause of this dropout to be because of a lack of fuel and a gross oversight of the members of the crew that were conscious (ruling Fingorn out of the blame). When Jaromir blasted the Boonta Eve instead of the shuttle, it damaged a number of the sensors and this was likely why this was missed. Through a quick study of the star charts and an attempt to compare the surrounding systems, they are able to identify they are nearby the Varl and Rorak systems. There is a large shipping freighter nearby 3-4 times larger than the Boonta. Fingorn and Jeria can identify no Imperial signs or signals from the ship and it appears to be a merchant ship with the insignia of what looked like a silhouette of human queen in white inside of a white circle. 

While trying to identify the ship, a hail comes in from said ship, with a sincere looking human make looking to provide some assistance to a ship that clearly is in distress. The man is reluctant to provide information about themselves, but is somewhat insistent on helping the crew of the Boonta Eve. Lurek and Jaromir agree to meet at the ramp with 5 individuals, all human, invite the two to dinner with their Captain while they await refueling. Lurek is hesitant to oblige, but sees that this is the only way to get the ship refueled and the crew back on their way to Ryloth and saving Reom. They are led into a meeting room, with a large table set up with numerous dishes of food, two large guards, both equipped with Force Pikes, and a very lavishly dressed nikto male, presumably the aforementioned Captain, and a chandelier above the nikto The Force Pikes bring an image to Lurek's mind of the fabled Crimson Guard standing behind the Emperor. Lurek knows these are the same the Crimson Guard would employ. 

"Eat my friends, and I do suggest you get the rest of your crew." Foiled, Lurek calls in to the remainder of the crew and request they join the dinner party (Now L-9/D-1). The nikto introduces himself as a meager merchant, attempting to be a thorn in the Hutt's side and as one trying to run them out of this area of the galaxy, and to become the one true power in all of the galaxy. Much bigger aspirations than a meager merchant. All of the newcomers are hesitant to eating, fearing a trap, except Fingorn. Fingorn dives right into the meal, with Milo following his lead. The Captain laughs at the hesitancy of some. The Captain asks what this ragtag bunch is doing out in these parts and without thinking of trying to hide their destination Lurek says they are going to Ryloth because their pilot Jeria needs to see some ailing family members. Luckily he is able to convince the Captain of this without making him suspicious of our reasoning (Now L-8/D-2). He strongly urges we turn away from our destination as it is a less then hospitable planet as of late and to "Let the dying, dye". 

Continuing the dinner conversation, things change to matters of ships. The Captain expresses a great desire to keep the Boonta Eve and asks how it came into our possession. Lurek tries to conceal some of the information, but is caught in the situation and the Captain laughs at him for not being used to being on this side of a ruse. Lurek tries to say the ship is not for sale, but the Captain says he never said anything about buying the ship. While this conversation is clearly going sour, Fingorn is spending time between bites to inspect the table they are eating at. He is able to identify it as one of the standard holo tables that can be found in meeting and strategic planning rooms across the galaxy, and he begins to concoct a plan (Now L-7/D-3). The Captain says he is generous and would be willing to provide them with some escape pods, send them to the nearest planet, find a new ship, and everyone goes on their merry way, OR he takes us to the nearest planet and sell everyone into slavery.

Fingorn refuses to give up the ship. Lurek tries to dissuade him by saying the ship belongs to a very powerful man, Reom. The Captain is not even remotely impressed by Reom's name drop. Lurek tries to give him something more valuable than the ship, by giving them information on the recent vacancy of Hutt power on the planet of Klaatooine. Svarjoke finally reveals that he knows this Captain to be Kalo Dari, famed pirate rising hell for the Empire and Hutts alike in this quadrant of the galaxy, and knows that information on the Hutts will likely be very beneficial to Kalo. The team continues to try and argue with Kalo about losing the ship, brining things up like the vacant Hutt palace and the fact that for such an established enterprise, why would be trouble himself with just a small freighter? He laughs at this and simply says, because he can. Lurek tries to intimidate Kalo by finally revealing his former profession, and yet again Kalo brushes this off and laughs at the word of 'former' Imperial Moff. Lurek persists and says he could provide vital Imperial information that would aid Kalo, but he does not take the bite. Kalo makes a comment about that fat slug Jabba, and Fingorn jumps on this stating that they've just recently killed a Hutt, and maybe they can help in that department. Kalo tries to say he doesn't need to kill them for his plans to work and Fingorn ridicules him for this, we've killed more Hutts than the so-called famed pirate Kalo Dari. Kalo suggests again to take the route of the escape pods, but Fingorn is vocal about not leaving the ship, Lurek seems to be relenting. As a last ditch effort Adalya attempts to sell out her father and feed more information about the Hutt presence on Klaatooine, but the stubborn Kalo still does not accept this.

Fingorn attempts to perceive if the ship is currently moving, Kalo notices this and finally delivers his verdict. "I'm sure you've figured out by now, we are not heading to the space station. You're heading towards Rorak where, I've already made up my mind, you will be sold into slavery because you were not so willing to part with ship willingly, I will part ways with you and make money and I will get ship." Lurek attempts to negotiate one last time by convincing him to bring Lurek in for the bounty, but Kalo enjoys this more. Lurek finally gives in and says they are going to take the offer and leave. Fingorn attempts to spring his trap, by trying to one handedly, under the table, short out some of the electronics for the holo table in an attempt to create enough of a distraction and get a jump on their now enemies. Unfortunately, he only succeeds in turning on the table, revealing the plans to Jabba's palace. Kalo is greatly upset by this, slides his plate off the table, and states this is the end, their chances of leaving are gone.

Fingorn tries to diffuse the situation by playing it as if this was done on accident while standing up to follow Lurek, saying "oh oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that…..Oh so you are going after Jabba?" Kalo says yes he may have plans to take down Jabba's operation. Fingorn pokes fun at him, "didn't we talk about this, you have to kill them." "Are you offering to kill Jabba for me? So you will keep puny ship and kill Jabba for me?" Kalo asks with a grin. Lurek, seeing the impossibility of that task quickly asks what his plans are if not to kill the Hutt. Kalo states his plans are ones of the long game, slowly chipping away at the control and power of others, the endgame is he rules the galaxy, that simple. Exactly at this time, a fight imminent, the Super Star Destroyer Ravager drops out of hyper space to the sounds of alarms screaming (Now L-6/D-4) and demands for an Imperial boarding party. Kalo finally breaks under the convincing argument that if they are found by the Imperials on Kalo's ship, he would be labeled as a co-conspirator, and would be taken down with us. He voices concern that they would still think this if a ship suddenly leaves the hangar, but Jeria pips up, he's the best pilot in the galaxy, jumping to hyperspace from the hangar will be no problem for him. (A destiny point was used so that Kalo had been refueling the Boonta Eve throughout this whole conversation, Now L-5/D-5). "Go for now but I promise you your ship with be mine at some point." And with this the crew sprint back to the hangar and to the Boonta Eve. 

In Jeria's attempt to jump to hyperspace from the hangar, one of the wings clips the wall, damaging the force shield and breaking the barrier, spewing everything that was in the hangar into the emptiness of space, crew and cargo alike. Very quickly into the flight, Lurek commands the ship be dropped out of hyper space and in an effort to throw them off our scent, punch in the coordinates for Denon. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5 / D-5


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