Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

In which the crew offer to kill a Hutt

Session 29

Monday September 12th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-3 / D-8

After arriving at the stolen ship Svarjok and Trixx get in Svarjok's personal starfighter and fly off in the direction of Reom's operation on the other side of the planet. 

While that was going on, the rest of the crew forgot about the grenades Fingorn placed on the hatches of the ship they stole, so naturally they exploded on the way over to Reom's and in sight of Tukka's palace. 

Almost immediately the landscaped shifted from desert sand dunes to rocky outcropping. After a couple of hours of walking Crackapuss noticed a skittering noise coming from behind them, following them. Using a destiny point (now L2/D9) Jaromir pulled explosives out of his packed, and rigged them up to the surrounding rock walls in case whatever it was that was following them would attack them, though this amounted to nothing. While camping  and around 2AM the GM used a destiny point to speed things up a bit the group (now L3/D8) to send in a pack a Anooba to rush past the group and attack the source of the skittering sound. Surprisingly the ever afraid Jaromir kept his cool and woke up Jeria first. Jeria used a destiny point (now L2/D9) to pull a monocular sight with night vision from his pack to identify the source of all the comotion. Instead of attacking, they woke up the rest of the party and start to walk away when they were found by a Mandolorian hunter who guided you back to the palace with his pack of Anooba and Strill companion.

In the throne room the party notices there was a lot of mandolorians, and Tukka has the Deathwatch symbol tattooed on his shoulder. During the talks Crackapuss was lead away for medical attention. Tukka showed that he knows the party, knows what they've all been doing on the planet, but isn't out to get them at the moment. Lurek offers to kill Raanta for Tukka in order to secure medical treatment, cybernetics, and safe passage. Tukka laughs at the boast that Lurek claims to be able to do something he hasn't been able to do in the last 200 years, but sure. He wants Reom to cease his activities on planet and leave and has Lurek call him to demand just that. Reom said no, hes got too much money invested in this job and he isn't afraid of the Hutts, they are too busy dealing with each other as it is anyway.

Having received this information from Reom, Lurek then successfully lies to Tukka saying Reom will leave within the month. Unfortunately though, that successful deception also came with two despair, which have not been revealed just yet. 

We ended the session with everyone on their way back to a sort of barracks to get some rest while Svarjok and Trixx make their way over

Ending Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9


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