Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Dude, Where's My Ship?

Session 33

Monday October 17 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-4/ D-7


After taking a shot to the back and hearing "I'll cover you, get out of here," from a familiar voice, Jaromir whirls around to see the shape of a Devaronian standing in the doorway of the palace with a large rifle aimed at the group. The Wookiee quickly dives behind a nearby pillar for cover and tells the intruder to leave and there won't be any trouble. Trokho D'Von seems unphased by the threat and finds some cover of his own to take aim at the group. Jeria joins the Wookiee and fires a shot at the Devaronian bounty hunter. He misses Trokho, but manages to obliterate his cover. Lurek rushes up to negotiate with Trokho, but again the bounty hunter doesn't care. He shoots Lurek in the arm, critically wounding him and taking him out of the fight. While this is going on Svarjok climbs out a nearby window and scales his way over to a vantage point to get the drop on Trokho (now L3/D8). He manages to get a shot off, hitting the ground beneath the bounty hunter's feet. The ground where Trokho is standing is weak and he falls through the sand into the cave system below. The Wookiee rushes over and  drops a frag grenade into the hole, damaging the bounty hunter, but to an unknown degree. The group feels like now is not the time to go check the tunnel. They let Dr. Craka patches up Jeria and Lurek's wounds and team goes to speak with Raanta.

Raanta seems a little agitated over the intrusion, in his palace, but more is more amused than anything. The Hutt lord hears out their pleas to have them receive surgery to remove their suicide devices and agrees. His history with Lurek and the promise of the 1.5 million credits definitely influence his obligation. He shows them to an operating room, which is fairly filthy (now L4/D7 for harder medical checks) since his Gamorrean guards aren't the cleanest of species, but Dr. Craka begins to clean it as best as possible with help from a few of Raanta's workers. Raanta asks the party if they know who the Devaronian is, and they said he is just a bounty hunter with an interest in Lurek. Jaromir tells of how he assaulted them in the desert near the Fountain of the Ancients and was working with storm troopers. Raanta asks if they believe his brother had a hand in hiring the bounty hunter, but they quickly shoot down this theory because they willingly worked for Tukka. They told of how Tukka killed Trixx in front of them and believed this to be assurance enough of them completing the job and Raanta confirms that Tukka is more about theatrics. Jaromir tells Raanta that he will kill his brother because he does not appreciate being made into a slave. He will not suffer the same fate as his brethren on his home planet of Kashyyyk. He also says that he has had enough of the planet of Klatooine and would gladly do anything to leave it behind. In their negotiations Raanta agrees to leave Reom to do his work in peace. With the mention of Reom, Svarjok realizes that they should alert him to the fact that Raanta's men will be showing up, but the party is worried about Krixis reaching out to Tukka to let him know the plan went south. Suddenly, Craka stops what he's doing and says "didn't you see when I hit his jetpack? I took out his communicator," (now L3/D8). Svarjok quickly radios Reom and is informed that the guards had just arrived. Reom doesn't seem to happy about their arrival and begins to question why he should send Cratala and more of his men. This angers Jaromir when he hears Svarjok's side of the conversation and quickly snatches the communicator. He tells the Twi'lek that he is in danger from Tukka and they will eliminate that threat, but they need the bombs taken out of them first. More importantly, he reminds Reom that they are the reason he has Cratala working for him and that they are friends who have never betrayed him before. With this Reom says that he is going to help them, but he himself cannot come to the palace, but Cratala and a few other staff members will be there in his place. Whilst talking to Reom a few of Raanta's guards show up with good news and bad news about Krixis. The bad news is that the bounty hunter is nowhere to be found. The good news is that they did recover the chest plate of his armor, which fits Lurek perfectly. Along with the flamethrowing arm piece that was left in the pit, the Pua'an now has a little bit of added protection (now L1/D10).

The party know that they have some time before Cratala arrives and ask Raanta to borrow a skiff to go in search of Trokho, Krixis or their ship. Svarjok fires up the skiff and takes them to explore the surrounding area and Lurek fills them in on the details they need to know about his relationship with Raanta. Just as he is concluding his story, the group quickly notices an alcove close to where they landed The Neb Neb that they didn't see before. Jeria suggests they search the cave. In the alcove they see The Boonta Eve and Jeria openly weeps tears of joy. He does a quick scan of the ship and everything seems in order. Their droids are still intact, just powered down. Jaromir checks the hidden wall compartment where he hid his lightsaber and it is also still where he left it, he quickly stashes it back away and suggests they check the other ship to make sure Krixis didn't take it back to Tukka. They search the nearby alcove and find the ship how they left it. He plants a couple explosives on it like Fingorn had done in the past, only more shoddily. Svarjok plants a mine at the base of where the ramp would descend and programmed it to recognize their heat signature as to not detonate on them. The crew debates flying it back to Raanta's palace, but Jaromir convinces them this would be unwise due to the trackers Tukka planted in it. The movement closer to the palace would tip Tukka off to the fact that something has changed, so they fly The Boonta Eve back to Raanta's hangar.

As they are flying into the hangar, they notice a ship similar to their own also heading into the docking bay. Jeria let's them know that this is one of Reom's ship. The party greets Cratala and the crew that follow her. They notice a strange, snake-like humanoid come down the ramp after her with Raanta's guards, a nondescript human male and their old friend Valik. The snake-like creature says, "the jammer, let me see it." The Wookiee hands it over and the snake-man. He plays around with the frequencies, changes the range and boosts the power on it so there is no way Tukka can detonate their suicide switches.  He says that surgery is Cratala's department, but the jammer shouldn't be an issue anymore. With that Cratala asks to see the surgery area so they can get the procedures underway. Dr Craka and the workers have done a sufficient enough job of cleaning up the space and volunteers to go first for surgery so he can help with the following procedures. The surgery of the Mon Calamari ends up taking more of a toll than expected, (now L2/D9) but the removal is successful. They had to crack open his carapace to remove a rudimentary explosive and were unable to seal it up quickly. They had to put the downed doctor into a bacta tank. Next Jeria undergoes the surgery (now L3/D8) and Cratala is able to remove an unidentifiable item from his side, underneath his lung. Svarjok goes next (now L4/D7) where Cratala finds a cybernetic interface attached to the Chiss assassin's spine. This surgery also goes well and she begins to work on Lurek (now L5/D6). She successfully removes a strange device from the former Moff's throat. Finally the Wookiee is up (now L6/D5) and the Arkanian doctor is able to remove a detonator from the base of Jaromir's skull. Cratala has successfully removed all of the detonators from the crew and they are extremely grateful for her help. Tukka the Hutt has no idea for what the Boonta Eve crew has in store for him.

Ending Destiny Points: L-6/ D-5


The first session in a while where things worked out for us.

Dude, Where's My Ship?

Even though I still tried to muk things up as much as I saw reasonable haha

Dude, Where's My Ship?
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