Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Boyd the Droid, the Second Coming

Session 42 Thursday, January 12th 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

We begin this session back with the three stooges outside of the junkyard that had been marked on Castor's map as the more reputable of the nearby junkyards. Unfortunately the this junkyard seems to have closed shop for the day, Fingorn only just now realizing that it is already dusk. There is a chain wrapped around front gate, even though the lights appear to still be on at the office on one side of the yard. Fingorn yells over trying to get the attention of anyone inside, but still gets nothing. Deciding that they really needs these parts, and his head still reeling from his recent encounter, Fingorn chooses to try breaking the lock with the assistance of his trusty new sidekick Boyd. Little did they know, the fence was electrified. Boyd took the brunt of the shock, the smell of burnt circuits and resistors in the air gets shot back a few feet. Fingorn sadly determines that Boyd is unusable until he can get him back to a proper workbench. Fingorn calls into the group to have only Adalya pick up, to which she suggests trying to communicate with any junkyard dogs to get them to maybe get the attention of the owner but there seems to be none. She suggests using Boyd to break the lock, buuuuuuut……Fingorn ends the calls as it clearly wasn't beneficial. 

A short skip later and they are now a much more run down looking junkyard than the first, but the gates are open. They are met by a toydarian who claims that he has the finest wares available on Denon and has whatever he may need. Contrary to this, Fingorn and the toydarian are unable to find any ship parts that would be directly usable with the Boonta ship model, but is fortunately able to find a number of large metal plating that he will likely be able to install over the damaged sections. The toydarian claims the price to be 1600 credits, a steep offer. Fingorn says no worry, make it 2100 credits and throw in all these scrap parts that Fingorn had been collecting as they were walking around and its a deal. The toydarian is momentarily confused by this, but gladly accepts. He doesn't realize that Fingorn intends on getting reimbursed from the group credit fund and really doesn't care how much it is. Svarjoke and Fingorn leave the junkyard cradling Boyd in their arms. Luckily due to his immense mechanical aptitude, Fingorn is able to use nearly half the spare parts that he just bought to repair the damage sustained by the little droid and breath new life back into his new friend. 

Once they return to the hangar the whole is back together, including Castor, who was informed by Lurek to not speak to Fingorn as he can be somewhat of a liability when he opens his mouth (apparently). They decide that the bulk of the group is going to hang out at the hangar while Fingorn and Boyd repair the ship, and Lurek, Jaromir, and Milo go pay Talo a visit.

They find a set of steps leading down below the side of the library, just like they were told by Castor. Lurek instructs Milo to knock on the door, but then to keep his mouth shut. Lurek should have known better. After Lurek informs the underling at the door that they are friends from The Wheel and an associate of Talo they get let in. As they get led through Talo's hideout they see large amounts of munitions, large and small, legal and illegal, baseline and modded. When they finally meet up with Talo they can tell that he is not happy from the mention of the wheel but at this moment they can't remember why. Talo says he had the feeling that Lurek could be joining them and in response to this Lurek makes fun of Talo. At this Talo informs the group that Castor owes 60,000 credits. Talo has eyes and he has known of their presence on the planet earth since shortly after they arrived. Noting that it would be easier not to lie Lurek reveals that their ultimate destination is Ryloth and they're looking for a way off of this planet without using their own ship. Talo offers a 15,000 credit one way trip to Ryloth in Castor's ship. Lurek says why don't you bump it up to 20,000 if you detain Castor for the duration of their trip and until they get back. Talo chuckles at this and agrees. It is obvious that Talo still harbors a hatred for what happened to him at the wheel, but is obviously willing to forgoe this hatred for a few thousand credits. Castor now owes 70,000 credits to get his ship out of impound. The deal expires at dawn and the crew has to figure out what their plan is before then.

Ending Destiny Points L-6 / D-4


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