Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

On To The Proving Grounds!
Session 44 Thursday February 2nd, 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-4 / D-6 

Upon arrival on Mygeeto, Milo attempts to reach General Antilles by comm, to no avail. Milo fiddles around with the comm, trying to reach Antilles by incessantly calling back, probably at the same time Antilles is trying to reach him and getting hung up. Finally in the split second between Milo ends his call, and attempts to make another one, an incoming call arrives from a somewhat annoyed Wedge Antilles. Wedge says he a little busy at the moment with other matters and that why he can’t spare anyone to inspect a set of coordinates that he needs the Boontanites to look into. He sends over the details with the express instructions that this is a rush and needs to be done shortly. He will meet the crew in person in a day or two. 

Flying towards the coordinates the crew sees there is a large city, expanding into the surround wastelands, dotted with small civilizations and ruins. There is a notable Imperial presence in the air around the city, but much less so in the air as you go further out from there. The coordinates given to them point towards one of those ruin structures a few days travel by mundane means outside of the city, just on the other side of a large mountain range, and thus no Imperial presence above ground. Even amidst the pouring rain (now L-5/D-5), Jeria navigates the Boonta into an area of the ruins that should be able to hide it well from any roving ships above. At this point it is well into the night and they would need to be careful outside of the ship. Before exiting the ship Fingorn initiates a lifeform scan of the surrounding area which yields on a few small creatures outside but nothing of note. Fingorn does mention though that the ruins may or may not be interfering with the scan and that the crew should still be on the lookout. 

Having seen the aerial view of the ruins as they flew over, a memory comes back to Lurek. These are the same ruins that he stored one of his boxes in one of the IBC vaults before he escaped the Empire and faked his death (now L-4/D-6). He tells the crew that on foot it is on the complete opposite side of the ruins and probably at least 6 hours to get there. The vault is on level 46 of a large underground vault complex, guarded by mercenaries, laser turrets, and other goonies. The mercenary group that was operating this establishment, as with many of the vault complexes that were left over from the IBC, were known for their secrecy and loyalty to their patrons, and Lurek was not concerned about having any trouble. It is decided the the 4 remaining members of the original Boonta Crew will go track down Lurek’s secret box, traveling through the ruins by night while the new crew will search the surrounding area to try and figure out what would interest General Antilles here. Before going their separate ways, Milo reveals that he has a device that resonates with kyber crystals (now L-3/D-7). Lurek hasn't been to this planet for at least 6-7 years and thus his memory will be hazy, plus he came under very different circumstances. 

Before leaving the ship, Fingorn programs in a sort of summon feature into two of the killerbots, enabling one to return to Fingorn, and one to Lurek. He then sets them to stay guard at the ship while it gets left without an organic crew. Jaromir threatens all of the ruin crew that they will rue the day that they let Castor get hurt and leaves them with a menacing glare. 

After walking for a few hours, navigating the ruins in a straight of a direction as they could with the rain finally letting up, they come to an impassable wall, with no seeable way around it. Go over or lose hours trying to find a way around. Fingorn, Jeria, and Lurek are able to get over without any issue. Because of the damp moss on the wall, and his added weight, Jaromir slips on his way over, scrambling the rest of the way and falls on top of Jeria, breaking his arm. 

After searching for some hours, Milo, Boyd, and friends stumble upon the entrance to some dark tunnels. Shortly into the entrance they find a few exploration packs that look as if they were dropped while someone was running out, not a good sign. While going through the packs, they find a journal with notes written in rodian. Milo begins reading it as they walk along. The tunnel passes by without much note, until they chance upon a fork in the path. Milo breaks out his kyber crystal sensor and it indicates a resonance down the right fork. At this point Castor bolts in the other direction, running down the left path. They yell to him, but he isn't responding, so Svarjoke shoots a warning shot down the hallway. This brings Castor to a halt and he reluctantly returns. Milo is surprised when Castor returns down the other hallways as he was engrossed in the journal. It has taken him a long time to be able to read through the notes and get to the most recent entries.

The last entry states that the writer thinks they found the crystals and a large deposit of unrefined metals. They lost a lot of men once they entered a large room and the rest of the crew has turned around and is high tailing it out of there. Milo finishes reading this just as they reach the precipice of a very large open cavern. There are working lights and hieroglyphics on the walls of the room. As the rest of the crew starts to mingle about the entrance looking at the walls, Milo can easily deduce the meaning behind them, they point towards a cult dedicate to the Sith. Upon this realization Milo frantically, but quietly, tries to get the others to slowly back out the way they came and to leave immediately. Being the first one to back out, still facing the room, he was the one to bump into a tall figure, even while all his companions were in his line of sight (now L-4/D-6)

Through his excruciating cries, Fingorn attempts to brace Jeria's arm. He thinks its still salvageable, but not something he has the chops to do anything about now other than help his friend. By the time dawn rolls around, they finally reach what Lurek recognizes as a clearing just before the vault complex entrance. It appears abandoned, there are no banners, no sentries, the grass is creeping up around the door, Lurek says something is wrong, it was clear in his agreement with the GreyStar Syndicate that there is supposed to be two guards outside the door at all times. They have a small argument over whether it is a deception or not, but they finally go up to the door and attempt to open it, with no success. Upon knocking, a low rumbling noise reaches their ears, followed by the door viewport opening. They are greeted with the eyes of someone pointedly not willing to let them in. This clearly isn't the same crew operation that Lurek left his holdings with. The doorman says that since Lurek hasn't accessed since the 'change of ownership' he won't be let in without the requisite credits.  Lurek attempts to name drop the head of the operation Zaq Olden who brokered his deal originally, but this doesn't makes him budge, saying that Zaq Olden has been dealt with. Lurek is trying to make the case that the contract was binding for eternity, but the doorman simply says contracts can be changed. Lurek finally becomes complacent and says negotiates that he will pay the 20k credits for access to the his vault and the backpay owed the operation if and only if he speaks to the the head of this outfit.

After a few minutes a besalisk by the name of Letti Semual the head of the Besalisk Mutual. The two go back in forth about formalities, Lurek was never notified of the change of ownership but Letti states he can not make deals and give away free services just due to ignorance. This goes back and forth for a while, revealing such things as the GreyStar Syndicate were ill equipped to run this facilitys, to the Besalisk Mutual is one of the legitimate businesses fronted by the remnants of the Black Suns. Lurek finally convinces Letti to ease up and only charge 10k for the backpay but only if Lurek leaves all their weapons here, and that only two of the four venture into the vault. They agree to this and Lurek and Jaromir pass all of their weapons (except for Lurek's write flamethrower he was able to conceal) to Fingorn as he waits in the guard room next to the entrance door just outside the complex. Walking in, Fingorn eyes a terminal in the corner and already has a few ideas brewing in the ole noggin. 

Milo spins around and grabs the strangers face, demanding to know who he is. The individual, apparently unperturbed about Milo's attempt to manhandle him says they are not going to identify themselves in their own halls, this obviously shocks Milo. At the same moment Svarjoke attempts to use his shock glove to grab the figure and push him away from Milo. The hit connects and pushes him back a foot or two. At this, the individual looks up and force pushes Milo and Svarjoke back into the open room, back into the Halls of Plagueis, and screams "ON TO THE PROVING GROUNDS!" 

Ending Destiny Points L-4 / D-6

Chef Krill attempts to make pancakes
Session 43 Thursday January 26th, 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

We begin the session with a small description of what Castor's hangar looks like. Directly as you enter there is a large ship bay which has a roof mounted tractor beam in order to lift and work on the ships. To the right of that there's a second ship bay which is equipped with sliding doors that are able to conceal the presence of this second room (Now L-5/D-5). To the left of the first bay there is a small workshop and small office. Behind the ship bay there are a large number of exhaust fans. Surrounding the entire hangar there are a series of catwalks on the second floor (Now L-4/D-6)

When Lurek, Jaromir, and Milo return from Talo's library hideout they ask Castor if they know where his ship is. Caster says that he thinks it's being hidden at one of the many junkyards Talo owns, but he is unsure of which one. Svarjoke informs the crew of that Talo does not currently have a bounty. He had one recently but it was redacted by the Black Suns, he is not sure why this has happened but it may indicate the Talo is working with them. Castor though has a small bounty on his head, 12,000 credits listed by a small outfit in the outer rim by the name of Rinnrivin Di. At this point Jaromir informs the crew that he used to be good friends with Castor's mother and that he does not want to bring about any harm to Castor and because of that he suggests, strongly suggest with much menace and knuckle cracking that bringing Castor along with them is the right plan. The crew can see that this means a lot to Jaromir. So they alter their plan to ambush Talo when he comes to pick up Castor. Fingorn is quite happy about this because he was planning on taking Talo down the entire time. At this point the crew begins to plan for the ambush of Talo.

Fingorn programs their trusty killerbots to walk in the street and come up behind Talo after they enter the hangar to flank them. Luckily the trade off would be occurring in the early hours of the morning and thus there would be enough cover for the droids to not be noticed, but also be able to keep a watch on those that enter and be able to inform the crew of their numbers and arsenal. 

Jeria expertly flies the Boonta Eve into the second bay and they other crew members are able to pile up all the junk that Castor had laying around to conceal the ship so even if the door controls are found by Talo and his men, they may not see the Boonta Eve and just think of the room as empty. 

Next Fingorn inspects the controls for the ship tractor beam and an idea comes to him. He thinks that he would be able to reverse the polarity and instead of a traditional tractor beam it could function as a crude sort of repulsing beam strong enough to once lift a ship, and thus more than capable of making a few besalisk pancakes out of any unsuspecting individuals. He unfortunately though can not determine the size of the repulsor beam and thus the crew will have to plan accordingly. To accommodate this they decide to move some of the various crates around the entrance of the hangar so that any guests would be funneled directly under tractor-turn-splat beam housing. 

The plan finally wraps up with the crew positions. Lurek and Jaromir will be the ones to greet Talo and crew into the hangar, doing the job of any conversing and convincing Talo to enter the splay zone. Fingorn will logically be at the controls, waiting for the opportune moment. Svarjoke and Jeria will being waiting on the catwalks, initially just over the doors so that they can not be seen. Milo will be lounging over by the exhaust fan controls, which were 'macgyvered' by Fingorn to override their safety and spin at drastically higher speeds and potentially mince any would be combatants that got too close. Adalya would be waiting in the office with Castor as a means of protection, and also insurance he wouldn't duck out a hidden exit. 

Finally all the pieces are set in motion, and not a minute too late because a gotal and an assassin droid walk into the hangar, looking as if they have purpose in mind. They inform Lurek that they are here for Castor and they will bring him back to Talo. Naturally Lurek does not buy this story, and demands to speak with Talo. Without hesitation they call Talo and he confirms these two work for him and would be acting as Castor's escort. Why would Lurek actually expect him to come in person for the deal, after everything the crew of the Boonta Eve put him and the Yivar clan through back on The Wheel, Chulgana, and Raxus Prime? Lurek is furious and calls off the deal for the transportation and detainment of Castor, saying they will meet Talo, alone, in 2 hours to pay off Castor's debt and be done with Talo. It is at this point in time that the droids inform everyone that there are a lot suspicious people walking down the street, and an as of yet unknown rumbling that appears to be getting louder and more severe by the second. 

The crew very quickly decides to high tail it out of there with Castor in tow. Once out of atmo Lurek suggests calling into some of Milo's rebellion contacts to try and get more information on the Dathomiran prison before they actually make landfall. Lurek urges Milo to make the call with himself posing as a Mandolorian bounty hunter by the name Specter 37. Through the use of his ever wonderful secretary, Milo is connected with General Wedge Antilles. He instructs them that he needs their help on the planet of Mygeeto as soon as possible and that he would possibly be able to help with afterwards. 

Once they end the transmission Lurek informs the crew that luckily he has one of his famous boxes stashed in a vault stored on Mygeeto that he bought protection of from the old InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Shouldn't be an issue for Lurek to get access to at all.

Ending Destiny Points L-4 / D-6

Boyd the Droid, the Second Coming
Session 42 Thursday, January 12th 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

We begin this session back with the three stooges outside of the junkyard that had been marked on Castor's map as the more reputable of the nearby junkyards. Unfortunately the this junkyard seems to have closed shop for the day, Fingorn only just now realizing that it is already dusk. There is a chain wrapped around front gate, even though the lights appear to still be on at the office on one side of the yard. Fingorn yells over trying to get the attention of anyone inside, but still gets nothing. Deciding that they really needs these parts, and his head still reeling from his recent encounter, Fingorn chooses to try breaking the lock with the assistance of his trusty new sidekick Boyd. Little did they know, the fence was electrified. Boyd took the brunt of the shock, the smell of burnt circuits and resistors in the air gets shot back a few feet. Fingorn sadly determines that Boyd is unusable until he can get him back to a proper workbench. Fingorn calls into the group to have only Adalya pick up, to which she suggests trying to communicate with any junkyard dogs to get them to maybe get the attention of the owner but there seems to be none. She suggests using Boyd to break the lock, buuuuuuut……Fingorn ends the calls as it clearly wasn't beneficial. 

A short skip later and they are now a much more run down looking junkyard than the first, but the gates are open. They are met by a toydarian who claims that he has the finest wares available on Denon and has whatever he may need. Contrary to this, Fingorn and the toydarian are unable to find any ship parts that would be directly usable with the Boonta ship model, but is fortunately able to find a number of large metal plating that he will likely be able to install over the damaged sections. The toydarian claims the price to be 1600 credits, a steep offer. Fingorn says no worry, make it 2100 credits and throw in all these scrap parts that Fingorn had been collecting as they were walking around and its a deal. The toydarian is momentarily confused by this, but gladly accepts. He doesn't realize that Fingorn intends on getting reimbursed from the group credit fund and really doesn't care how much it is. Svarjoke and Fingorn leave the junkyard cradling Boyd in their arms. Luckily due to his immense mechanical aptitude, Fingorn is able to use nearly half the spare parts that he just bought to repair the damage sustained by the little droid and breath new life back into his new friend. 

Once they return to the hangar the whole is back together, including Castor, who was informed by Lurek to not speak to Fingorn as he can be somewhat of a liability when he opens his mouth (apparently). They decide that the bulk of the group is going to hang out at the hangar while Fingorn and Boyd repair the ship, and Lurek, Jaromir, and Milo go pay Talo a visit.

They find a set of steps leading down below the side of the library, just like they were told by Castor. Lurek instructs Milo to knock on the door, but then to keep his mouth shut. Lurek should have known better. After Lurek informs the underling at the door that they are friends from The Wheel and an associate of Talo they get let in. As they get led through Talo's hideout they see large amounts of munitions, large and small, legal and illegal, baseline and modded. When they finally meet up with Talo they can tell that he is not happy from the mention of the wheel but at this moment they can't remember why. Talo says he had the feeling that Lurek could be joining them and in response to this Lurek makes fun of Talo. At this Talo informs the group that Castor owes 60,000 credits. Talo has eyes and he has known of their presence on the planet earth since shortly after they arrived. Noting that it would be easier not to lie Lurek reveals that their ultimate destination is Ryloth and they're looking for a way off of this planet without using their own ship. Talo offers a 15,000 credit one way trip to Ryloth in Castor's ship. Lurek says why don't you bump it up to 20,000 if you detain Castor for the duration of their trip and until they get back. Talo chuckles at this and agrees. It is obvious that Talo still harbors a hatred for what happened to him at the wheel, but is obviously willing to forgoe this hatred for a few thousand credits. Castor now owes 70,000 credits to get his ship out of impound. The deal expires at dawn and the crew has to figure out what their plan is before then.

Ending Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

The School of Rokc
Session 41, Thursday January 5th 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-5 / D-5

The session begins with an incoming transmission from a one Kalo Dari stating that he was able to successfully throw the Imperials from the Super Star Destroyer Ravager off his back, and convince them he had no connections with the Boontanites. He promises to meet them on Ryloth where he will make Lurek his personal man servant. 

Jaromir and Lurek inform the crew that Jaromir has a contact on Denon, a Bothan smuggler Castor Daggoth. They have been in contact with Castor and have already concocted a plan. The crew has to acknolwedge that with all the recent attention, they can not take the Boonta Float to the heavily Imperial Ryloth, and the smartest thing at this time would be to travel there on a different ship. Thats where Castor comes in, he will smuggle, what he does best, the crew on to Ryloth in a nondescript ship and get them past the outer defenses. Jaromir states that he does trust Castor to an extent, just doesn't trust what he may have gotten himself into since the last time he has seen him. Castor is expecting us and is excited to get off Denon himself. Jaromir states that if he is bringing us to Ryloth, than he likely suspects we will never get off Ryloth and will eventually end up searching the ship for any valuable / selling them off, and thus the crew spends some time hiding some of the more valuable items, such as their ingots of besker. Before arriving on Denon, Fingorn spends a considerable amount of time attempting to gut out pieces of the grip of his Heavy Blaster Pistol in order to hide the hilt of lightsaber inside and hopefully avoid detection in the coming days. 

Upon arriving in Castor's empty hangar on Denon, empty of both Castor and his ship, Lurek sends Svarjoke out to find a potential black market dealer who may be willing to buy his crate of cybernetics. While Svarjoke is off doing that, Lurek and Jaromir will find and talk with Castor, Adalya and Milo will try to find out more information on the current climate on Ryloth, and Jeria and Fingorn are going to try and patch the ship as best they can. 

Adalya and Milo go out in search a library, and make their first stop at a nearby noodle stand to try and gather information. The besalisk selling the noodles refuses to offer up any information before they purchase some noodles. He tries to hustle the two by lying to them about his ability to read, stating first he has nothing to do with books because he can not read, but then tries to provide them information on the location of the library for 50 credits, to which Milo refuses to agree to the deal because he can not trust the sense of direction from someone who can not read, and storms off, appalled at the besalisk's attempt to swindle him. Milo and Adalya venture on out and eventually stumble upon the library themselves. The spend a while here looking up Ryloth, Dathomir, and some of the nature fauna of both. Milo does a much better job digging through the archives, and is able to find a number of books showcasing the landspace and enviroment of both planets, including a number of potential archelogical sites of interest on Dathomir, ie ruins and dig sites. 

Lurek and Jaromir venture to the local casino to Castor being kicked off the sabacc table, definitely the worse for wear, and looks like he is out all of his credits. He informs them that he is unable to provide the promised ride off planet due to owing someone 40,000 credits and he may have Castor's ship in impound right now. Castor says the person he owes the credits to is a sullustan named Talo that set up shop here a few months ago and has been setting up an operation here in the inner rim since his dealings in the outer rim has gone sour. Talo has primarily been performing gun runs with an ever growing diverse group. Lurek convinces Talo that if they get Castor's ship back from Talo, Castor will smuggle them to Ryloth for 100 credits a head, each way. Castor states that this will be a one way trip, because he is not crazy enough to stay on Ryloth, but he is going to make a trip to Tattooine, and if they manage to get everything they need to get done in the 7 days that his trip to and from Tattooine will take, he will pick us on his return journey. Lurek agrees to this and plans to meet Talo at his base of operations under the library, and will attempt to talk Talo out of Castor's debt somehow. The three walk back to the ship, where Lurek and Jaromir will attempt to sell off his cybernetics. 

Upon inspection of the ships hull trauma, Fingorn is confident that he can fix it up, as its primarily just superficial, but he would need to get supplies and raw materials as Castor's hangar is rather skimpy. He decides he needs to go out to a nearby junkyard that's marked on Castor's board as one that provides good deals, and even though he asks Jeria if he wants to come along, ends up going by himself as Jeria is going to remain alone with his baby for the first time in a long time. En route to the junkyard Fingorn, with his new companion Boyd, is bumped into by a shadowy figure running in the opposite direction (Now L-6/D-4). As Fingorn is whirled around he pops another pakpah seed into his mouth (8 left on hand) and and successfully sees a hooded kubaz running in the same direction as the figure that pumped into him. Quickly patting himself, Fingorn realized that they got away with his money pouch which also kept all his credentials, and Fingorn limps after the kubaz. Luckily Fingorn is able to follow in the void of the crowd that the kubaz had to push through and his limp proved not to be a hindrance. Fingorn and the kubaz grapple for a bit, Fingorn trying to grab his property back from the pickpocket, until a male chadra-fan kicks him over. Fortunately it is at this time that Svarjoke, coming back from the black marketeer that he found spots the commotion going on in the middle of the street and rushes over to help Fingorn (Now L-5/D-5). Svarjoke promptly punts the little bat like humanoid across the thoroughfare and he slumps against a dumpster, seemingly knocked out. Now the two 'professionals' make quick work of the kubaz and snatch Fingorn's property back. Making an intelligent decision for once, Fingorn opts for letting his would be theif go, the black market area of Denon may be used to fights, but he isn't sure how a murder would go over. Svarjoke joins Fingorn and buddy Boyd on their journey to the junkyard. 

Side swipe back to Lurek and Jaromir, back at the hangar now, Lurek receives a call from Svarjoke just before he witnesses the shenanigans with Fingorn. Svarjoke explains to him that there is a Quermian named Slevar Boop operating out the back of a bar named The Giraffe's Neck and that he has already initiated the introductions for them. Just before the comms close, it sounds like Svarjoke has sighted something and is now running, he yells "oh and don't make fun of his neck!" Lurek and crew discuss and end up bringing everyone with them to the black market deal, Jeria beeping the ship at the last minute to lock up. Lurek still doesn't trust Milo or Adalya so he instructs them to remain behind after Milo pushes the lev-crate inside. Lurek initates the deal by opening the crate of 15 cybernetics in front of Boop. Boop offers 22 thousand credits for this, and they are all appalled by this amount. Lurek attempts to intimidate Boop with the aid of his muscle, but surprisingly this doesn't phase Boop, saying his room has some safeguards against people like them, but is still willing to negotiate as long as Lurek changes his tactics. Lurek eventually gets Boop to increase to 55k, but they can't work with Boop after this. Lurek says he will just take his crate and his business elsewhere 55k is just not enough for this many pieces. On their way out Jeria makes a remark over his shoulder about Boop and his stupid long neck. He did not take into account the excellent hearing of quermians because at his jibe, Boop slams his fist down on the arm of his chair, hitting one of the many buttons, and a series of metal shields quickly slid into place all lined with in facing blaster turrets (Now L-6/D-4)

Adalya, locked outside by the metal shields tries to enter the bar, but is stopped by the bartender and in stonewalled when she tries to question him. Milo tries to calm Slevar down, and Lurek bristles at this, he expressly told Milo to keep his mouth shut. Slevar says the can leave peacefully only if they accept his original offer, or they've got to figure something else out. Lurek tries to charm the quermian, by saying they are not used to working with merchants of his caliber. Lurek reveals that they are working with Castor, and they two agree on how much of an idiot his is. This mention of a mutual partner and a guarantee that Castor will do some jobs for him, finally gets Slevar to forgo the hostilities against Jeria. 

At of know, Milo pipes up that he has something that might interest Slevar. Before an absolutely fuming Lurek can stop him, Slevar is already intently listening. Milo promises information on the location of kyber crystals. Lurek unbuttons the holster on his blaster. Milo states that his digs are set up specifically to find these crystals, mostly for fuel. He says that is is the head of command on research on these crystals. He promises a delivery on where these crystals, and in order to sweeten the pot, he promises that Slevar will be the first person they tell. He gives Milo a personal private communicator just for contact with Slevar that Milo can use to tell him about the crystals, and then he vows that if this is a hoax or if they fufill their end of the bargain Boop will hire the most well equipped bounty hunters to bring them in or kill them. Boop includes all of Milo's friends in this threat, even including the blue one that was here earlier, thus not including Fingorn as he is an unknown quantity to Slevar. To make good on faith, Slevar offers 70k credits for the cybernetics, and Lurek agrees to this. 

They walk out of the bar, into the nearest alley, and Lurek motions to Jaromir to pick Milo up by the collar of his vest and pin him to the wall, demanding information. Lurek casually puts the muzzle of his blaster to Milo's forehead. Milo states that he is working for both the rebellion, and the empire to provide information and research on the kyber crystals. He holds no true alliengance, just working for money. He says that he is the head of The School of R.O.K.C, Research of Kyber Crystals, located on the planet Iridium, where the dean of the school is a one Jackupuss Black, brother of their former doctor Crackupuss. He says his mean area of research is to figure out where and how the crystals grow, in order to try and find more farm planets to recover fuel. Through the interrogation, Lurek extracts that Milo must be overdue for a report. Milo seems to be confused by this. Milo reveals that Klaatooine was his first mission and the first offworld research he was going to be compiling a report on. Milo says that he was going to try and provide the research to both parties and essentially double dipping on as little research as possible. Lurek is able to intimidate Milo into agreeing that all profits from his research will become party credits stating that being indebited is always better than dead. Milo tells them that his rebel contact is a General Duru Lee, and his Imperial contact is a Science Research Officer Rashell Zhagel. Lurek finally motions for Jaromir to drop Milo, saying that all of his reports are now going to go through Lurek first. Lurek gives Jaromir 10k credits from his cybernetics as it has been an extremely long time since they have made any money off of any jobs. 

Ending Destiny Points L-6 / D-4

Reom wasn't found in a day
Session 40 Thursday December 29th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points L-7 / D-3

The session starts off with the crew in hyperspace, healing the various incapacitated party members. Unfortunately in the crate of cybernetics that Lurek and Jaromir 'wrestled' from Raanta didn't have any models that are compatible with Milo's Arkanian biology, and is forced to make due with the attachment of a Rodian hand, that will likely not work as he wants it to work, most likely in key situations (Now L-8/D-2). Through a week in the bacta tank while in hyperspace, Fingorn is able to heal both critically injured legs with nothing but a limp that does not appear will heal up by 'natural means', but now seems to be addicted to the pakpah fruit that they had harvested at the Klaatooine holy site and will need to find more in the future. 

The crew finally does something that they've direly been needing to do for a while discuss the election of a party leader. The vote is nearly unanimous for Lurek, with only Fingorn voting for his long time companion, Jeria. Lurek assures everyone that his immediate goal is still to find and rescue Reom, then we will reconvene and figure out our next steps. The crew begins to bring to the table concerns and thoughts on how to break into the prison at Dathomir (as they still believe this is their destination). Team Reom is going to meet us at Dathomir and would pick up communications back at the planet.

Lurek reveals that he is familiar with this prison, and had once visited it on a galactic wide tour of Imperial installations but is unlikely to have any codes as they have likely been updated, but he believes the numerous maintenance shaft may have gone overlooked. Lurek reveals that the prison is under the control of human Imperial Warden Vinzel Haylon and they High Inquisitor Oloff may still be using the prison as a base of operations. The prison is massive, and because of this, we would need to try and get information on his whereabouts, and it should be kept in mind that he is not the only key prisoner and we should also be on the look out for Reom's father Ropak and Harcel, and likely any other number of high profile prisoners. Lurek thinks that the Cerean prison designer Veskasa Duress is unlikely to have been directly involved in the building of the prison, but only designing many of its key elements. Officially there have been no prison breaks, and officially no break ins, unofficially the one break in that ever occurred, the infiltrator never left the prison. The only known locations of the up to date schematics are located in the Imperial Archives on Coruscant. Lurek does let up on some information that he does have a box that contains a few sets of Imperial uniforms, but it is not anywhere nearby (Now L-7/D-3). Lurek clarifies that he doesn't want to go to Coruscant, but instead thinks the Boonta Eve should change directions and make way for Ryloth. "Oh that's where we are going", a quiet Milo finally speaks up. He finally reveals that he thought the intention was to go to Ryloth all along and that's where they've been traveling to for the past 2 weeks. It is somewhat apparent, to the more observant party members, that Lurek is unnerved by the Inquisitor. The idea of someone being brought in as a prisoner is thrown out there, but with the limited information at the moment, that plan will be further investigate after arriving on Dathomir. 

While this conversation continues on, The Boonta Eve suddenly drops out of hyperspace (Now L-8/D-2). Fingorn and Jeria run to the cockpit, Fingorn identifies the cause of this dropout to be because of a lack of fuel and a gross oversight of the members of the crew that were conscious (ruling Fingorn out of the blame). When Jaromir blasted the Boonta Eve instead of the shuttle, it damaged a number of the sensors and this was likely why this was missed. Through a quick study of the star charts and an attempt to compare the surrounding systems, they are able to identify they are nearby the Varl and Rorak systems. There is a large shipping freighter nearby 3-4 times larger than the Boonta. Fingorn and Jeria can identify no Imperial signs or signals from the ship and it appears to be a merchant ship with the insignia of what looked like a silhouette of human queen in white inside of a white circle. 

While trying to identify the ship, a hail comes in from said ship, with a sincere looking human make looking to provide some assistance to a ship that clearly is in distress. The man is reluctant to provide information about themselves, but is somewhat insistent on helping the crew of the Boonta Eve. Lurek and Jaromir agree to meet at the ramp with 5 individuals, all human, invite the two to dinner with their Captain while they await refueling. Lurek is hesitant to oblige, but sees that this is the only way to get the ship refueled and the crew back on their way to Ryloth and saving Reom. They are led into a meeting room, with a large table set up with numerous dishes of food, two large guards, both equipped with Force Pikes, and a very lavishly dressed nikto male, presumably the aforementioned Captain, and a chandelier above the nikto The Force Pikes bring an image to Lurek's mind of the fabled Crimson Guard standing behind the Emperor. Lurek knows these are the same the Crimson Guard would employ. 

"Eat my friends, and I do suggest you get the rest of your crew." Foiled, Lurek calls in to the remainder of the crew and request they join the dinner party (Now L-9/D-1). The nikto introduces himself as a meager merchant, attempting to be a thorn in the Hutt's side and as one trying to run them out of this area of the galaxy, and to become the one true power in all of the galaxy. Much bigger aspirations than a meager merchant. All of the newcomers are hesitant to eating, fearing a trap, except Fingorn. Fingorn dives right into the meal, with Milo following his lead. The Captain laughs at the hesitancy of some. The Captain asks what this ragtag bunch is doing out in these parts and without thinking of trying to hide their destination Lurek says they are going to Ryloth because their pilot Jeria needs to see some ailing family members. Luckily he is able to convince the Captain of this without making him suspicious of our reasoning (Now L-8/D-2). He strongly urges we turn away from our destination as it is a less then hospitable planet as of late and to "Let the dying, dye". 

Continuing the dinner conversation, things change to matters of ships. The Captain expresses a great desire to keep the Boonta Eve and asks how it came into our possession. Lurek tries to conceal some of the information, but is caught in the situation and the Captain laughs at him for not being used to being on this side of a ruse. Lurek tries to say the ship is not for sale, but the Captain says he never said anything about buying the ship. While this conversation is clearly going sour, Fingorn is spending time between bites to inspect the table they are eating at. He is able to identify it as one of the standard holo tables that can be found in meeting and strategic planning rooms across the galaxy, and he begins to concoct a plan (Now L-7/D-3). The Captain says he is generous and would be willing to provide them with some escape pods, send them to the nearest planet, find a new ship, and everyone goes on their merry way, OR he takes us to the nearest planet and sell everyone into slavery.

Fingorn refuses to give up the ship. Lurek tries to dissuade him by saying the ship belongs to a very powerful man, Reom. The Captain is not even remotely impressed by Reom's name drop. Lurek tries to give him something more valuable than the ship, by giving them information on the recent vacancy of Hutt power on the planet of Klaatooine. Svarjoke finally reveals that he knows this Captain to be Kalo Dari, famed pirate rising hell for the Empire and Hutts alike in this quadrant of the galaxy, and knows that information on the Hutts will likely be very beneficial to Kalo. The team continues to try and argue with Kalo about losing the ship, brining things up like the vacant Hutt palace and the fact that for such an established enterprise, why would be trouble himself with just a small freighter? He laughs at this and simply says, because he can. Lurek tries to intimidate Kalo by finally revealing his former profession, and yet again Kalo brushes this off and laughs at the word of 'former' Imperial Moff. Lurek persists and says he could provide vital Imperial information that would aid Kalo, but he does not take the bite. Kalo makes a comment about that fat slug Jabba, and Fingorn jumps on this stating that they've just recently killed a Hutt, and maybe they can help in that department. Kalo tries to say he doesn't need to kill them for his plans to work and Fingorn ridicules him for this, we've killed more Hutts than the so-called famed pirate Kalo Dari. Kalo suggests again to take the route of the escape pods, but Fingorn is vocal about not leaving the ship, Lurek seems to be relenting. As a last ditch effort Adalya attempts to sell out her father and feed more information about the Hutt presence on Klaatooine, but the stubborn Kalo still does not accept this.

Fingorn attempts to perceive if the ship is currently moving, Kalo notices this and finally delivers his verdict. "I'm sure you've figured out by now, we are not heading to the space station. You're heading towards Rorak where, I've already made up my mind, you will be sold into slavery because you were not so willing to part with ship willingly, I will part ways with you and make money and I will get ship." Lurek attempts to negotiate one last time by convincing him to bring Lurek in for the bounty, but Kalo enjoys this more. Lurek finally gives in and says they are going to take the offer and leave. Fingorn attempts to spring his trap, by trying to one handedly, under the table, short out some of the electronics for the holo table in an attempt to create enough of a distraction and get a jump on their now enemies. Unfortunately, he only succeeds in turning on the table, revealing the plans to Jabba's palace. Kalo is greatly upset by this, slides his plate off the table, and states this is the end, their chances of leaving are gone.

Fingorn tries to diffuse the situation by playing it as if this was done on accident while standing up to follow Lurek, saying "oh oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that…..Oh so you are going after Jabba?" Kalo says yes he may have plans to take down Jabba's operation. Fingorn pokes fun at him, "didn't we talk about this, you have to kill them." "Are you offering to kill Jabba for me? So you will keep puny ship and kill Jabba for me?" Kalo asks with a grin. Lurek, seeing the impossibility of that task quickly asks what his plans are if not to kill the Hutt. Kalo states his plans are ones of the long game, slowly chipping away at the control and power of others, the endgame is he rules the galaxy, that simple. Exactly at this time, a fight imminent, the Super Star Destroyer Ravager drops out of hyper space to the sounds of alarms screaming (Now L-6/D-4) and demands for an Imperial boarding party. Kalo finally breaks under the convincing argument that if they are found by the Imperials on Kalo's ship, he would be labeled as a co-conspirator, and would be taken down with us. He voices concern that they would still think this if a ship suddenly leaves the hangar, but Jeria pips up, he's the best pilot in the galaxy, jumping to hyperspace from the hangar will be no problem for him. (A destiny point was used so that Kalo had been refueling the Boonta Eve throughout this whole conversation, Now L-5/D-5). "Go for now but I promise you your ship with be mine at some point." And with this the crew sprint back to the hangar and to the Boonta Eve. 

In Jeria's attempt to jump to hyperspace from the hangar, one of the wings clips the wall, damaging the force shield and breaking the barrier, spewing everything that was in the hangar into the emptiness of space, crew and cargo alike. Very quickly into the flight, Lurek commands the ship be dropped out of hyper space and in an effort to throw them off our scent, punch in the coordinates for Denon. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5 / D-5

Say Uncle
Session 39 Part 1 - 12/15/16 Part 2 - 12/22/16


Beginning Destiny Points L-2 / D-8

Part One – 12/15/16 (This session was less than an hour long due to a late start and an early end due to a party viewing of Rogue One)

Upon watching the Imperial shuttle touch down, Milo uncaringly goes up to the ramp of the shuttle and watches as 7 stormtroopers exit. While he attempts to talk his way out of violence with one of the officers, the rest fan out and try to disarm the crew. Vanin does not take well to this, and with a distinct hum of a lightsaber, beheads one in the blink of an eye. Chaos ensues, Milo continues to pursue for peace by talking with the Imperials, but they are now blind with rage and knock him prone. Adalya shows up some fancy shooting and makes a one in a million shot, getting a second headshot through the head of the first. While the others attempt to stun the officer and kill the other stormtroopers, Vanin runs up the ramp in search of Reom, with Svarjoke and Milo eventually following. Here he encounters 4 more stormtroopers, more scuffling occurs and he is now positioned with his back to the cockpit door, and the stormtroopers between him and his teammates. It is at this time that the cockpit door opens to what appears to be a high ranking human Imperial officer, saying "Good to see you Svarjoke" with a sly smile (Now L-3/D-7)

Part 2 – 12/22/16

"Your Uncle is going to be very happy to hear about you here. The Grand Admiral will be very glad to know you are here." (Now L-4/D-6) [a Destiny Point was used for GM John to slightly alter Svarjoke's backstory and include a '…famous' relative and that Svarjoke changed the family name section of his name when he was left for dead.] Devier Olmos, a Vice Admiral of the Imperials takes command of the situation, revealing that his droids in the cockpit are working on getting communications back up and running (Now L-5/D-5), and then he reminds Svarjoke why he was nicknamed the 'Demolition Man' by pulling out a small detonator from behind his back (Now L-6/D-4). Devier says that he is willing to blow himself up if it means the death of a few aliens. Vanin tries to call him on the bluff, but Svarjoke confirms he isn't one to mess around with and deactivates his lightsabers. Devier sends the stormtroopers still alive in the ship to clean up the rest of the crew outside and round them up. 

While all of this is happening, Sash is watching from the cockpit of the Boonta Eve, and finds it to be extremely odd and concerning that half of his teammates went into the shuttle, not to appear again, and then stormtroopers appear to take in the rest of the crew. Just in the nick of time he activates another pointed comm jamming signal on the shuttle (Now L-5/D-5), but this time is able to instead patch outgoing messages to the Neb Neb, where Lurek the former Imperial Moff is waiting to trick anyone making a call back to base into giving up any information they can. Devier begins the conversation by calling into the 'Ravager'. After a lengthy conversation between Devier and Lurek, who is believed to be a random officer, Lurek learns that Devier helped Trokho leave the holy site just recently with Reom in toe. 

With the transmission over, the stormtroopers are getting close to entering the Neb Neb. Lurek directs Valik to try to sneak out and make his way into the shuttle to help the others. Once Valik clears the area,  Lurek opens fire on the cluster of stormtroopers with the Neb Neb's blaster cannon, killing all remaining (Now L-4/D-6). Now a lot of things happen all at once. Valik had been instructed by Lurek to take the blaster fire as the signal and attempt to take down Devier during the commotion. Unfortunately Devier wasn't made a Vice Admiral by a fluke, at the last minute he sees Valik and spins out of the way. He however did not see Vanin and surprisingly Milo jump into action at the same time. Milo was able to grab Devier's hand holding the dead man switch with both of his own hands. Unfortunately though for Milo, he did this basically at the same time as Vanin's lightsaber comes crashing down on the now tangle of arms and cuts off both of Devier's hands and one of Milo's. By the grace of the Force, Milo's one remaining hand is containing all of this and prevents the dead man switch from activating. ALSO at the same time a shot from Svarjoke's blaster misses by Devier's face by only inches. Instead of killing him, they drag him out of the ship, mostly as a precaution that Milo doesn't fall susceptible to shock and looses the switch and blow the ship and them with it, up. 

Lurek meets the group halfway and reveals himself to Devier, reveling in his realization. Lurek is able to threat out of him that Trokho is bringing Reom to the Imperial prison on Dathomir and traveling on the ship "The Force Walker". After this last bit of information is finally given up, Lurek takes out his blaster and shoots him in the head before Svarjoke can stop him. While all of this was going on Sash had gone into the cockpit to find an astromech droid still manning the communications. Sash hacks into the astromech and downloads the communications logs. Upon quick inspection he sees that the Devier had radioed into the Ravager right before leaving the holy site and logically would be expecting them shortly (Now L-5/D-5). Sash decides they can make use of this droid and leads it off the ship to see Devier's lifeless body hit the ground. 

The crew has to make a decision, and fast, otherwise the Ravager will come looking why Devier's shuttle never arrived. The plan is concocted to load the shuttle up with a number of torpedoes, wake up the stunned officer, and send him back with a message from the Rebels, and blow the ship and the torpedoes when it arrives at the Super Star Destoryer. Before the officer is woken up, torpedoes from the Neb Neb are loaded onto the shuttle, in doing so Vanin find 3000 credits in Devier's locker. Lurek calls for the last remaining Imperial to be woken up, delivers his little speech, and then is prompted with the response of 'But I don't know how to fly the ship' (Now L-6/D-4). At that exact moment the Ravager exits hyperspace and comes into view just above the holy site (Now L-7/D-3). A decision has to be made NOW. Sash quickly rips the data core out of the astromech, and then loads the officer and the astromech on the shuttle, while everyone else gets back into the ships. The Goon Squad on the Boonta, and Team Reom on the Neb Neb. Against all odds, both pilots make incredible work of the situation and escape atmosphere and plot courses for their next destinations. Team Reom plotted a course to Dathomir and successfully jumped. The Goon Squad allowed Milo to plot their course, and jumped. They however did not account for Milo's amazing ability to read situations incorrectly and no on realized the course he plotted out was actually one for Ryloth.

Ending Destiny Points L-7 / D-3

This Episode Brought To You By...
Session 38 Thursday December 8th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

Back to the half of the group traveling to the holy site, Jeria cautiously navigates getting more information from Shira about Reom and the their father. From there most recent information, Ropak is currently being held in an Imperial prison at an unknown location. Ropak used to work with Captain Harcel who he helped to bring down Separatists operations before Harcel crash landed on Chullgana in the Sa Naloor. Ropak was captured when he helped Harcel and Critala escaped the Imperials some 20 years ago. The conversation started in the cockpit of the Boonta Eve, but as Jeria was trying to run from Shira, it moved to the galley where Milo was tied up for the moment. 

Through conversation with Milo, he tells Shira and Jeria that he has a pit droid named Boyd, that helps Milo with miscellaneous tasks and his research (Now L-4/D-6). Vanin then enters the galley as well to question Jeria about what they know about Trokho. Unfortunately at their first meeting Lurek was too hasty in trying to kill Trokho and did not get enough information out of him. It finally dawns on Jeria, through heavy implying from Vanin, that Trokho was also the one to steal the Boonta Eve from the Derellcoose Outpost and thus whatever ship he came in on could be there, this providing another lead to pursue. 

Upon arriving at the holy site, they see that most of the looters ships that where present before are no longer there. There is an Imperial lambda-class shuttle close to the fountain, as well as scraps of Milo's ships. Due to the proximity of the Imperial shuttle, the decision is made to land further out from the center of the site, to go down into the tunnels per direction from both Milo and Jeria, and then to try to sneak up on the shuttle 'through the back entrance'. Jeria is able to land the ship in a small valley and thus there is little concern they were spotted. 

Before leaving the ship, Vanin tries to extract any information from Milo. Milo says that after purchasing the ship from Trokho it looked like he had gone off towards the fountain. He starts talking about the Harch that live at the holy site, and stating that the god that the worship is not a true god, but is unable to completely explain without his research. He did however say that he had met Exarch D'uhl and suggests maybe trying to talk him into helping the crew rescue Reom from the Imperials, should he be on the shuttle. Jeria calls into Svarjoke and informs him of what is happening at the holy site and what the plan is, luckily this occurs right after they are leaving Raanta's from the previous episode (now L-3/D-7). Shira informs Lurek of the presence of the Lambda class shuttle and that maybe checking out the outpost  may be another good lead. 

Back to the holy site crew, before trying to scale down the same hole that they lost Fingorn down, Milo points out a rolled up rope ladder nearby on the ground (now L-2/D-8). Jeria and Vanin are the first two to go down in the hole, and quickly see a small pit droid in one of the corners of the room. The crew all successfully make it down the ladder, until Sash who is strongly disadvantaged by his body type. Sash falls halfway down the pit, grasping as he fell and is severely damaged. After Shira makes it down she is searching around looking for Reom, but instead finds Fingorn's body, barely hanging on to life, both his legs are shattered, broken ribs, and mildly unconcious. An argument ensues over what their next step is. Jeria is strongly pushing for bringing Fingorn back to the Boonta to toss in their last bacta tank. Vanin shoots this down due to lack of trust and the thought that Jeria could leave all of them down there and take off now that he has his friend back. Jeria talks them into believing that he suggested this out of a hope that Fingorn was still alive, but truly believes this is their best lead for finding Reom. Vanin finally relents and states that he will go with Jeria to bring Fingorn back, then they will go to towards the fountain up top and maybe make a distraction while the other half of the crew goes underground. Everyone hears the sound of the lambda shuttle take off (now L-3/D-7), and everyone rushes up the ladder and back to the ship. Vanin is easily able to carry Fingorn's limp body up the ladder while climbing up himself. 

Upon reaching the top, they quickly hop in the ship trying to follow the shuttle and capture it before they jump to hyperspeed. Jeria comms in Svarjoke the plan, they will punch it and meet up with us on the pursuit. Vanin jumps on to the ion cannons in an attempt to incapacitate the shuttle rather than blow it up. After firing the first volley, Vanin yells at Sash to activate the massive comm jammers to try and prevent the shuttle for calling in any nearby backup (now L-2/D-8). When Svarjoke and the Neb Neb finally shows up to assist, Jaromir's shot goes wilds and hits the Boonta Eve instead of its intended mark, however this does not prove to be to too much of a hindrance as the Boonta, thanks to Vanin's shooting is still able to bring down the Imperial shuttle and catch it with the Boonta's tractor beam. Sash is able to can the ship for lifeforms and the readout states there is 12 lifeforms on board. It is decided to bring the ship down in an open area back on Klatooine and to board the ship.

Ending Destiny Points L-2/D-8

Till next week, where we have a Role Play / Rogue One double whammy 

Total Recall
Session 37

Thursday December 1st 2016 
After a long break because of the holidays and some job changes, we were eager to muk things up again. AND A NEW PLAYER APPROACHES

Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

Before getting into the thick of things, an amendment to a previous Destiny point was made that the trackers placed on Reom's scout ships are long range trackers, so we wouldn't lose range of them if they had gone off planet.

Remaining behind as the rest of the crew are going to try and handle the situation with Raanta, Sash accesses Reom's terminal again to try and get information on the whereabouts on the ship that Trokho came and went in. Having previously asked the mechanics which ship it was, Sash filters the tracking program to only display the ISO77 ship. Luckily though, ISO77 was recently upgraded to have an automatic 'recall to base'  that can not be deactivated from the ship (now L-4/D-6). Unfortunately however, 3 signals pop up on the display (as a resolution of Sash's previous despair accessing Reom's terminal) one is close by to Reom's outpost in the desert, one is located at the holy site, and the last one is located at Tukka's palace. Sash calls in to the group to deliver the news and Svarjok does what everyone should have done upon first arriving at Reom's operation and tries to contact him on their personal comm line. Static. Sitting next to Sash on Reom's desk is a damaged comm link, with a blink light to indicate an incoming call (now L-5/D-5). Sash tells the team to be ready for anything, and recalls ISO77 to the hangar, the blip from the Fountain of the Ancients takes off. While waiting for the ship to return from the holy site. Sash digs a bit deeper into the terminal and finds out through classified documents of dubious origin, the Cerean prison maker he was researching is named Veskasa Daress, roughly 60-70 years old and designed the prison on Dathomir. This bit of information is strongly noted and seems Reom is interested greatly by this. 

As the ship lands, the crew of Reom's operation stage themselves throughout the hangar to be ready for anything. Jeria, Vanin, Lurek, and Jaromir go up the Devaronian blood covered ramp and there is a sound coming from the cockpit. Vanin pulls out a life form scanner and turns it on (now L-4/D-6). It yield results from one life form in the cockpit of the ship. Jeria steps forward and opens the doors, gun drawn only to hear a timid high pitch voice squeak "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME!" Milo Tagg an arkanian archeologist apparently bought the ship off of a guy at the holy site because he needed a ship with a hyper drive but he was duped, this ship does not have a hyperdrive. He bought the ship 'a couple of hours ago, maybe a day, I don't know I took a really long nap'. Milo confirms that he bought the ship from an injured devaronian. After questioning more about the circumstances surrounding him acquiring the ship at the holy site it comes out that Milo has met Fingorn, alive but unconscious. He was going back to his new ship to try and get medical supplies to work on Fingorn when the ship initiated its automatic recall option. Lurek asks him point blank why he shouldn't kill him right now? Milo responds stating that because his research may affect the entire universe, but he can not tell them about it, he would have to show them. Milo tells them that his ship broken down at the holy site and then the bandits picked it clean (now L-5/D-5). But later reveals its probably because he left it open while he went down into the caves. He shot off a flare to try and get someone's aid, and this is what brought Trokho's attention. They are having trouble getting information out of Milo, and ask about his memory to try and see if he may have been affected by the unknown Force user, but he says its just due to his time down in the caves. Everyone gets frustrated with how oblivious this newcomer is. 

Jeria and Lurek make the decision that they have to go back to the holy site, one because its the only lead they have on Reom at the moment, and two because there is a possibility that their mechanic is still alive. Vanin, Jeria, Milo, Sash, Shira, and Crack decide that they need to go to the holy site and will be leaving a 'skeleton force' at Reom's outpost. Jaromir voices opposition to Lurek going with them because it is clear that Trokho has some vested interest in Lurek so the decision is made that they will go and help with the deal at Raanta's along with Valik, Svarjok, and Adalya. 

Before they leave Vanin takes Svarjok aside and informs him that Lurek is yet unaware of Reom's rebel ties and that he is the one to deliver this information, and with this they go off. 

 On the way over to Raanta's Adalya attempts to strike up small talk with Lurek. Lurek is mostly dismissive to Adalya and does not reveal much information to her, but this is just Lurek's personality. When they eventually arrive Raanta's palace and they begin to unload the crates, Lurek and Jaromir are extremely pissed because they were not made privy to the new plan of trying to appease Raanta. Raanta is pleased with Adalya for bringing the cybernetics back, but still wants to terminate their relationship. Adalya tried to argue back, and Raanta threatens to throw her in with the rancors if she does not leave. 

Lurek just wants an explanation. Svarjok tells Lurek that at this point he should know that Reom is involved with the rebellion to some extent. At news of this Raanta begins to chuckle, but Lurek becomes visibly agitated. Jaromir is simply pissed off that if they are not going to be able to make money off of the sale of these cybernetics, that's money he can't have. Lurek ask if Reom had these cybernetics that the money from them would probably make its way into the hands of the rebellion, and when Svarjok confirms, he wishes Raanta the best of luck in selling them for himself. Raanta just keeps laughing and has to wipe tears from his eyes with his fat slug arms. Lurek asks Raanta to throw Svarjok and Adalya to the rancor for lying to him, but quickly sees the error in his hastiness and takes this back. Lurek agrees to take Adalya basically off Raanta's hands but would like to keep a crate or two for compensation. Raanta is obviously not please with this notion, but Valik steps up and says there is quite a few more boxes at the remains of Tukka's palace. Luckily the crate that Lurek takes happens to be one of the 6 delivered that contains some of the cybernetics. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5/D-5

Icy Return to the IsoUnderground
Session 36

Monday November 7 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-6/ D-4

With the explosion, Sash who was sitting in wait in the entrance of the medical room darts out, slams into Jaromir who was turning at the last second to try and observe his employers well being. Sash and Jaromir go back into the throne room to check on Lurek, who sustained major damage from the second wave of explosion from the thermal imploder. Amazingly enough though, all of the mandolorian armor that he was wearing at the time remained in the same condition he walked into this endeavor (intact chestpiece and vambrace, everything else damaged). (now L-7/D-3) Upon a quick inspection, all of the mandolorians who were in the room had been killed, and all of their armor was destroyed due to their proximity to the blast. While all of this was occurring, the other team members in the medical room were able to load up 34 crates into The Boonta Eve. Sash and Jaromir team up to dig Lurek out of the rubble without inflicting more damage to him. They quickly carry him to the Boonta Eve and throw him into 1 of their remaining 2 bacta tanks. 

Svarjoke, Adalya, and Cracka, who had been led back into the hangar by the battle droid, overpower and destroy said battle droid, power up Svarjoke's personal starfighter, The Scrappy Womp Rat, and get it hooked up to the Neb Neb and take off from the space port about the same time the Boonta Eve takes off from the tunnels amid blaring alarms. 

Shortly after taking off, Adalya gives Raanta a call to inform him of the progress, (now L-6/D-4) the call is broadcasted shipwide on the Neb Neb. On the comms, Raanta shows concern for his comrade Lurek. Unfortunately however, Adalya let slip that they would be going to Reom's headquarters first to drop off some of the 'none essentials'. Raanta does not like this and easily realizes that Adalya is trying to hide something from him. Adalya relents and says that they are going to drop off some of the acquired cybernetics. Raanta is extremely displeased by the fact that his adopted daughter has been caught in a lie and was trying to provide Reom with the cybernetics rather than her father. Raanta states to Adalya that she should know what the money that could be generated from the sales of these cybernetics could do for 'his cause.' After threatening to throwing Adalya to the creatures that she herself helped train, she finally relents and agrees to bring Raanta the cybernetics and would have to deal with the rest of the crew, compromising mostly of people loyal to Reom. 

After Svarjoke relays the details of Adalya's conversation with Raanta to the crew of the Boonta Eve, Sash attempts to have a conversation with Cratala about the said crates. This conversation goes less than stellar, with Sash trying to placate Cratala, and convince her that we NEED to appease Raanta by giving him some of the crates, and with Cratala claiming ownership over all the crates. Cratala fires off a lot of less than polite insults and names directed at both Raanta and Sash, and finally relents, throwing her arms up and slamming a door in Sash's face. This pain's Sash deeply, but he continues on with his work. Jeria and Sash quickly open up all the crates and identify that 16 out of the 34 crates are filled with cybernetic implants of various items and qualities, with the rest fill of miscellaneous medial supplies. In one of these crates Jeria finds a datapad that Sash is able to unlock. The datapad details the location of the shipping manifests that delivered these crates. With this information Sash is able to identify the location of multiple warehouses located on various uninhabited moons and planets used a staging grounds and transports point for these illegal cybernetics. This information is promptly given to Cratala as an attempt to lessen his temper, but it appears to have no effect. It is decided upon by Jeria and Sash that 6 of the crates containing cybernetics and the 18 crates with the misc. medical supplies (so 24 crates in total) will be given to Raanta. Sash is able to successfully hide th the fact that any of these crates have been opened and the seals appear intact. 

Upon arriving in Reom's base, Cratala rushes out of the room she secluded herself in and directs Valik and Vanin to start unloading whatever crates we designated to give to Reom. Sash explains to Adalya that they are keeping some of the crates, its that simple. We are going to give Raanta some of the crates, some cybernetics, some medical supplies, more than half of what we took, and that there are still ~34 crates at Tukka's palace. Adalya accepts this, thanking them for understanding. While taking in the rest of the hangar, the crew, those that work for Reom, notice that the facilities look to be less populated than before, maybe about half of what it was 2 days ago when Sash, Cratala, Valik, and Vanin went to aid the crew of the Boonta Eve, though the faces that are present are all familiar, and that there are dried 'red' spots on the ground. Sash knows that this is not oil, and that this is most definitely blood of some sort. The mechanics that work under Sash explaining to him that they didn't see anything out of the ordinary, the same coming and going as usual. Before fully explaining he says weapons out everyone, and start to follow the trail to Reom's office. 

Upon their approach, Jeria promptly gets berated by Reom's sister Shira, blaming both Jeria and 'the Nautolan' for Reom's disappearance. Reom and Harcel are both missing since at least yesterday, so the window of disappearance is only two days ago to one day ago. Shira tasks Jeria and only Jeria with rescuing Reom. Shira does not want Reom to end up like her father. It looks like the room has been ransacked, but through conversation with Sash, he determines it was mostly just Shira and only a few documents have gone missing and her temper getting the best of her, Sash is able to talk her down a bit. Through this conversation, Shira reveals to the rest of the group that she was out scouting battlegrounds and that her and her brother, or most of Reom's operation, has a connection to the Rebel Alliance. Because we have a number of Twi'leks present, we know that the blood is not Twi'lek or human, through this we know its not Reom's, Neb'Tromo's, or Harcel's. Sash goes back and confirms with the mechanics that no unknown entities have come or gone, and that to their knowledge, Reom has not left, but they can not recall. Coming back to Reom's office, Sash successfully, with Shira's aid, accesses Reom's personal terminal. What is revealed is the details on a number of scouting missions, and some research on a Cerean located on Ryloth known to be a prison architect, the last access is shortly after the 4 members lefts for Raanta's palace. Back in the hangar, through Cracka and Adalya they are able to identify the spots as either Sullustan, Devaronian, or Transdoshian.  

Vanin speaks up saying that as the head of security (now L-5/D-5) he can access the security cameras. Through the recordings, the crew sees a scout ship land and out comes Trokho, clearly wounded. Trokho promptly shuts the camera, but not before they were able to identify one of the mechanics, and the crew observes him shooting the rest of the cameras along the way to Reom's office (now L-6/D-4). Sash rushes up to the mechanic that was in the video and asks him to clarify. The mechanic sticks to his original story that nothing was out of the ordinary, Sash pulls out his knife and shows him the recording on the datapad, but the mechanic remains steadfast. Sash forces the knife against the mechanics throat, making it clear that if he is lying, he is dead. The mechanic stays true to his word, saying that the scout that left on the ship returned in that video, and then left shortly thereafter, he can't explain the video. At this point both Jeria and Svarjoke both remember that Trokho was not alone at Raanta's palace, and that there was a mysterious Force User accompanying him. Through his limited knowledge of the Force, Svarjoke states that this could possibly be an ability of the Force User, and that this is why there is a discontinuity with his memory and the recording. Sash finally releases the mechanic and apologizes. 

(Now L-5/D-5) Sash states that all of the scout ships in Reom's operation are equipped with non removable tracers and that their positions can be viewed in real time from Reom's terminal. Sash elects to remain behind and spend the time to datamine Reom's terminal. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5/D-5

She Is Not My Daughter
Session 35

 Tuesday November 1 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-3/ D-8

The party goes back to arguing about how to kill Tukka and the four remaining Mandalorians. After some time of arguing Jaromir says he is sticking to the original plan and leaves to discuss a plan with Vanin to hustle drunks in cantinas in an arm wrestling scheme. While arguing Raanta comes in with a young Togruta woman. He introduces her as his daughter, Adalya. They think they can use her to an advantage in convincing Tukka of the "death." The party decides that Jeria, Cratala, Valik, Cratala and Sash will take The Boonta Eve into the caves to get under the operating room to steal the cybernetics and Lurek, Jaromir, Svarjok, Cracka and Adalya will go kill Tukka. They plan to poison the Mandalorians with Alderaan Ale that Raanta provided them with (now L-2/ D-9). They mix in the suicide pills, which Lurek knows will take 30 minutes to kill a member of his race, but is unsure how long it will take for another species. They figure it is the best method of attack, and depart Raanta's palace. Lurek radios Tukka and tells him they are on their way. He tells them the job is done, but Krixis is dead.

The Boonta Eve:

Sash tells Jeria where to go through the caves to land under the medical room, and the Twi'lek captain is able to successfully navigate through. They arrive about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. They land under the operating room, in a large amount of toxic sludge of blood and medical waste. Valik and Jeria are the first members off and are immediately hit with a wave of sickness due to the toxicity of the environment. Cratala and Sash are also sickened by the waste, but Vanin seems uneffected. Jeria tells Sash to propel himself up to the vent and saw away at the bars. After about 5 minutes of sawing the bars pop open enough to get through. He pops through and sees two patients on beds being attended to by two doctors and a medical droid (now L-3/ D-8). Jeria raises The Boonta Eve enough for Valik and Sash to pull themselves through. Valik is able to pull himself through and sneak up on one of the doctors, but Sash grunts as he comes through alerting the other doctor. Valik punches the one in the head and staggers him. The other doctor tries to kick Sash in the head, but misses. Sash grabs him by the ankle and pulls him down into the sludge. Valik kills the other doctor. Sash reprograms the medical droid and loads it into The Boonta Eve. While Jeria waits in the ship Valik, Vanin and Cratala start loading the crates of cybernetics while Sash keeps watch.

The Neb Neb:

Svarjok lands The Neb Neb in the hangar of Tukka's palace and they are greeted by one of the Mandalorians. He asks what happened to his brother Krixis to which Lurek tells him that Krixis fell in battle. The Pau'an offers him a bottle of Alderaan ale and tells him to share it with his brothers in Krixis's memory. The Mandalorian is annoyed that he won't be getting the credits Krixis owed him, but figures the rare ale of the dead planet is fair enough compensation. He leads the party in to Tukka's throneroom. Jaromir leads Adalya in as a prisoner and Lurek carries his the small silver box he once gave to Raanta. The Hutt seems delighted to see them. Lurek asks that the Hutt clear the room for him to share their tale. The Hutt is reluctant, but agrees. All the guests leave aside from th Mandalorians, a Trandoshian and a battle droid. Lurek begins by saying "we attempted to enter the palace through the caves. The plan worked, but we infiltrated the palace in the colosseum area. Raanta released his beasts and Krixis attempted to distract them, knowing he was capable of flying out with his jetpack. In his distraction, Krixis was killed by a kyrat dragon. However, in this time we are able to climb to the top and tip Raanta's throne into the pit. The fall killed him." He tells the story without letting Tukka get a word in to question him and throw off his deception.The Wookiee adds that the Hutt beastlord's own pets were more than happy to feast upon him. The party shows Tukka images of the carnage. He tells them that he sees plotholes, but believes his brother is dead, even though he knows he is somehow being deceived. The capture of his niece gives him a little reassurance, as does the droid hand necklace Raanta is known to wear. Lurek says, "I'm sorry if the events are a little fuzzy, but we have lost one of our own as well. Captain Jeria has fallen in combat as well." This sways the Hutt's opinion and Lurek presents him with the box. At this time it is noticed that the Mandalorians have drank about half the bottle of poisoned ale. Lurek tells Tukka that they are not worthy to look upon what is inside the box, and that they should be excused from the room. Tukka does not grant this request. Lurek then tells the Hutt that he will tell him his brother's final words, but he must allow the party to leave. Tukka allows this and all clear the room, aside from the Mandalorians, Lurek, Jaromir and Tukka. Lurek tells Tukka the code to get into the box, and says that Raanta's dying words were "she is not my daughter." The bizzareness of comment puzzles the Hutt, but he is more concerned with the contents of the box. Jaromir begins sliding the bag of grenades toward the group of Mandalorians and the first one drops dead. The others start towards Lurek and Jaromir. Tukka looks up from the box to survey the scene, but at this point it is opened and Lurek and Jaromir are running. Jaromir collides with a Mandalorian, knocking him down, but still manages to make it out of the room and into the operating room with the crew of The Boonta Eve. Lurek trips and rolls out of the way of the first blast of the thermal imploder he implanted into the box. He is hit with the second blast however, taking massive damage and gets caught in rubble. Tukka and the Mandalorians are killed by the blast due to the funnel effect of the room structure (now L-2/D9). The Trandoshian turns at the sound of the explosion and Svarjok shoots him in the back with his rifle, killing him instantly.

Ending Destiny Points: L2/D9 


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