The Boonta Eve

The Boonta Eve is a modified (and overstuffed) ILH-KK Citadel-Class Light Freighter owned by pilot Jeria Kansan who bought it from Reom (and still owes a hefty number of credits to)

The Upper Deck

The Lower Deck

Deck-plan Legend


1. Cockpit
2. Crew Cabin
3. Passenger Cabin
4. Refresher
5. Right Docking port
6. Left Docking Port
7. Right Starfighter Docking collar
8. Left Starfighter Docking Collar

9. Mess Room/Rec room
10. Passenger Room
11. Power Generator/Shield Generator
12.Engineering/Engine room
13. Cargo Hold
14. Boarding ramp
15. Storage
16. Medical Bay


Information on this ship was taken from Myth Weavers

The Boonta Eve

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