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  • Monday September 19th 2016

    Monday September 29 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points L-2 D-9

    After their meeting with Tukka the Hutt, the crew are led to some sort of barracks. They see that Dr. Cracka has had a hub installed for a new cybernetic leg and …

  • A Brief History of Lurek's "Death"

    Monday September 26 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9

    After learning about the suicide devices Tukka implanted into the crew, they have reached the decision that they must kill his brother, Raanta. A very …

  • Pleased to Meat You

    Monday October 10 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9


    After speaking with Lurek, Jaromir lies to the party and tells them they need to hurry, the Pau'an is in trouble. Krixis asks Jaromir …

  • Dude, Where's My Ship

    Monday October 17 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-4/ D-7


    After taking a shot to the back and hearing "I'll cover you, get out of here," from a familiar voice, Jaromir whirls around to see the …

  • Best Laid Plans

    Monday October 24 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-6/ D-5


    After about two and a half hours of surgeries, the Boonta Eve crew is bomb free thanks to Cratala's expert doctor skills. The party thanks her …

  • She Is Not My Daughter

     Tuesday November 1 2016

    Beginning Destiny Points: L-3/ D-8

    The party goes back to arguing about how to kill Tukka and the four remaining Mandalorians. After some time of arguing Jaromir says he is …