Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Best Laid Plans
Session 34

Monday October 24 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-6/ D-5


After about two and a half hours of surgeries, the Boonta Eve crew is bomb free thanks to Cratala's expert doctor skills. The party thanks her and they head to talk to Raanta. Suddenly Jaromir remembers Rika Jalba, the Duro merchant from the outpost, and asks Raanta what happened to him. Raanta laughs and tell them the Duro has been taught a lesson for not delivering the dewbacks. Jaromir confesses that they were contracted to deliver the dewbacks after the Aqualish group tried to extort more money out of the Hutt lord and the Duro merchant, despite the protest of captain Jeria. The Wookiee explains that he feels if they are going to continue their working relationship after killing Tukka, that they should be completely honest with each other. He also mentions that the money Lurek provided should more than cover the cost of the dewbacks, and he would even get more for him in the future. The Hutt tells him that he should be a little more careful with loyalties. As they are walking down the corridor, they spot Rika in a room, looking to be in pretty bad shape. The once heavyset Duro is now looking emaciated and not in good help, but still cognitive. Raanta says that he never intended to kill the Duro because he is a valuable asset, but he needed to be reprimanded for failure. Feeling satisfied that Rika has learned, he has some guards feed him and prepare him for his return to the outpost.

With the matter of Rika settled, the party must now discuss how they will proceed with the assassination of Tukka. They discuss the possibility of calling Tukka and telling him the job is done, or that Krixis has betrayed them, but they remember what happened last time they lied to this Hutt. Jeria suggests, loading The Neb Neb up with explosives and fly it right into the palace and blow it up. Cratala mentions the value of the cybernetics Tukka has at his facility, and Jaromir is instantly on board with the idea of making money. Svarjok and Cracka suddenly remember that they have seen the cybernetics room and it may be an easy way in. While they look at a datapad and try to establish a route in, Jaromir asks the muscled dark skinned human who he is. He has been giving off a very eerie vibe to the group, and Jaromir's intrest is piqued. He introduces himself as Vanin Tsarkosis, some muscle Reom hired. The Wookiee asks him if he wants to arm wrestle and Tsarkosis sees no harm in this. The Wookiee is slightly bewildered because not many humans would accept the invitation. He is even more surprised when the human's arm does not seem to waiver. After a short while, Svarjok and Cracka still laying out a plan, the table beneath Tsarkosis and the Wookiee snaps and they topple onto each other. The two immediately start to laugh, realizing they are going to be great friends. With the buffoonery  of these two completed, the Chiss and Mon Calamari return with some notes on their datapad. They take turns describing the room, saying things like: it is an elevated room, very clean and sterile, cybernetics hanging all around,windows big enough for a Wookiee, no real cover, about eight beds, some air ducts, and a drain in the middle of the floor, but no idea where it leads.

Jeria asks Sash, the snakelike man, if he can alter the explosives that were inside of them to give off a bigger blast and for them to have control over when they detonate. He suggests attaching them to the droids they aquired on Uvena Prime and using them to blow up the Hutt. Sash says he thinks he can and will try to see what he can do. Jaromir suggests taking Lurek's suicide pills and using them to poison the Manadalorians or Tukka. Raanta tells them they have enough to kill the Hutt, but will not say how many it will take. They decide it would be better to poison the Mandalorians rather than the Hutt because they are the bigger threat. Sash also uses this time to tell the party that he and Reom had been mapping the tunnel systems under the planet and can get them to some tunnels under Tukka's palace if that is the route they choose to take. He tells them that he doesn't know what the tremors are under the planet, but Trench is not a god, but rather an old Seperatist leader Xark Dule has the monks searching for. He also tells them the powers the monks exhibited were just a side effect of the pakpa fruit they had been consuming. The plan they decide is that at the moment half of the team will go hunt down Krixis and take care of him, and the others will stay behind and stage Raanta's death to deceive Tukka. 

The guard who found Krixis's chestplate gives Jeria, Svarjok, Jaromir and Vanin the coordinates of the discovery (now L5/D6). They leave in The Boonta Eve trying to intercept the bounty hunter on his way to the palace. Svarjok soon points out a trail of footprints and blood drops and they know they have the right trail. Soon they notice the footprints cross a caravan trail but continue to follow it. Shortly after they see armor strewn along the path and a body laying at a campfire. The Boonta Eve crew begin to argue what to do. Jaromir suggests going down to investigate because they don't know what Krixis looks like outside of his armor. Svarjok suggests pulling the person up with the tractor beam, but that request is denied. Jeria opens fire on the body insisting they have killed the right person. Jaromir stills believes the bounty hunter jumped on the caravan and is probably on his way off planet, but the captain doesn't want to hear it. He uses the tractor beam to pull up the disgarded Mandalorian armor and turns The Boonta Eve around and heads back to Raanta's palace.

While the others are out searching for Krixis, Lurek, Cratala, Valik and Cracka are staging a scene to look as if they successfully killed Raanta. The Hutt is afraid of blood and refuses to let them cut him to make it look real. However, Lurek informs the group that Pau'ans have the same murky green blood as Hutts, so they can take some of his (now L4/D7). Cratala suggests using some of the dead anooba to make it seem as if his own beasts turned on him. Valik takes the droid hand necklace Raanta wears as a slight to his brother as a "trophy," to show Tukka who knows Raanta would never give that up willingly (now L3/D8). After some negotiation from Lurek, Valik and some of the guards then manage to tip the throne to make it look as if Raanta was knocked into his battle pit. Cratala and Cracka successfully make believable looking injuries on Raanta for the scene they are going to show Tukka. They feel very confident that Lurek can convince the Hutt to believe them and have a celebration. Sash informs them that he has managed to increase the blast of the explosives and there is no way Tukka can detonate them. He does however say there is only a 75% chance they will actually explode and they can only be detonated from their bulky comm-jammer. At the point Jeria, Jaromir, Svarjok and Vanin come walking in. Jaromir hands Lurek the armor in exchange for the money he was promised for the set. The plans have been laid. The crew will return to Tukka, tell him they have killed Raanta, while another crew goes in to steal the cybernetics. They will attempt to poison the Mandalorians and blow Tukka up.

Ending Destiny Points: L-3/ D-8

Dude, Where's My Ship?
Session 33

Monday October 17 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-4/ D-7


After taking a shot to the back and hearing "I'll cover you, get out of here," from a familiar voice, Jaromir whirls around to see the shape of a Devaronian standing in the doorway of the palace with a large rifle aimed at the group. The Wookiee quickly dives behind a nearby pillar for cover and tells the intruder to leave and there won't be any trouble. Trokho D'Von seems unphased by the threat and finds some cover of his own to take aim at the group. Jeria joins the Wookiee and fires a shot at the Devaronian bounty hunter. He misses Trokho, but manages to obliterate his cover. Lurek rushes up to negotiate with Trokho, but again the bounty hunter doesn't care. He shoots Lurek in the arm, critically wounding him and taking him out of the fight. While this is going on Svarjok climbs out a nearby window and scales his way over to a vantage point to get the drop on Trokho (now L3/D8). He manages to get a shot off, hitting the ground beneath the bounty hunter's feet. The ground where Trokho is standing is weak and he falls through the sand into the cave system below. The Wookiee rushes over and  drops a frag grenade into the hole, damaging the bounty hunter, but to an unknown degree. The group feels like now is not the time to go check the tunnel. They let Dr. Craka patches up Jeria and Lurek's wounds and team goes to speak with Raanta.

Raanta seems a little agitated over the intrusion, in his palace, but more is more amused than anything. The Hutt lord hears out their pleas to have them receive surgery to remove their suicide devices and agrees. His history with Lurek and the promise of the 1.5 million credits definitely influence his obligation. He shows them to an operating room, which is fairly filthy (now L4/D7 for harder medical checks) since his Gamorrean guards aren't the cleanest of species, but Dr. Craka begins to clean it as best as possible with help from a few of Raanta's workers. Raanta asks the party if they know who the Devaronian is, and they said he is just a bounty hunter with an interest in Lurek. Jaromir tells of how he assaulted them in the desert near the Fountain of the Ancients and was working with storm troopers. Raanta asks if they believe his brother had a hand in hiring the bounty hunter, but they quickly shoot down this theory because they willingly worked for Tukka. They told of how Tukka killed Trixx in front of them and believed this to be assurance enough of them completing the job and Raanta confirms that Tukka is more about theatrics. Jaromir tells Raanta that he will kill his brother because he does not appreciate being made into a slave. He will not suffer the same fate as his brethren on his home planet of Kashyyyk. He also says that he has had enough of the planet of Klatooine and would gladly do anything to leave it behind. In their negotiations Raanta agrees to leave Reom to do his work in peace. With the mention of Reom, Svarjok realizes that they should alert him to the fact that Raanta's men will be showing up, but the party is worried about Krixis reaching out to Tukka to let him know the plan went south. Suddenly, Craka stops what he's doing and says "didn't you see when I hit his jetpack? I took out his communicator," (now L3/D8). Svarjok quickly radios Reom and is informed that the guards had just arrived. Reom doesn't seem to happy about their arrival and begins to question why he should send Cratala and more of his men. This angers Jaromir when he hears Svarjok's side of the conversation and quickly snatches the communicator. He tells the Twi'lek that he is in danger from Tukka and they will eliminate that threat, but they need the bombs taken out of them first. More importantly, he reminds Reom that they are the reason he has Cratala working for him and that they are friends who have never betrayed him before. With this Reom says that he is going to help them, but he himself cannot come to the palace, but Cratala and a few other staff members will be there in his place. Whilst talking to Reom a few of Raanta's guards show up with good news and bad news about Krixis. The bad news is that the bounty hunter is nowhere to be found. The good news is that they did recover the chest plate of his armor, which fits Lurek perfectly. Along with the flamethrowing arm piece that was left in the pit, the Pua'an now has a little bit of added protection (now L1/D10).

The party know that they have some time before Cratala arrives and ask Raanta to borrow a skiff to go in search of Trokho, Krixis or their ship. Svarjok fires up the skiff and takes them to explore the surrounding area and Lurek fills them in on the details they need to know about his relationship with Raanta. Just as he is concluding his story, the group quickly notices an alcove close to where they landed The Neb Neb that they didn't see before. Jeria suggests they search the cave. In the alcove they see The Boonta Eve and Jeria openly weeps tears of joy. He does a quick scan of the ship and everything seems in order. Their droids are still intact, just powered down. Jaromir checks the hidden wall compartment where he hid his lightsaber and it is also still where he left it, he quickly stashes it back away and suggests they check the other ship to make sure Krixis didn't take it back to Tukka. They search the nearby alcove and find the ship how they left it. He plants a couple explosives on it like Fingorn had done in the past, only more shoddily. Svarjok plants a mine at the base of where the ramp would descend and programmed it to recognize their heat signature as to not detonate on them. The crew debates flying it back to Raanta's palace, but Jaromir convinces them this would be unwise due to the trackers Tukka planted in it. The movement closer to the palace would tip Tukka off to the fact that something has changed, so they fly The Boonta Eve back to Raanta's hangar.

As they are flying into the hangar, they notice a ship similar to their own also heading into the docking bay. Jeria let's them know that this is one of Reom's ship. The party greets Cratala and the crew that follow her. They notice a strange, snake-like humanoid come down the ramp after her with Raanta's guards, a nondescript human male and their old friend Valik. The snake-like creature says, "the jammer, let me see it." The Wookiee hands it over and the snake-man. He plays around with the frequencies, changes the range and boosts the power on it so there is no way Tukka can detonate their suicide switches.  He says that surgery is Cratala's department, but the jammer shouldn't be an issue anymore. With that Cratala asks to see the surgery area so they can get the procedures underway. Dr Craka and the workers have done a sufficient enough job of cleaning up the space and volunteers to go first for surgery so he can help with the following procedures. The surgery of the Mon Calamari ends up taking more of a toll than expected, (now L2/D9) but the removal is successful. They had to crack open his carapace to remove a rudimentary explosive and were unable to seal it up quickly. They had to put the downed doctor into a bacta tank. Next Jeria undergoes the surgery (now L3/D8) and Cratala is able to remove an unidentifiable item from his side, underneath his lung. Svarjok goes next (now L4/D7) where Cratala finds a cybernetic interface attached to the Chiss assassin's spine. This surgery also goes well and she begins to work on Lurek (now L5/D6). She successfully removes a strange device from the former Moff's throat. Finally the Wookiee is up (now L6/D5) and the Arkanian doctor is able to remove a detonator from the base of Jaromir's skull. Cratala has successfully removed all of the detonators from the crew and they are extremely grateful for her help. Tukka the Hutt has no idea for what the Boonta Eve crew has in store for him.

Ending Destiny Points: L-6/ D-5

Pleased to Meat You
Session 32

Monday October 10 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9


After speaking with Lurek, Jaromir lies to the party and tells them they need to hurry, the Pau'an is in trouble. Krixis asks Jaromir what he is doing in the bag when he switches on the communication jammer, and the Wookiee deceives him by saying he's just getting a grenade in case the wall isn't as weak as it appears. The deception works, and the Wookiee kicks down the wall. On the other side of the room is what appears to be a locker room and shower area, where Svarjok notices that there is blood everywhere and some of it looks fresh. They also notice butchering equipment which they conclude is for cutting up meat for Raanta's creatures. The bounty hunter has seen enough of this room and begins to leave the room, before noticing the Wookiee's botched attempt to hand off his private communicator with Lurek to Svarjok in case anything should happen to him. At this point the Chiss is starting to notice that the Wookiee is up to something, and so does the bounty hunter. Again the Wookiee quickly comes out with a lie that he was cutting communication with Lurek to prevent any further trouble with his "captors." The bounty hunter seems to believe the Wookiee, but is becoming a little skeptical. He suggests that they all go radio silent and ushers the Wookiee and Chiss past him, leaving Dr. Cracka and Jeria to bring up the rear.

In the next passageway the party begins to hear a lot of snarling and snapping sounds coming from the darkness surrounding them. Jeria shines his fusion lantern ahead of them and sees dungeonesque cells holding angry anuba. Jeria attempts to calm them using his beast taming skills, but only manages to anger the doglike creatures. They decide their best bet is to run. They take off down the path directly in front of them and hear the bars behind them give way under the persistence of the anuba (now L3/D8). The party emerges in a room with sand floors and blood all over the walls and can tell they are in a feeding room when Jeria spots buckets of meat on along the walls of the room. The anuba bear down on them. One of them pounces and lands on Cracka and Jeria shoots it off of him. Krixis kills one and Svarjok finishes off the other two. One more rushes Jaromir and the Wookiee tosses it against the wall, breaking its neck. Jaromir suggests taking some of the meat to use as bait against creatures they will surely encounter in the palace However, the Wookiee may have something else up his furry sleeve.

The group decide to explore a side room rather than take turbolift directly in front of them. They notice a symbol (now L4/D7) which Svarjok knows is from the Seyugi Dervish, but cannot remember anything about what it means or who they are. The party enters the room and find another turbolift, which they take up into the palace. They head down a corridor and end up in an arena-style pit. The party notices that on the landing above them Lurek is speaking to Raanta, but that's not all. In a cell next to them there is a juvenile Kyrat dragon. Jaromir yells up to the Pau'an, "Lurek, release the dragon!" Lurek seems confused, but ever trustful of his Wookiee companion, opens the cage. With this, the Wookiee throws all of the meat at Krixis, coating his armor in the foul smelling bait (now L3/D8). Everyone witnessing this is extremely confused, but now is not the time for questions. The dragon rushes the bounty hunter, thinking he will have an easy meal. The bounty hunter proves he is not easy prey. He notices a sunroof above him, (now L4/D7) attempts to jet up towards it and blasts a rocket at the dragon. Lurek has a thermal imploder (now L3/D8) but decides against using it for fear of killing his friends or killing dragon. Cracka seems to grasp what the Wookiee has done and shoots at the Mandalorian's jetpack. Direct hit. The bounty hunter spirals out of control and crashes into a wall directly in front of a caged acklay. They notice that there are also a gundark and what appears to be a rancor in nearby cells. The Wookiee asks the Hutt to release these beasts as well to take care of the bounty hunter, but his request is denied. Jeria calls for someone above them to toss down a ladder, and one of the Gamorreans abliges. The Twi'lek captain quickly scrambles up it and out of the pit. Jaromir calls again on the Hutt to release at least the acklay, promising to personally get him another one if it is damaged, but again the Hutt refuses. The Wookiee attempts to call to his comrades to use the ladder to get out of the pit, but they cannot hear him over the commotion. Svarjok has also noticed the Wookiee's reasoning and begins firing shots at the bounty hunter. 

On the level above, Jeria sees Lurek fire a shot down at Krixis, who has now dropped his weapon and is grappling with the Kyrat dragon. He then notices an arm wrap around Lurek's throat (now L5/D6), but cannot see who the arm belongs to. Dr. Cracka is the next one to ascend the ladder out of the pit. At this point Lurek is shooting the interloper in the foot (now L4/D7) when he notices that it appears to be a woman with the same symbol on the wall in the basement on half of her mask.

Below, Krixis is still struggling with the dragon and manages to punch it in the eye. The dragon is enraged but still holding onto him, until Svarjok shoots him again in the chest. The dragon is startled and drops the bounty hunter. Krixis loses a part of his armor on his arm, but uses the momentary release from the dragon as an opportunity to escape. His jetpack is damaged, but gets him far enough to use a grapple hook to pull himself out through the sunroof. It has been made clear to the group that the bounty hunter doesn't have controls to the nanodetonators that will kill them (now L3/D8). The Wookiee and Chiss climb out of the pit before the dragon notices them, when they notice the interloper force push (now L4/D7) Lurek into Raanta. A shot comes from behind  and hits the Wookiee when a familiar voice says "I'll cover you, get out of here," (now L5/D6). The interloper is gone, and the group has no idea who is attacking them. Raanta's men have gone off to collect Reom and Cratala (now L4/D7) and Krixis is on his way back to Tukka's palace.


Ending Destiny Points: L-4 / D-7


A Brief History of Lurek's "Death"
Session 31

Monday September 26 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9

After learning about the suicide devices Tukka implanted into the crew, they have reached the decision that they must kill his brother, Raanta. A very nervous Twi'lek man comes in and gives them a bag full of gear they are going to need for their task. Jaromir identifies parts of an electric perimeter fence, frag grenades and pressure sensitive land minds. There is another device that the Wookiee cannot place, but figures it is unimportant at the moment and he will figure it out later. Svarjok does a quick scan of the bag they've been given and find a tracking devices placed in it (now L3/D8). They figure this rules out going to Reom and head to their ship. Krixis, Tukka's Mandalorian bounty hunter, leads them to The Neb Neb, which Tukka had his men fix up and Jeria discovers more tracking devices placed within the ship (harder check; now L4/D7). The team looks at a map of the landscape surrounding Raanta's palace, noticing that there are two mountains bordering the palace and many cave systems that run through these mountains. Lurek tells the group that he will go in straight through the front door and distract Raanta. He removes a small pack of 6 suicide pills from his Imperial days, that he keeps stored in his boot (now L3/D8). He says that he will attempt to use them to poison the Hutt. Svarjok informs him that Hutts are extremely resilient and one pill will not be enough for a Hutt. While bickering about how to proceed with the mission the Mandalorian comes aboard and asks what the plan is, implying that he will be joining them (now L5/D6). Lurek asks the Mandalorian the size of his bounty, and he is told "enough to buy a small moon."

Jeria manages to bring The Neb Neb to a nearby cave undetected by Raanta or his crew. The team agrees to let Lurek head to the palace alone. He leaves all of his weapons with Jaromir and asks Svarjok to rough him up a bit. He tells the party that this will make his story more believable. After getting a few visible bruises, he starts his quarter-mile trek to the palace and the crew is left to navigate through the caves. Lurek reaches the palace and leaves his communicator, which he forgot about until that moment, outside beneath a rock. Lurek uses a light side destiny point, which only he and the GM know at this point (now L4/D7).

The Party:

Shortly after Lurek leaves the team begins to move through the caverns. Jeria finds a fusion lantern in the bag provided for them and wields this and the datapad with the map of the cave system and palace (now L3/D8). The first part of the trip goes off without much of a hitch, however the Wookiee is a little rattled, as usual when they hear skittering sounds coming from the surrounding darkness. After a little more hiking they realize that the sounds are getting louder, but do not seem to move. Jaromir looks up and realizes there are Kshyyyk slash spiders on the ceiling above them. He begins to panic and the spiders descend onto the party (now L4/D7). Krixis blasts one, leaving it nearly lifeless and Dr. Cracka finishes it off. Jeria kills another one, but he is not quick enough to dodge the third, which manages to land its pincers in his shoulder, leaving him critically wounded. The spider has the Twi'lek captain pinned when, Svarjok tries to stab it with his vibroknife. He manages to damage and distract the spider, but not kill it or get it off of Jeria. Jaromir decides to kick the spider off of Jeria's chest, despite protests from the Twi'lek. He manages to kick the spider off and kill the creature, missing Jeria's head altogether. The last spider attacks Krixis, but the Mandalorian seems wholly unphased. He shoots at the spider and sends it running off into the darkness. Dr. Cracka offers to patch up Jeria, but they realize that Lurek may be in distress and have no time to for healing. Svarjok finds a wall at the end of the path, but realizes that the structure seems very frail.


After ditching his communicator, his only way of contacting his backup, he approaches the palace gates. Two slow-witted Gamorreans are on guard duty. Lurek simply says "I'd like to speak to Raanta," and the guards lead him in to the crime lord. Lurek notices a coliseum style pit in the middle of the palace with a number of openings. Raanta the Hutt, who appears much younger than his brother Tukka, is sitting on an elevated throne, so he can view the of the pit. The guards take position next to Raanta, and Lurek is left to plead his case. The Pau'an kneels before the Hutt and says "Raanta, old friend." The Hutt laughs and says "how fares 'death?'" Lurek goes on to reminisce about how the Hutt helped him fake his death and escape the Empire. He asks the Hutt if one of the guards could retrieve a box that was left in the Hutt's possession when he escaped and the Hutt agrees. Lurek then lies to  the Hutt that he is on the planet because he was captured Tukka's bounty hunter, Krixis, on Uvena Prime. He tells that Raanta that his brother was attempting to capitalize on the bounty. Raanta laughs and says that he didn't realize that Lurek had been part of the failed Rebellion on Uvena Prime, but seems agitated that his brother would do such a thing. (successful deception; now L3/D8). After a little more conversation Lurek decides to come clean about how he really came to arrive on the planet. He tells the Hutt that his brother implanted a killswitch and asked Lurek to kill Raanta. This is when the Gamorrean returns with the box and hands it to Lurek. He tells the Hutt about the contents of the box and promises the fortune it holds if he helps to remove the explosive. Lurek tells the Hutt that Reom and Cratala would be able to remove them, but he must bring them to the palace. The Hutt agrees, even though he knows he will lose men in the task, after hearing that the box contains 1.5 million credits and Lurek tells him he will double cross Tukka. Lurek is the only one to know how to access the contents of the box. He also informs Raanta about his friends in the caves, and Krixis, and how they know nothing about this conversation. He asks for a communicator to contact his Wookiee bodyguard to fill him in on the details of the conversation. Upon hearing the communicator buzz, Jaromir realizes that the unidentifiable device is a comm-jammer and turns it off quickly. Lurek tells Jaromir about the plan…

End Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9

Deadly Decisions
Session 30

Monday September 29 2016

Beginning Destiny Points L-2 D-9

After their meeting with Tukka the Hutt, the crew are led to some sort of barracks. They see that Dr. Cracka has had a hub installed for a new cybernetic leg and is sleeping in the room. Before saying anything the crew decides to search for cameras to ensure what they discuss cannot be heard. They see that there are in fact cameras that are known to be in prison facilities that will usually sound an alarm if they are tampered with, but do not record voices. They decide not to press their luck and leave them running. Jeria checks the door to see if they are locked and it is not, but he hears voices coming from down the hall where they entered. Feeling that something strange is going on and the old Hutt seems too trusting, Jaromir decides to inspect Dr. Cracka's new cybernetic hub to see if there is a tracer or detonator placed in it. The Wookiee sees that there is nothing, but realizes that this is a very expensive and advanced model, raising further suspicion. In his prodding he startles Cracka awake. At this time the voices from the hallway are revealed to be Svarjok and Trixx returning.

The crew begin to weigh their options for this mission. They are still a little skeptical after dealing with Osnin since the ruse was to get them on planet to kill one of the two brothers and that mission ended up being a trap. However, Lurek confirms that the Imperials did in fact want the conflict between the Hutt brothers to end and that they only needed one of them to stay alive. He also took this time to inform them that he had lied to Tukka about Reom. Their friend had not agreed to leave the planet in a month and planned on continuing his research beneath the planet's surface. They come to the decision to kill Raanta and deal with Reom when the time comes. Having not slept in days, the team decides that now is a time to rest.

Jaromir is awoken by a strange smell (now L3/D8). Out the window he can see that it is still dark, but cannot tell if it's dusk or dawn. He awakes the others and Svarjok goes to investigate it. He cannot place the source of the smell, but hears guards saying, "they said they're gonna do it. Lord Tukka will be happy." He comes back and tells the crew what he hears and they go before the Hutt lord to tell them they will help him kill his brother.

The Hutt says "ah you're up, you've slept for three days," once the crew is before him. He tells them that cybernetics for Cracka and Svarjok are up front payment for the job to be done, and has the Mandalorian, Krixis, lead them to the med bay for their procedures. Before going, Svarjok hands his long range communicator to Jaromir undetected (now L2/D9). Tukka tells the party that he will provide them with maps to his brothers' palace, but they are missing a floor or two, information on their feud, munitions and anything else they may need. He tells them that Raanta runs a more low-key operation and cares less about gathering information, but is stronger. Tukka tells them that 'information is currency." He tells them he has fixed the stolen ship that they had crashed in the canyons. He says that if they can manage to kill his brother he will be indebted to them and they will have a great ally. 

Lurek realizes that the Hutt is being too generous and asks what the catch is. At this point their is a small explosion as Trixx's chest bursts in a spray of blood. He tells them that the smell they had noticed was used to incapacitate them while his crew fitted each of them with micro-transponders that he could use to disable them. He told them that each is located in a different spot on each person and they will each have different effects and that they had better not try to leave the planet or cross him. He told them that Trixx was an example because he had crossed him in the past and knew not to show his face there. He assured the crew that this was merely an insurance policy and were they to complete their mission, the failsafes would be removed. 

Tukka concludes the conversation by telling the crew that he and his brother had once been partners. He informs them of the assassination attempts each had made and why each had failed. He told them that Raanta was unaware of the party's dealings with Tukka, partly because Tukka had been jamming his comms. With this he dismisses the party back to their barracks. They find Svarjok who has received a new cybernetic arm and Cracka who has  received two new cybernetic legs.

Tukka does not know that Reom has been listening to the entire conversation through Svarjok's communicator.

Ending Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9


In which the crew offer to kill a Hutt
Session 29

Monday September 12th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-3 / D-8

After arriving at the stolen ship Svarjok and Trixx get in Svarjok's personal starfighter and fly off in the direction of Reom's operation on the other side of the planet. 

While that was going on, the rest of the crew forgot about the grenades Fingorn placed on the hatches of the ship they stole, so naturally they exploded on the way over to Reom's and in sight of Tukka's palace. 

Almost immediately the landscaped shifted from desert sand dunes to rocky outcropping. After a couple of hours of walking Crackapuss noticed a skittering noise coming from behind them, following them. Using a destiny point (now L2/D9) Jaromir pulled explosives out of his packed, and rigged them up to the surrounding rock walls in case whatever it was that was following them would attack them, though this amounted to nothing. While camping  and around 2AM the GM used a destiny point to speed things up a bit the group (now L3/D8) to send in a pack a Anooba to rush past the group and attack the source of the skittering sound. Surprisingly the ever afraid Jaromir kept his cool and woke up Jeria first. Jeria used a destiny point (now L2/D9) to pull a monocular sight with night vision from his pack to identify the source of all the comotion. Instead of attacking, they woke up the rest of the party and start to walk away when they were found by a Mandolorian hunter who guided you back to the palace with his pack of Anooba and Strill companion.

In the throne room the party notices there was a lot of mandolorians, and Tukka has the Deathwatch symbol tattooed on his shoulder. During the talks Crackapuss was lead away for medical attention. Tukka showed that he knows the party, knows what they've all been doing on the planet, but isn't out to get them at the moment. Lurek offers to kill Raanta for Tukka in order to secure medical treatment, cybernetics, and safe passage. Tukka laughs at the boast that Lurek claims to be able to do something he hasn't been able to do in the last 200 years, but sure. He wants Reom to cease his activities on planet and leave and has Lurek call him to demand just that. Reom said no, hes got too much money invested in this job and he isn't afraid of the Hutts, they are too busy dealing with each other as it is anyway.

Having received this information from Reom, Lurek then successfully lies to Tukka saying Reom will leave within the month. Unfortunately though, that successful deception also came with two despair, which have not been revealed just yet. 

We ended the session with everyone on their way back to a sort of barracks to get some rest while Svarjok and Trixx make their way over

Ending Destiny Points: L-2 / D-9


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