Yav Yiyar (Deceased)

Gang Leader, Roem's Competitor


Yav Yiyar was a Rodian and number three in the Yiyar clan hierarchy, and number two in Yiyar Salvage. He captained the Nightflyer and was an excellent advance salvage scout. He lead by example, and his approach to any given situation is mirrored by those Yiyar clan members with him.
Unfortunately, Yav was rude, crude, and generally horrible to his allies and everyone else. Yav was very excited about the Sa Naloor, and he tool every advantage and opportunity he thought he could get away with to find the ship first. Successfully locating and securing the Sa Nalaor could have promoted Yav to number two in the Yiyar clan hierarchy and give him command of Yiyar Salvage. He also dreamed of depriving the hated IsoTech of its prize.
He was known for leading a band of Trandosian mercenaries. He was killed by Harsol on Cholganna after the party framed him for killing Cratala’s cyber nexu.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Determined to reach the Sa Nalaor first by any means
  • Trusted the group to let him go, which led to his death.

Known Connections:

  • “Too-Low” Talo was his enforcer in the Yiyar Clan
  • Roem was his main business competitor.

Party Encounters:

Yav Yiyar first comes in contact with the party on The Wheel when he attempts to steal IT-3PO from them. After witnessing Jaromir smash two of is associates’ heads together he takes off running with the droid, but is ultimately stopped by the rest of the gang. They take the droid back from Yiyar, but he manages to track them to Cholganna.
After investigating the downed ship, the gang is once again waiting to attack the group. In the heat of their battle Harsol arrives, but the Yiyar clan will not lay down their arms. Lurek tells Harsol that Yiyar killed Cratala’s cyber nexu, and Harsol executed Yav and his Rodian gang members.

Yav Yiyar (Deceased)

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