Vanin Tsarkosis

Reom's Head of Security


Vanin is a lightsaber wielding, force sensitive individual who works as Reom’s head of security at Reom’s Klatooine facility, IsoUnderground.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Can hold his own in an arm wrestling match with a Wookiee.
  • Wields dual lightsabers but did not resort to using them until rescuing Reom was in sight, this might mean that he is trying to hide the light sabers and any connection to the force he might have.
  • Resourceful both in a fight, and problem solving.

Known Connections:

  • Employed by Reom.
  • Works alongside Cracka, Svarjok, Shira, Cratala and Sash.

Party Encounters:

  • First time meeting Vanin, at Raanta’s palace, he and Jaromir arm wrestle. He holds his own and the table buckles and breaks under their pressure. The Wookiee immediately likes him.
  • Vanin goes with Jeria, Valik, Sash and Cratala to steal cybernetics from Tukka, while the others assassinate him.
  • Vanin plays back video surveillance when they discover Reom is missing and see Trokho shooting out cameras as he goes.
  • Returns to the Holy Site to look for clues as to where Reom may be and discovers Fingorn isn’t dead. He helps Jeria get his planet back topside. They witness a Lamda class shuttle leave and give chase. They bring is downside and have a battle with stormtroopers. In this encounter he takes out two lightsabers which he uses to cut his way through the bucketheads to get onto the shuttle. He, Svarjok, Milo and Jaromir find Vice Admiral Devier Olmes on board. He threatens to blow the ship up, and with Milo’s quick thinking and Vanin’s quick reflexes, they are able to disarm, quite literally, the Imperial, and sadly Milo’s right hand. Shortly after the chaos, Imperial super star destroyer Ravager looms overhead and Vanin leaves on the Neb Neb with Reom’s sister and most of his crew, minus Svarjok who stayed with the Boonta Eve.

Vanin Tsarkosis

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