Tukka the Hutt (Dead)

Hutt Crime Lord of Klatooine


Tukka the Hutt is one of two Hutt crime lords on the planet Klatooine. Him and his younger brother Raanta have been at odds for at least the least 200 years, vying for power on this small planet under the shadow the Jabba.

Through conversation with residents of the Derelkoos Outpost, Tukka is known to be a purveyor of cybernetic components.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Tukka’s throne room has a number of large game trophies mounted on the walls
  • Tukka’s entourage appears to include a large number of members in Mandolorian armor, something of a rarity.
  • Tukka has what looks to be the DeathWatch skull insignia tattooed in red on his right shoulder.
  • “Information is currency.”
  • Older than Raanta.
  • More for theatrics than Raanta.

Known Connections:

  • Tukka does not appear to be a friend of Reom.
  • Tukka seems to have a lot of individuals in Mandalorian armor in his employ, including Krixis.
  • More cooperative with Imperials.

Party Encounters:

  • Tukka has displayed an keen insight on who comprises the party, including names, at least some of their backgrounds, and all of their recent dealings on the planet he considers his own.
  • Lurek has offered the party will kill Raanta in order to get medical aid for the critically injured party members.
  • Lurek lies to Tukka saying Reom will leave his operation and the planet within the month. (incurring 2 despair on the role, yet to be disclosed).
  • Tukka gives Cracka and Svarjok advanced cybernetics.
  • Tukka has placed small killswitches in each member of the party, that he will use if they fail to kill his brother or they try to leave the planet. He uses Trixx as an example for some past betrayal.
  • Tukka sends Krixis with the party to kill his brother.
  • The party return to Tukka’s palace and tell him of how they “killed” his brother and how Krixis died. He is skeptical at first but when he sees that Jeria is also not present, he believes they lost one of their own in the battle. The party presents him with possessions of Raanta’s including his adoptive daughter as a captive and a small box containing his most prized possession. This is the same box Lurek presented to Raanta, except there is a thermal imploder in it. To protect his friends Lurek suggests that the Hutt let them leave the room so he can tell of Raanta’s final words. The Hutt agrees and all leave beside Lurek and the Wookiee. Lurek says Raanta’s final words were “she is not my daughter.” Tukka is confused but doesn’t care. He begins to open the box. Lurek and Jaromir run for the door. Jaromir makes it, but Lurek stumbles and falls to the ground. He is not hit by the first blast, but takes serious damage from the second blast. Tukka is killed instantly.

Tukka the Hutt (Dead)

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