Trokho D'Von

Devaronian Assassin


Trokho D’Von is a devaronian bounty/assassin.


Observations Made by Players:

  • Trokho seems to focus solely on his mark, ignoring other combatants.
  • Trokho seems to be working with a Force sensitive individual.
  • Trokho falls into a cave system and may be dead.
  • Trokho did in fact steal The Boonta Eve.

Known Connections:

  • Trokho was fighting alongside Stormtroopers while trying to take Lurek down.
  • Through Svarjok’s knowledge of other assassins gave him the insight that Trokho is known to commonly work with the Empire, and is known to accept a job and stick with it until completion, often times spending months or more on a single mark.
  • Trokho may somehow be connected with Reom’s disappearance

Party Encounters:

  • From a manifest in the shipyard of Derelkoos Outpost Fingorn was able to determine Trokho is the person who stole The Boonta Eve.
  • After fighting off a couple of bandits around the Fountain of the Ancients Trokho appears with a gun to Lurek’s head stating we could either do this the easy way or the hard way. Trokho focused solely on Lurek, letting the stormtroopers occupy the other team members. Trokho was critically injured during this fight, but was able to escape.
  • Trokho show up at Raanta’s palace and tells a Force sensitive individual who assaults Lurek to get out and provides cover fire. The party tries to negotiate with him to leave. He seriously injures Lurek, but is quickly taken out of the fight when Svarjok shoots the ground out from under him and he falls into a cave. Jaromir drops a grenade on him, but they are unsure of whether he is alive or dead.
  • The crew goes to a nearby cave and find that Trokho did in fact have The Boonta Eve, which he left in good condition. They recover their lost ship.
  • Trokho appears on a security camera at Reom’s stronghold on Klaatoine and blasts the cameras as he makes his way towards Reom’s office.

Trokho D'Von

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