T'minnet Inde

Caamasi, Former Jedi


T’minnet Inde is a Caamasi, former Jedi who escaped Order 66 by unknown means and is living in the Blackwater sector of Mon Calamari. She was close friends with former Jedi Lorik Feryss, who told the crew to find her and tell her about the Dark Jedi who was chasing him.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Has the ability to bring people into past events.
  • Powerful Jedi

Known Connections:

  • Lorik Feryss told The Boonta Eve crew to go searching for her on Mon Calamari.

Party Encounters:

The crew goes looking for T’minnet on Mon Calamari and find that she is living in an apartment in the Blackwater settlement. The crew checks her apartment and find she isn’t there. They go to the docks and find she went down to “The Deep Shadow,” which was a place of strong Dark Side presence under the sea. The crew eventually find her after a run in with a Quarren gang and she helps the team to mind meld into events surrounding past Jedi. They see these past Jedi killed, but manage to locate the pieces of a second holocron. They go and retrieve the pieces of the holocron and are forced to battle the Dark Jedi that killed Feryss. T’minnet uses her Jedi abilities to expel the darkness from the Deep Shadow and to siphon the Dark Jedi’s power source. After defeating him The Boonta Eve crew and T’minnet help to repair some of the devastation of Blackwater left in the wake of the battle. T’minnet remained behind on Mon Calamari.

T'minnet Inde

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