Slevar Boop

Quermian Black Marketeer


Slevar Boop is a Quermian black marketeer on the planet Denon. He claims to have control over all on planet black market dealings.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Quickly angered when mocked.
  • Not easily intimidated
  • Interested in kyber crystals
  • Potentially well connected

Known Connections:

  • N/A

Party Encountetrs:

  • Svarjok locates Boop on Denon to broker a deal, warns the party not to mock his long neck.
  • Tries to purchase cybernetics from Lurek for a very low price. Cannot reach terms and tells them to leave.
  • Jeria mocks his neck, angers the Quermian, tells them they are no longer able to leave. He reveals that his room is armed with security turrets. Milo reveals he is on the hunt for Kybar crystals and promises to bring some to Slevar if he lets them go. The Quermian agrees, but threatens to put a bounty on them if they do not follow through with their promise.

Slevar Boop

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