Seb Neb (Dead Former PC)

Zabrak Bounty Hunter


Seb Neb was a Zabrak bounty hunter who worked with The Boonta Eve crew on their first couple missions. He was killed on Mon Cala when he was blasted by laser fire from an enemy ship. The team didn’t know much about the bounty hunter while he was alive.


Seb Neb was a Zabrak male born on the species homeworld of Iridonia. He joined up with The Boonta Eve crew shortly before their search for the Sa Naleaor in the Nar Shaddaa bazaar. Initially he was just trying to catch a ride with them, but ended up working with the team for a short time. The Zabrak nearly lost a hand when he was bitten by an extremely venomous spider on Cholganna, but Fingorn sucked the poison out, saving his life. He was captured by Flesh Raiders on Tython. Later, while the team fulfilled an obligation to Lorik Feryss on Mon Cala, the Zabrak was killed by an Ubese enemy ship’s fire. His remains were lost in the oceans of Mon Cala. All in all, he was not very good at his job.

Posthumously the team ran into another bounty hunter who confessed to being Seb Neb’s spurned lover, the purple Twi’lek male, Neb’tromo, who blamed the crew for the death of his mate. The Twi’lek tried to take his revenge on the crew in the deserts of Klatooine. Seb and Neb’tromo’s love will forever be immortalized by Neb’tromo’s ship, The Neb Neb, which the crew inadvertently stole.

Seb Neb (Dead Former PC)

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