Sash Vitae

Suissi Mechanic


Sash is what appears to be a middle aged sluissi with skin of different shades of green and a series of fine black lines tattooed up his sinewy arms. He has an ocular implant installed in his left eye that extends further back to encompass his ear and the left edge of his cranial crest. Not typical for most implants such as this is that there is significant scarring around the wound from that appears to have been a near death injury.

Sash is commonly wearing the fingerless gloves common to many of his race but the gloves appear to be modified shock gloves to have many of the small mechanic tools on hand (quite literally).


Sash is currently in the employ of Reom while they are working on uncovering precious materials under Klatooine’s rocky surface. At the current moment there is little to nothing else known about Sash’s backstory or reasons for being at this place and this time.

Observations Made By Players:

  • When Cratala was sent by Reom to aid in the removal of the explosive devices in the crew of The Boonta Eve, Sash accompanied Cratala on this endeavor, being referred to as ‘the mechanic’.
  • Sash appears to have a casual relationship with Cratala.

Party Encounters:

  • After arriving at Reom’s base of operations on Klatooine and speaking with him about his reasons for being there Reom says if the crew wanted to know more about the strange tremors, they should ask Sash
  • Upon Cratala’s arrival at Raanta’s palace Sash did something to the comm jammer that Jaromir had turned on in order to prevent the explosives from being able to receive any transmittance and ensuring none would be detonated by Tukka before they were removed.

Sash Vitae

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