Rika Jalba

Duro Merchant


Rika Jalba is a heavyset Duro merchant at the Derelmar Outpost on Klatooine. He operates a small shop near the Kyrat Dragon Saloon. He let’s Pyn Xabax work his black market operation out of his storeroom downstairs. He is very disorganized and always appears panicked.


Observations Made by Party:

  • Very disorganized.
  • Honest business man.
  • Malnourished and in poor health after being captured by Raanta.

Known Connections:

  • Has contracted a group of Aqualish to deliver dewbacks to Raanta the Hutt.
  • Pyn Xabax operates his black market shop out of Rika’s storeroom.
  • Has dealt with Bixby Bub in the past.

Party Interactions:

  • The party comes to Rika’s in search of gear and information on the Hutts. The Duro provides what he can and seems very honest with what he provides, including a way to get in close with Raanta the Hutt. The merchant asks them to handle the problem of the Aqualish thugs who are refusing to deliver his dewbacks to Raanta and to deliver them himself. The party seize this opportunity and Rika gives them some gear in return.
  • The party returns to the shop after the encounter with Osnin, but Rika is nowhere to be found. It is suspected that Raanta has a hand in the disappearance.
  • Jaromir questions Raanta about the whereabouts of Rika and the Hutt tells them he has him in captivity. Raanta does not plan to kill him, because he is a valuable asset, but must teach the Duro a lesson. Rika has been starved, no longer looking as rotund as before. He has clearly been abused, but has been kept alive. The Hutt agrees to let Rika go after the Wookiee claims they are partially responsible for the death of the dewbacks Rika promised.

Rika Jalba

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