President of IsoTech


Reom often wore jumpsuits and dark gray cloaks, common attire for the locales where he would go. He was armed with a datapad, a heavy blaster pistol, a tool kit, a utility belt, and a vibroknife, as well as his pet, a bogwing named Mordekai.


Reom is a male Twi’lek and the president of IsoTech, a black-market tech operation. He hired a group of spacers to track down the Sa Nalaor, a missing Munificent-class star frigate, and bring its cargo to his base on Raxus Prime.

Observations Made By Players:

  • Reom likes to keep his past to himself.
  • Runs IsoTech with his sister.
  • His father used to run IsoTech, but he has mysteriously disappeared. Players unsure why.
  • Has a very distinguishable limp after his return on Raxus Prime.
  • Despite everything, very friendly and respectful of the party.

Known Connections:

  • Jeria is an old colleague, but the rest of the party doesn’t know the full extent of their relationship.
  • Shira is Reom’s sistes.
  • Dr. Jeekupuss was a doctor in his employment before joining the party
  • Hess’svarjo’kema was a personal assassin/scout for him before joining the party

Party Encounters:

Reom had come to know of the party because of his long standing relationship with Jeria, whom he sold The Boonta Eve to. The group agreed to meet with him at his headquarters on The Wheel and later agreed to help him in order to relieve some of the debt of the spacecraft and possible riches found on the missing Seperatist ship. Reom urged the party to reach Colganna before the Yiyar clan, a rival operation of Rodians led by Yav Yiyar. The party went to gather information about the lost ship, returned to his office just to find that it had been ransacked and he was nowhere to be found.

After the party finds the ship, along with the survivors of the crash, mainly the captain Harsol and a cybernetics specialist Cratala, they head to the dropoff point on Raxus Prime. They still have not heard from Reom when the Imperials, who had placed a tracking device on the Boonta Eve, and a major battle ensues. Reom shows up with reinforcements as the battle is at its apex and helps chase away the Imperial forces. He asks the group to help him get the operation off of Raxus Prime and he would reduce their debt even more. They agree and help get to the space station IsoOne, where Reom plans to continue his operations along with Harsol and Cratala.

Months later, after the party had been taken captive by the former ISB Supervisor Liers Ossnan, who was left stranded on Cholganna by the party and left to be torn apart by nexu, Reom, Hess’svarjo’kema, and Valik arrived in starfighters to rescue the group. They took the group off of the commandeered prison ship and returned the group to his new underground base of operations on Klatooine.

The party tells Reom that Tukka wants him off the planet, but the Twi’lek seems unphased by the threats. He tells them he can handle himself. Later, they call to ask him to come remove the suicide devices from them, but he seems rather annoyed and tells them they will owe him if he comes. This slightly angers Jaromir, and Reom tells them that he will send Cratala and a couple others, but he himself is too busy. He makes good on his word.