Raanta the Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord of Klatooine


Raanta the Hutt is one of two Hutt crime lords on the planet Klatooine. Him and his older brother Tukka have been at odds for at least the last 200 years, vying for power on this small planet under the shadow the Jabba.

Through conversation with residents of the Derelkoos Outpost, Raanta is known to be a purveyor of exotic animals.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Younger than Tukka.
  • More trusting than his brother, possibly because of his history with Lurek.
  • Sends for Reom and his people to help remove explosives from party.
  • Cares about his creatures and not very willing to let them die.
  • Makes an example of people who do not deliver what is promised, as shown with Rika.
  • Afraid of blood, will not let them cut him to make the “death” look real.

Known Connections:

  • Raanta had contracted Rika Jalba to deliver him a herd of dewbacks. This deal did not come to fruition because the aqualish Rika were working with were trying to extort Raanta for more credits. Raanta maybe be connected with Rika’s disappearance.
  • Helped Lurek escape the Imperials.

Party Encounters:

  • In an effort to get in Raanta’s good graces, the party decided they would take the dewbacks from the aqualish and deliver them to Raanta. Unfortunately after their debacle with the ‘Empire’ all of the dewbacks were blown up. Party has had no contact with Raanta, for better or for worse.
  • Party has offered to kill Raanta for his brother Tukka.
  • Upon reaching the palace, Lurek reveals that Raanta and him are actually friends. The Hutt helped him fake his death and run from the Imperials. The Hutt was holding a small metal box for the Pau’an, which he was promised the contents if he helped them remove the explosive devices from the party.
  • The party, aside from Jaromir, are unaware of the relationship between Lurek and Raanta. Jaromir uses the element of surprise to betray Krixis, leaving everyone shocked. The Wookiee tells Raanta to release his kyrat dragon, which chases the bounty hunter. Raanta refuses to release anymore of his beasts into the fray.
  • After the fighting, Raanta agrees to help the party and leave Reom to his work on Klatooine. In return the party pledges to turn their cross-hairs on his brother Tukka.
  • Raanta is questioned about the whereabouts of Rika and he tells the crew that he is teaching him a lesson about betraying him. Jaromir admits that they are in fact the reason why the dewbacks have gone missing and that Rika should not share the blame. He mentions that the credits given to him by Lurek should more than cover the loss and even pledges to get more at a later time if he releases the Duro.
  • Raanta lets the crew fake his death to help convince Tukka they have completed the job.
  • Discussing the plan to Raanta, the crew is introduced to his adopted daughter Adalya Milli a Togrutan. The crew brings her and “the box” that is in Lyric’s possession to Tukka as trophies of Raantas death.
  • They complete the mission and heading back to Raanta, Adalya feels some sort of loyalty for getting her out alive and back to her father. So she tries to deceive Raanta by trying to cover for the crew but instead she tells her father of their plans and apologizes for trying to deceive him. Raanta is not pleased and not so easily forgiving.
  • The crew arrives back to Raanta, very upset that Adalya has slipped with their plans, Lyric wants him to throw her into the Rancor pit. Raanta thought it a bit much and instead of killing her, as punishment she was to never come back until she could prove herself worthy and if she did not listen he wouldn’t think twice of throwing her in the pit. Lyric was to take Adalya with them as their punishment for not being truthful to him.
  • The crew departs and is on to their next mission with Adalya as their new member.

Raanta the Hutt

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