Quarren Gang Leader


Quar’ek is the leader of the Quarren gang on Mon Calamari that is known for kidnapping travelers at the docks of the Blackwater settlement.


Quar’ek sends his gangsters out to kidnap and rob travelers on Mon Calamari. His headquarters on Mon Calamari is destroyed by the crew of The Boonta Eve.

Observations made by players:

  • Seems to have a fairly extensive operation.
  • Bases located underwater.

Known Connections:

  • None

Party Encounters:

While searching for T’minnet Inde on Mon Calamari, the crew attempts to rent submarines to go looking for her. A group of Quarrens offer to take them down to find her, and the party foolishly agrees. They are quickly drugged by the gangsters and taken to an unknown location. Upon waking up in a submerged prison with all of their possessions taken, the party is quickly angered. Trixx finds a box to smash one of the gangsters guarding them in the head with, while Jaromir rips the arm off of another, who bleeds to death. The crew makes their way through the base, while being shot at with mounted laser cannons and other gang members. Jaromir rips off another Quarren’s leg and brandishes it as a weapon, causing another enemy to vomit. The group disposes of the remaining gangsters and retrieve their stuff. They did not come in contact with Quar’ek while in his captive, but one of his enforcers got away. It is safe to assume he knows the identity of the crew.


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