Pyn Xabax

Gand Black Market Proprietor


Pyn Xabax is a Gand black marketeer on the planet of Klatooine. He operated out of the basement of Rika Jalba’s shop along with his Weequay body guard Oysen Yetric.


Observations Made by Players:

  • Pyn seems very untrustworthy.
  • Has a Weequay body guard with him at all times.
  • He offers the party significantly less money for the exoskeletons and spice they sell to him.
  • Pyn says a little louder than he should that he is working closely with Tukka the Hutt, Tukka later confirms this.
  • Appears indifferent towards the party.

Known Connections:

  • Supplying spice and materials to Tukka.
  • Operates out of Rika’s shop.
  • Has a Weequay body guard named Oysen Yetric.

Party Encounters:

  • Pyn Xabax buys exoskeletons aquired on Uvena Prime and glitterstem found in the Jedi temple on Tython from the party. He offers them significantly less than what is worth. They reluctantly take the deal, but he throws in some gear to sweeten the deal. He lets it slip as they are leaving that he works for Tukka.
  • Upon returning to Klatooine after their run in with Osnin, Jaromir and Lurek go looking for Rika, only to find that he is gone. They sneak downstairs after hearing voices and find Pyn, Oysen, the bartender Hak and a couple of local Klatoonians. They question where Rika is but the Gand doesn’t know. They also ask where The Boonta Eve has gone to and Pyn tells them that it has left a couple of days prior to their return, but does not know who has it. He offers up information that it headed towards the Fountain of the Ancients.

Pyn Xabax

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