Parshendi (Deceased)

Flesh Raider


Parshendi was the leader of a group of Flesh Raiders on the planet of Tython. He was killed by a Dark Jedi.

Observations by Players:

  • Leader of the Flesh Raiders and able to tame manka cats
  • More Curious about their presence than hostile.

Known Connections:

  • None

Party Encounters:
His group of raiders capture Seb Neb, Aztin and Jeria in the jungle when they tried to sneak off the path to investigate a nearby commotion, which ends up being the raider camp. Lurek approaches and is surrounded by tamed manka cats, but successfully convinces the raiders to release his friends and lead them to the Jedi temple down the path. Jaromir gives Parshendi a communicator and asks him to keep an eye on Ferris while he is left alone outside of the temple. Half way through the temple contact is lost with the Flesh Raider. Upon leaving the temple the party discoveres that Parshendi and most of his group were killed by a Dark Jedi and his Ubese followers.

Parshendi (Deceased)

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