Liers Osnin (Deceased)

Dead Imperial Captain


Osnin was one of the Imperial Captain that was in charge of the attack of the crew while on Cholganna. The crew left Osnin on the planet at the brink of death after an unsuccessful attempt to capture everyone.

Osnin actually survived his time on Cholganna by unknown means, was equipped with numerous cybernetics in order to replace his broken and destroyed limbs. Letting his rage and need for revenge brew while going through numerous painful surgeries Osnin vowed he would get the crew of The Boonta Eve pack for what they did to him.

Some time after the events that occurred on Mon Calimar, Osnin and his crew retrieved Jeria’s body from the oceans and attempted to torture the whereabouts of The Boonta Eve and its crew from him, employing cruel and unusual methods. Through whatever information he was able to extract from Jeria, Osnin was able to plant a mole in the crew of The Boonta Eve by stranding the Ryn Bixby in the path of the freighter, or knowing their penchant for taking on stowaways and strangers.

Through a series of holomessages, and a number of unintelligent crew members, Osnin was able to convince the crew that he was Imperial Admiral Soran Riddick, and would provide the crew with full pardons, including Lurek, if they were to eliminate one of the Hutt brothers Tukka or Raanta on the planet Klatooine. Little did they know this wall all a front to get the crew in position for Osnin to kidnap them outside the holy site the Fountain of the Ancients.

Osnin was killed during the breakout that followed the crew finding themselves captured by Osnin and his imposter Stormtroopers.


Observations Made by Party:

  • On Cholganna he is in charge of the ISB investigation of the Sa Nalaeor. He does not care about the party, just wants Harsol, Cratala and the other survivors.
  • Very manipulating.
  • Vengeful of The Boonta Eve crew for the condition he is in.
  • Kidnapped Jeria after losing him on Mon Cala.

Known Connections:

  • On Cholganna, the Imperial Security Bureau.
  • After, a crew of employees in ramshackle stormtrooper armor.

Party Encounters:

  • The crew first meets Osnin on Cholganna when he ambushes the camp and tells them to turn over Cratala and Harsol. The crew refuses, which results in a fire fight. Valik manages to disable Osnin’s ship, leaving him stranded on Cholganna. After their escape from the planet the party forgets all about him.
  • Some months later the crew gets a transmission from the Empire, blackmailing them into killing a Hutt crimelord. This turns out to all be a ruse by Osnin. He is now cybernetically enhanced and seeks vengeance on the crew. He has kidnapped and tortured Jeria some point after the crew lost him on Mon Cala. He intercepts the party in the middle of the Drelekoos Desert on Klatooine and plans on killing them. It turns out that Bixby Bub has been reporting back to him. He takes them aboard a prison ship where he reveals himself and plans to execute each of them. Aztin H’barr gets a hold of one of his mens’ blaster rifles and fires open an airlock. Most of his men are sucked out into the vacuum of space, along with the traitorous Bixby and Aztin himself. Osnin is caught off guard by the events and Jaromir kills him.
  • After setting the ship to self destruct, the party notices that Osnin’s body is gone.

Liers Osnin (Deceased)

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