Twi'lek Bounty Hunter, Seb Neb's Spurned Lover


Neb’tromo is a Twi’lek bounty hunter who was the lost lover of the crew’s Zabrak bounty hunter, Seb Neb. The party first learn of him when they bump into him in the Derelmar Outpost on Klatooine. Later, Neb’tromo follows the crew through the Derelkoos Desert and attacks them with a small band of bounty hunters. He runs from the party when he sees he is outnumbered. Jeria and Fingorn inadvertently steal his ship, The Neb Neb from the outpost when they return to the planet.


Observations Made by Players:

  • Seems to blame them all for the death of Seb Neb.
  • Works with a host of bounty hunters.

Known Connections:

  • Lover of Seb Neb.

Party Encounters:

  • Attempts to fight Fingorn in the Derelmar outpost, but loses the Nautolan in the crowd.
  • Follows them around the outpost spying on them.
  • Attacks the party in the desert with a party of bounty hunters, but is chased off when his crew is killed.
  • The party steals his ship from the outpost inadvertently.


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