Krixis Gamox (Dead?)

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter


Krixis is a Mandolorian male wearing a hodge podge make up of armor similar to that worn famously by Jango and Boba Fett. Of average height and build.


Krixis is currently in the employ of Tukka the Hutt on the planet Klatooine when our crew was visiting the planet. The bounty hunter found the boys while he was hunting outside of Tukka’s palace and was accompanied by a pack of anooba and a strill. Aside from this, not much else is known about Krixis.

Observations Made By Players:

  • Appears to have a very casual uncaring demeanor.
    Known Connections:
  • Krixis is working for Tukka the Hutt on Klatooine.

Party Encounters:

  • Krixis found the party on their way to Tukka’s palace after crash landing in the middle of the desert. Krixis had a pack of anooba and a strill in toe.
  • Krixis was sent by Tukka to aid in the party’s endeavor to kill Tukka’s brother Raanta.
  • While fighting at Raanta’s palace (which started because Jaromir pelted the bounty hunter with mean and released a kyrat dragon), Cracka’s expertly placed shot damaged Krixis’ jet pack and communications device. Krixis lost his right vambrace, including the flamethrower attachment, while grappling Raanta’s juvenile kryat dragon. And finally after escaping, for whatever reason Krixis was forced to leave behind his chest piece, which was found by Raanta’s guards and given to Lurek for some much needed protection.
  • Jeria, Svarjok, Jaromir and Vanin go to track down the bounty hunter in The Boonta Eve. They follow a trail of footprints and blood to a pile of armor. Close to the armor they find a body close to the pile of armor. After a short argument about what to do with the person they find in the desert, Jeria just opens fire on it. This slightly angers Jaromir and Svarjok, but the captain does not care. Jaromir is skeptical that this is even the body of Krixis.

Krixis Gamox (Dead?)

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