Kalo Dari

Nikto Pirate - Captain of Queen Ressa's Revenge


Observations Made by Characters:

  • Deals in excess, and likes extravagant displays of both wealth and power
  • Likes to be in control and enjoys the ‘thrill of the chase’
  • Captain of the Queen Ressa’s Revenge, a modified CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle, with the insignia of a silhouette of a pale queen in a thick white circle.

Known Connections:

  • Is out to get revenge on the crew of the Boonta Eve by stealing their ship
  • Intends to take over both Hutt space and ultimately the entire galaxy

Party Encounters:

  • Kalo Dari picked up the Boonta Eve when they were stranded fuelless on their way to Ryloth through hyperspace, between the Varl ad Rorak sectors and attempted to trick them into selling him their ship, when in reality it was just a ruse to ‘play nice’ and take their ship
  • After being left with a boarding party from the Super Star Destroyer Ravager onboard, Kalo sends the Boonta Eve a transmission vowing revenge and to make Lurek his personal slave.

Kalo Dari

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