Wookiee Merc


Jaromir is a Wookiee Mercenary who was born on Kashyyyk, but raised on Alderaan. He is the personal bodyguard of former Imperial Officer Lurek Elsyn. Jaromir is the muscle of The Boonta Eve, even though he is afraid of almost everything.


Jaromir was born on Kashyyyk, where he lived for a couple of years. When he was a toddler his parents were killed by a soldiers. The young Wookiee was taken away from Kashyyyk by an aging bounty hunter, who took him to Alderaan and raised him as his own. Jaromir grew up around bounty hunters, spice runners and other underworld types. He became respected for his physical power and the intimidation that radiated from him. This was an easy way for him to quickly earn money doing what he loved.

Around the time of the Clone Wars, Jaromir returned to Kashyyyk for a short time where he fought in the Battle of Kashyyyk, alongside Jedi Knights. He watched the Clone Troopers turn on their Jedi generals and fought a few, helping a young padawan escape the fate of many of her Jedi brethren. Jaromir watched as his planet fell to the Empire and his people were enslaved. He has always felt guilt for leaving his people to their fates and going back to his life of crime.

Jaromir worked with bounty hunters such as Boba Fett and Dengar on a few occasions, and maintains a friendly relationship with Dengar. The two have frequent run ins and have to constantly pull each other out of some sort of ridiculous situation. While on a mission in the outer rim, working for a militia that was trying to rid their planet of an Imperial presence, Jaromir met Lurek Elsyn, an ex-Imperial who faked his own death, who employeed him to keep him safe and act as his personal bodyguard. At first the Wookiee was reluctant to work with one of the people who helped enslave his planet, but the two have grown very close.

The unlikely duo ended up teaming up with the crew of The Boonta Eve, shortly before they took a job working for Roem. The crew has come to expect Jaromir to be terrified of the wild, and slightly quick to agitate. He’s been seen cracking heads on The Wheel, getting pulled into trees by an arboreal octopus, ripping off Quarren legs and Shistavanian arms. In the Jedi temple on Tython he refused to walk into the lava in the final Jedi trial because he watched his friends burn to death. Jaromir has become fond of tossing grenades after an encounter where he tossed one into a dragon’s mouth and blew its’ head up. He has received enhanced strength cybernetics to make it even easier for him to remove limbs. He doesn’t always agree with the methods of his party and their lack of compassion towards other bounty hunters and hired guns, but will turn a blind eye as long as he is still getting paid. Jaromir is universally loved by Jawas, despite punting one in to a corrosive lake. On Klatooine the Wookiee betrayed the bounty hunter Krixis by tossing meat on him and having a kyrat dragon try to eat him.


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