Harsol's Protocol Droid


IT-3PO is a protocol droid in operation for almost forty years without a memory wipe. It purports to be the property of Ropok, Reom’s father, through whom it was introduced and exposed to a wide array of government, underworld, and Separatist beings. In reality, “Eyetee-Three” is owned by Captain Harsol and was working with Ropok to set up Harsol’s scheme. After the So Nolaor went missing, Eyetee-Three remained with IsoTech, and his primary task became translating trade deals for Ropok’s operations. This quickly expanded, with Eyetee-Three becoming a near-equal partner in the operation, as the droid expressed unexpected creativity in the art of crafting a deal.
Since Reom and Shira took over the business, Eyetee-Three has became a valuable link to past customers and contacts, but is not highly regarded in developing new deals. Eyetee-Three took a very logical and mechanical approach to this development—it is a droid dedicated to aiding its masters however possible. If they don’t understand the opportunities that he continues to point out, that is their loss. Reom and Shira don’t know that Eyetee-Three really belongs to Harsol.
Eyetee-Three’s aloofness and thinly disguised arrogance are similar to those of other protocol droids.
Eyetee-Three is still loyal to Harsol and intends to rejoin the captain. The droid’s inclusion in this trip was its own idea. It has been gathering a wealth of information useful to both Harsol and Cratala, should they wish to return to civilized space.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Seems very anxious to get to Cholganna.
  • Let’s off a beacon while on the ship.

Known Connections:

  • Captain Rel Harsol is his master.
  • Worked alongside Roem, Shira and their father Ropek.

Party Encounters:

The party is told to take Eyetee with them to Cholganna to help investigate the Sa Nalaor. The Yiyar Clan attempts to kidnap him to get the advantage of locating the ship, but that is quickly put to an end by the party and the droid is retrieved.

Once on Cholganna the droid activates a beacon to alert Harsol of their presence. Harsol locates the party because of it and is a little more willing to take them back to the encampment upon seeing his droid returned.

Eyetee is not seen when the party meets up with Roem on Klatooine, so it is unclear if he and Harsol are still with Roem.