Hak Marinikar

Weequay Bar Owner


Hak Marinikar is a Weequay who owns the Kyrat Dragon Saloon at the Derelmar Outpost on Klatooine. The bar is accidentally burnt down by Aztin, Bixby, Jaromir and Dengar.


Observations Made by Players:

  • Likes to get straight to the point.
  • Seems to be willing to give information where he can.
  • Still hangs around on planet after his bar is burnt down.

Known Connections:

  • N/A

Party Encounters:

  • The party first meets Hak when they arrive on Klatooine. They try to get information out of him, but he doesn’t have much information to offer. He points them in the direction of Rika Jalba, who may be of some help.
  • Bixby and Aztin attempt to poison a crew of Aqualish thugs in Hak’s bar. The plan fails, which results in the two party members drinking the poison themselves along with some of the men. Jaromir watches from the bar as things get out of hand over a game of sabacc. A fight soon breaks out, which leads to one of the thugs throwing a molotov cocktail and burning the bar down. The Wookiee and his bounty hunter friend Dengar pull the two unconscious party members to safety, but the bar is burnt to the ground. Hak seems slightly annoyed that he has to rebuild his bar, but is unaware of who is at fault.
  • Upon returning to Klatooine, Jaromir and Lurek run into Hak who is conversing with Pyn Xabax beneath Rika’s store. Hak seems to have some information for the Wookiee and Pau’an but doesn’t want to speak in front of the Gand. Outside they meet with the bartender, who tells them Rika has been missing for three or four days and Raanta is the main suspect for his disappearance. The Weequay sells the two a speeder that breaks down about a mile out of the outpost. Jaromir is instantly enraged and wants to go back and maim Hak, but Lurek convinces him that moment is not the right time.

Hak Marinikar

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