Fingorn Krill

Nautolan Mechanic, Force Sensitive


Once mechanic, once presumed dead, twice badass, and resident chaotic neutral


Born on the planet Tatooine to a pair of meager parts dealers, Fingorn grew up with scrapped parts in one hand, and thirst for knowledge in the other. He spent hours of his time tinkering with small droids attempting to repurpose malfunctioning protocol and astromech droids for asinine tasks. That came to abrupt halt at the age of 5 when passing Jedi found a small spark of force sensitivity within the small Nautolan.

Fingorn was enroute to be whisked away to the home of Jedi learning on Coruscant when the clonetroopers turned on their Jedi Captains and executed Order 66. Torn between saving their brethren, training this young force sensitive, and running from the republic, Fingorn’s Jedi handlers decided to leave him on the Outer Rim planet of Felucia while they went to avenge their fallen comrades. For the next 20 years Fingorn spent his time on the planet and in the surrounding system revitalizing his love of all things mechanical and pandering his skills as a mechanic for hire, often times brushing shoulders with those of a more unsavory nature.

Through these dealings Fingorn came to with work with our captain Jeria Kansan on a few smuggling runs and decided to ally himself with Jeria in order to broaden his horizons and further his goal of being one of the best mechanics in the outer rim.

Fingorn distinguished himself amongst the crew for having a penchant for failing at the simplest slicing tasks and mechanic tinkering, things he had no issue with back in a controlled environment, but now showing no skill whatsoever in real high risk and combat situations. Either it was alerting the ISB to his slicing attempts, blowing up a cache of 100K credits, or mistakenly make concerned survivors believe he was trying to force himself on them, Fingorn had a hard time adjusting to this world during their first mission as a unit. It wasn’t until the mission retrieving the holocron from Tython, embodying a century old force ghost and unearthing a second holocron on Mon Calamari, and avenging Feryss by killing the Dark Jedi that Fingorn came into his own and became more comfortable with their new pace of life.

Through a combination of a burgeoning sense of self, and a horrifying lose of his friend Jeria to the oceans of Mon Calamari, Fingorn’s personality appeared to take a turn for the worse, making rash decision, prone to going off on his own and not consulting his remaining crew mates. Fingorn began to so no mercy to enemies, often times executing the already defenseless and defeated simply so that they didn’t have to deal with them any more. Even though other crew members were starting to become concerned with Fingorn and his action, they couldn’t argue with the results. Fingorn had improved tremendously, capable is slicing and servicing anything that came at him, greatly improving the crew ability to succeed.

While on Klatooine, and investigating the Fountain of the Ancients, Fingorn discovered he really enjoyed the pakpah fruit, and the affects they bestowed upon those who ingested the seeds. In a desire to understand what was going on better he disregarded the warnings of the crew and went to scope out the ritual the monks were performing after dark. Through a series of blunders, mostly on Aztin’s behalf the crew was being chased by at least 20 ravaging drugged up monks only to be rescued by Osnin and his Imposter Imperials.

After escaping, and Fingorn rigging the ship to self destruct with all crew inside, Fingorn and the crew of the The Boonta Eve returned to Klatooine to try to find their ship. This sent them another cat and mouse chase eventually ending up in an audience with a Harch preacher Exarch D’ull claiming to speak the word Trench. Unfortunately Fingorn’s luck ran short while climbing a shaft out of D’ull subterranean lair and fell a few hundred feet, presumably to his death, though this has remained unconfirmed.

Fingorn Krill

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