Lorik Feryss (Dead)

Former Jedi


Lorik Feryss is a middle-aged – 50 or so – human male. Streaks of grey runthrough his otherwise dark hair, which falls over a weathered, tired face. Feryss is also a former Jedi historian, who has so far escaped the ravages of the Jedi Purge. He was off-Coruscant when Order 66 was given and has had the wherewithal to stay hidden ever since. He has made his way in the galaxy acting as a trader and researcher in antiquities, and his past life as a Jedi historian has served him well in this regard. He is currently searching for a lost Jedi holocron. He is unwilling to reveal his Jedi past to anyone and will do all in his power to disguise this from the players (and those around them). Consequently, unless straits are dire, he will use his blaster in combat.

Lorik contacted the crew while they were restocking supplies on the moon Nar Shaddaa to help him and his companion Trixx retrieve an artifact off planet. Upon reaching the planet Tython after daring escapes from Ubese Mercs and trackers, the secret of Feryss’ former profession and true identity is revealed. Feryss spent most of their time around the ancient Jedi Temple while the rest of the team faced off against ancient Jedi trials in order to retrieve a holocron and numerous lightsabers. The party exited the temple victorious only to see a dark robed figure standing over the body of their new friend. Feryss had been killed by a Dark Jedi on his quest to find the very same holocron the party now had in their hands.

After his death, and their subsequent escape, the crew of The Boonta Eve found a message awaiting them on the main console of the ship from Feryss instructing him if they saw this he was dead and he needed them to deliver the holocron to an old comrade, Tmennit En’Dey on Mon Calamari.


Lorik Feryss (Dead)

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