Cybernetics Specialist


Cratala was a female Arkanian Republic expert in cybernetics design and research during the Clone Wars. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s personal medical staff saw her as a genius, so he had them try to force her onto his staff. Due to this, and other corruption in the Republic, she defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and took her assistants with her. The Separatists stationed her and her staff on a space station in the Salvara system of the Mid Rim, where they worked on cyborg and droid technology for the war effort. When the Clone wars came to a close, she was rescued from incoming Imperial forces by her friend, Captain Rel Harsol and the Sa Nalaor, until they crashed on the Outer Rim world of Cholganna. She was among the survivors of the crash, and spent her time on Cholganna continuing her research.

Observations Made by Players:

  • Seems to trust the party.
  • Unsure if she wants to stay on Cholganna or leave.
  • Knows that Harsol is paranoid and has a short fuse.

Known Connections:

  • Supreme Chancellor Palpatine wanted her for his personal medical staff.
  • Captain Rel Harsol, CIS Captain who stole the Sa Nalaor and took her away from Palpatine.
  • Cratala has been working alongside Reom since leaving Cholganna.

Party Encounters:

The party encounters Cratala for the first time at the settlement on Cholganna. They soon come to find that she is the one who cybernetically enhanced a couple of nexu on the planet that attacked the party the night before. The party fails to inform her that they killed her nexu and that Fingorn removed the enhancements from the beasts. Cratala seems to like Harsol, but knows that he is always on edge and wants to leave the planet, even though she is horrified to find that Palpatine has become the Emperor.

When the empire attacks the settlement, she locks herself in with her nexu and threatens to let them kill her before being a prisoner to the Empire. Lurek convinces her to remain calm and leave the cage. When the battle subsides, Cratala agrees to go with the party to meet Roem.

When the party meets with Roem months later on Klatooine, they see that Cratala is still working alongside him.

The party asked Raanta the Hutt to send someone to collect Cratala to remove the killswitches implanted in him by his brother Tukka. The Arkanian doctor comes along with a couple of assistants and successfully removes the detonators from each member of the crew without causing any damage to them.


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