Castor Daggoth

Bothan Smuggler


Castor Daggoth is a Bothan smuggler operating out of the planet Dennon. He is a former acquaintance of Jaromir and Lurek. He has agreed to take them to Ryloth and let the Boonta Eve lay low for a while.

Observations Made by the Players:

  • Not very good at gambling, especially someone else’s money.
  • Has little faith that they will make it off of Ryloth.
  • Knows better than to remain on Ryloth, but vows to bring them back if time allows.
  • Jaromir claims he is trustworthy, to an extent.

Known Connections:

  • Has previously worked jobs with Jaromir and Lurek.
  • Owes a substantial amount, 40 thousand credits, to Sullusten gangster, Talo.

Party Encounters:

  • Jaromir and Lurek find Daggoth being forcefully removed from a sabacc table in a Dennon casino. He tells them that he will still bring them to Ryloth for 100 credits a head, but there is one little snag, his ship is in custody of Talo. He has gambled away a 40,000 credit loan the Sullusten has given him. Lurek says he will get the ship back, and to go speak to Jeria, but not Fingorn. Daggoth obliges and heads to his hangar.

Castor Daggoth

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