Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

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Session 38 Thursday December 8th 2016

Beginning Destiny Points L-5/D-5

Back to the half of the group traveling to the holy site, Jeria cautiously navigates getting more information from Shira about Reom and the their father. From there most recent information, Ropak is currently being held in an Imperial prison at an unknown location. Ropak used to work with Captain Harcel who he helped to bring down Separatists operations before Harcel crash landed on Chullgana in the Sa Naloor. Ropak was captured when he helped Harcel and Critala escaped the Imperials some 20 years ago. The conversation started in the cockpit of the Boonta Eve, but as Jeria was trying to run from Shira, it moved to the galley where Milo was tied up for the moment. 

Through conversation with Milo, he tells Shira and Jeria that he has a pit droid named Boyd, that helps Milo with miscellaneous tasks and his research (Now L-4/D-6). Vanin then enters the galley as well to question Jeria about what they know about Trokho. Unfortunately at their first meeting Lurek was too hasty in trying to kill Trokho and did not get enough information out of him. It finally dawns on Jeria, through heavy implying from Vanin, that Trokho was also the one to steal the Boonta Eve from the Derellcoose Outpost and thus whatever ship he came in on could be there, this providing another lead to pursue. 

Upon arriving at the holy site, they see that most of the looters ships that where present before are no longer there. There is an Imperial lambda-class shuttle close to the fountain, as well as scraps of Milo's ships. Due to the proximity of the Imperial shuttle, the decision is made to land further out from the center of the site, to go down into the tunnels per direction from both Milo and Jeria, and then to try to sneak up on the shuttle 'through the back entrance'. Jeria is able to land the ship in a small valley and thus there is little concern they were spotted. 

Before leaving the ship, Vanin tries to extract any information from Milo. Milo says that after purchasing the ship from Trokho it looked like he had gone off towards the fountain. He starts talking about the Harch that live at the holy site, and stating that the god that the worship is not a true god, but is unable to completely explain without his research. He did however say that he had met Exarch D'uhl and suggests maybe trying to talk him into helping the crew rescue Reom from the Imperials, should he be on the shuttle. Jeria calls into Svarjoke and informs him of what is happening at the holy site and what the plan is, luckily this occurs right after they are leaving Raanta's from the previous episode (now L-3/D-7). Shira informs Lurek of the presence of the Lambda class shuttle and that maybe checking out the outpost  may be another good lead. 

Back to the holy site crew, before trying to scale down the same hole that they lost Fingorn down, Milo points out a rolled up rope ladder nearby on the ground (now L-2/D-8). Jeria and Vanin are the first two to go down in the hole, and quickly see a small pit droid in one of the corners of the room. The crew all successfully make it down the ladder, until Sash who is strongly disadvantaged by his body type. Sash falls halfway down the pit, grasping as he fell and is severely damaged. After Shira makes it down she is searching around looking for Reom, but instead finds Fingorn's body, barely hanging on to life, both his legs are shattered, broken ribs, and mildly unconcious. An argument ensues over what their next step is. Jeria is strongly pushing for bringing Fingorn back to the Boonta to toss in their last bacta tank. Vanin shoots this down due to lack of trust and the thought that Jeria could leave all of them down there and take off now that he has his friend back. Jeria talks them into believing that he suggested this out of a hope that Fingorn was still alive, but truly believes this is their best lead for finding Reom. Vanin finally relents and states that he will go with Jeria to bring Fingorn back, then they will go to towards the fountain up top and maybe make a distraction while the other half of the crew goes underground. Everyone hears the sound of the lambda shuttle take off (now L-3/D-7), and everyone rushes up the ladder and back to the ship. Vanin is easily able to carry Fingorn's limp body up the ladder while climbing up himself. 

Upon reaching the top, they quickly hop in the ship trying to follow the shuttle and capture it before they jump to hyperspeed. Jeria comms in Svarjoke the plan, they will punch it and meet up with us on the pursuit. Vanin jumps on to the ion cannons in an attempt to incapacitate the shuttle rather than blow it up. After firing the first volley, Vanin yells at Sash to activate the massive comm jammers to try and prevent the shuttle for calling in any nearby backup (now L-2/D-8). When Svarjoke and the Neb Neb finally shows up to assist, Jaromir's shot goes wilds and hits the Boonta Eve instead of its intended mark, however this does not prove to be to too much of a hindrance as the Boonta, thanks to Vanin's shooting is still able to bring down the Imperial shuttle and catch it with the Boonta's tractor beam. Sash is able to can the ship for lifeforms and the readout states there is 12 lifeforms on board. It is decided to bring the ship down in an open area back on Klatooine and to board the ship.

Ending Destiny Points L-2/D-8

Till next week, where we have a Role Play / Rogue One double whammy 


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