Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

The School of Rokc

Session 41, Thursday January 5th 2017

Beginning Destiny Points L-5 / D-5

The session begins with an incoming transmission from a one Kalo Dari stating that he was able to successfully throw the Imperials from the Super Star Destroyer Ravager off his back, and convince them he had no connections with the Boontanites. He promises to meet them on Ryloth where he will make Lurek his personal man servant. 

Jaromir and Lurek inform the crew that Jaromir has a contact on Denon, a Bothan smuggler Castor Daggoth. They have been in contact with Castor and have already concocted a plan. The crew has to acknolwedge that with all the recent attention, they can not take the Boonta Float to the heavily Imperial Ryloth, and the smartest thing at this time would be to travel there on a different ship. Thats where Castor comes in, he will smuggle, what he does best, the crew on to Ryloth in a nondescript ship and get them past the outer defenses. Jaromir states that he does trust Castor to an extent, just doesn't trust what he may have gotten himself into since the last time he has seen him. Castor is expecting us and is excited to get off Denon himself. Jaromir states that if he is bringing us to Ryloth, than he likely suspects we will never get off Ryloth and will eventually end up searching the ship for any valuable / selling them off, and thus the crew spends some time hiding some of the more valuable items, such as their ingots of besker. Before arriving on Denon, Fingorn spends a considerable amount of time attempting to gut out pieces of the grip of his Heavy Blaster Pistol in order to hide the hilt of lightsaber inside and hopefully avoid detection in the coming days. 

Upon arriving in Castor's empty hangar on Denon, empty of both Castor and his ship, Lurek sends Svarjoke out to find a potential black market dealer who may be willing to buy his crate of cybernetics. While Svarjoke is off doing that, Lurek and Jaromir will find and talk with Castor, Adalya and Milo will try to find out more information on the current climate on Ryloth, and Jeria and Fingorn are going to try and patch the ship as best they can. 

Adalya and Milo go out in search a library, and make their first stop at a nearby noodle stand to try and gather information. The besalisk selling the noodles refuses to offer up any information before they purchase some noodles. He tries to hustle the two by lying to them about his ability to read, stating first he has nothing to do with books because he can not read, but then tries to provide them information on the location of the library for 50 credits, to which Milo refuses to agree to the deal because he can not trust the sense of direction from someone who can not read, and storms off, appalled at the besalisk's attempt to swindle him. Milo and Adalya venture on out and eventually stumble upon the library themselves. The spend a while here looking up Ryloth, Dathomir, and some of the nature fauna of both. Milo does a much better job digging through the archives, and is able to find a number of books showcasing the landspace and enviroment of both planets, including a number of potential archelogical sites of interest on Dathomir, ie ruins and dig sites. 

Lurek and Jaromir venture to the local casino to Castor being kicked off the sabacc table, definitely the worse for wear, and looks like he is out all of his credits. He informs them that he is unable to provide the promised ride off planet due to owing someone 40,000 credits and he may have Castor's ship in impound right now. Castor says the person he owes the credits to is a sullustan named Talo that set up shop here a few months ago and has been setting up an operation here in the inner rim since his dealings in the outer rim has gone sour. Talo has primarily been performing gun runs with an ever growing diverse group. Lurek convinces Talo that if they get Castor's ship back from Talo, Castor will smuggle them to Ryloth for 100 credits a head, each way. Castor states that this will be a one way trip, because he is not crazy enough to stay on Ryloth, but he is going to make a trip to Tattooine, and if they manage to get everything they need to get done in the 7 days that his trip to and from Tattooine will take, he will pick us on his return journey. Lurek agrees to this and plans to meet Talo at his base of operations under the library, and will attempt to talk Talo out of Castor's debt somehow. The three walk back to the ship, where Lurek and Jaromir will attempt to sell off his cybernetics. 

Upon inspection of the ships hull trauma, Fingorn is confident that he can fix it up, as its primarily just superficial, but he would need to get supplies and raw materials as Castor's hangar is rather skimpy. He decides he needs to go out to a nearby junkyard that's marked on Castor's board as one that provides good deals, and even though he asks Jeria if he wants to come along, ends up going by himself as Jeria is going to remain alone with his baby for the first time in a long time. En route to the junkyard Fingorn, with his new companion Boyd, is bumped into by a shadowy figure running in the opposite direction (Now L-6/D-4). As Fingorn is whirled around he pops another pakpah seed into his mouth (8 left on hand) and and successfully sees a hooded kubaz running in the same direction as the figure that pumped into him. Quickly patting himself, Fingorn realized that they got away with his money pouch which also kept all his credentials, and Fingorn limps after the kubaz. Luckily Fingorn is able to follow in the void of the crowd that the kubaz had to push through and his limp proved not to be a hindrance. Fingorn and the kubaz grapple for a bit, Fingorn trying to grab his property back from the pickpocket, until a male chadra-fan kicks him over. Fortunately it is at this time that Svarjoke, coming back from the black marketeer that he found spots the commotion going on in the middle of the street and rushes over to help Fingorn (Now L-5/D-5). Svarjoke promptly punts the little bat like humanoid across the thoroughfare and he slumps against a dumpster, seemingly knocked out. Now the two 'professionals' make quick work of the kubaz and snatch Fingorn's property back. Making an intelligent decision for once, Fingorn opts for letting his would be theif go, the black market area of Denon may be used to fights, but he isn't sure how a murder would go over. Svarjoke joins Fingorn and buddy Boyd on their journey to the junkyard. 

Side swipe back to Lurek and Jaromir, back at the hangar now, Lurek receives a call from Svarjoke just before he witnesses the shenanigans with Fingorn. Svarjoke explains to him that there is a Quermian named Slevar Boop operating out the back of a bar named The Giraffe's Neck and that he has already initiated the introductions for them. Just before the comms close, it sounds like Svarjoke has sighted something and is now running, he yells "oh and don't make fun of his neck!" Lurek and crew discuss and end up bringing everyone with them to the black market deal, Jeria beeping the ship at the last minute to lock up. Lurek still doesn't trust Milo or Adalya so he instructs them to remain behind after Milo pushes the lev-crate inside. Lurek initates the deal by opening the crate of 15 cybernetics in front of Boop. Boop offers 22 thousand credits for this, and they are all appalled by this amount. Lurek attempts to intimidate Boop with the aid of his muscle, but surprisingly this doesn't phase Boop, saying his room has some safeguards against people like them, but is still willing to negotiate as long as Lurek changes his tactics. Lurek eventually gets Boop to increase to 55k, but they can't work with Boop after this. Lurek says he will just take his crate and his business elsewhere 55k is just not enough for this many pieces. On their way out Jeria makes a remark over his shoulder about Boop and his stupid long neck. He did not take into account the excellent hearing of quermians because at his jibe, Boop slams his fist down on the arm of his chair, hitting one of the many buttons, and a series of metal shields quickly slid into place all lined with in facing blaster turrets (Now L-6/D-4)

Adalya, locked outside by the metal shields tries to enter the bar, but is stopped by the bartender and in stonewalled when she tries to question him. Milo tries to calm Slevar down, and Lurek bristles at this, he expressly told Milo to keep his mouth shut. Slevar says the can leave peacefully only if they accept his original offer, or they've got to figure something else out. Lurek tries to charm the quermian, by saying they are not used to working with merchants of his caliber. Lurek reveals that they are working with Castor, and they two agree on how much of an idiot his is. This mention of a mutual partner and a guarantee that Castor will do some jobs for him, finally gets Slevar to forgo the hostilities against Jeria. 

At of know, Milo pipes up that he has something that might interest Slevar. Before an absolutely fuming Lurek can stop him, Slevar is already intently listening. Milo promises information on the location of kyber crystals. Lurek unbuttons the holster on his blaster. Milo states that his digs are set up specifically to find these crystals, mostly for fuel. He says that is is the head of command on research on these crystals. He promises a delivery on where these crystals, and in order to sweeten the pot, he promises that Slevar will be the first person they tell. He gives Milo a personal private communicator just for contact with Slevar that Milo can use to tell him about the crystals, and then he vows that if this is a hoax or if they fufill their end of the bargain Boop will hire the most well equipped bounty hunters to bring them in or kill them. Boop includes all of Milo's friends in this threat, even including the blue one that was here earlier, thus not including Fingorn as he is an unknown quantity to Slevar. To make good on faith, Slevar offers 70k credits for the cybernetics, and Lurek agrees to this. 

They walk out of the bar, into the nearest alley, and Lurek motions to Jaromir to pick Milo up by the collar of his vest and pin him to the wall, demanding information. Lurek casually puts the muzzle of his blaster to Milo's forehead. Milo states that he is working for both the rebellion, and the empire to provide information and research on the kyber crystals. He holds no true alliengance, just working for money. He says that he is the head of The School of R.O.K.C, Research of Kyber Crystals, located on the planet Iridium, where the dean of the school is a one Jackupuss Black, brother of their former doctor Crackupuss. He says his mean area of research is to figure out where and how the crystals grow, in order to try and find more farm planets to recover fuel. Through the interrogation, Lurek extracts that Milo must be overdue for a report. Milo seems to be confused by this. Milo reveals that Klaatooine was his first mission and the first offworld research he was going to be compiling a report on. Milo says that he was going to try and provide the research to both parties and essentially double dipping on as little research as possible. Lurek is able to intimidate Milo into agreeing that all profits from his research will become party credits stating that being indebited is always better than dead. Milo tells them that his rebel contact is a General Duru Lee, and his Imperial contact is a Science Research Officer Rashell Zhagel. Lurek finally motions for Jaromir to drop Milo, saying that all of his reports are now going to go through Lurek first. Lurek gives Jaromir 10k credits from his cybernetics as it has been an extremely long time since they have made any money off of any jobs. 

Ending Destiny Points L-6 / D-4


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