Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

She Is Not My Daughter

Session 35

 Tuesday November 1 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-3/ D-8

The party goes back to arguing about how to kill Tukka and the four remaining Mandalorians. After some time of arguing Jaromir says he is sticking to the original plan and leaves to discuss a plan with Vanin to hustle drunks in cantinas in an arm wrestling scheme. While arguing Raanta comes in with a young Togruta woman. He introduces her as his daughter, Adalya. They think they can use her to an advantage in convincing Tukka of the "death." The party decides that Jeria, Cratala, Valik, Cratala and Sash will take The Boonta Eve into the caves to get under the operating room to steal the cybernetics and Lurek, Jaromir, Svarjok, Cracka and Adalya will go kill Tukka. They plan to poison the Mandalorians with Alderaan Ale that Raanta provided them with (now L-2/ D-9). They mix in the suicide pills, which Lurek knows will take 30 minutes to kill a member of his race, but is unsure how long it will take for another species. They figure it is the best method of attack, and depart Raanta's palace. Lurek radios Tukka and tells him they are on their way. He tells them the job is done, but Krixis is dead.

The Boonta Eve:

Sash tells Jeria where to go through the caves to land under the medical room, and the Twi'lek captain is able to successfully navigate through. They arrive about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. They land under the operating room, in a large amount of toxic sludge of blood and medical waste. Valik and Jeria are the first members off and are immediately hit with a wave of sickness due to the toxicity of the environment. Cratala and Sash are also sickened by the waste, but Vanin seems uneffected. Jeria tells Sash to propel himself up to the vent and saw away at the bars. After about 5 minutes of sawing the bars pop open enough to get through. He pops through and sees two patients on beds being attended to by two doctors and a medical droid (now L-3/ D-8). Jeria raises The Boonta Eve enough for Valik and Sash to pull themselves through. Valik is able to pull himself through and sneak up on one of the doctors, but Sash grunts as he comes through alerting the other doctor. Valik punches the one in the head and staggers him. The other doctor tries to kick Sash in the head, but misses. Sash grabs him by the ankle and pulls him down into the sludge. Valik kills the other doctor. Sash reprograms the medical droid and loads it into The Boonta Eve. While Jeria waits in the ship Valik, Vanin and Cratala start loading the crates of cybernetics while Sash keeps watch.

The Neb Neb:

Svarjok lands The Neb Neb in the hangar of Tukka's palace and they are greeted by one of the Mandalorians. He asks what happened to his brother Krixis to which Lurek tells him that Krixis fell in battle. The Pau'an offers him a bottle of Alderaan ale and tells him to share it with his brothers in Krixis's memory. The Mandalorian is annoyed that he won't be getting the credits Krixis owed him, but figures the rare ale of the dead planet is fair enough compensation. He leads the party in to Tukka's throneroom. Jaromir leads Adalya in as a prisoner and Lurek carries his the small silver box he once gave to Raanta. The Hutt seems delighted to see them. Lurek asks that the Hutt clear the room for him to share their tale. The Hutt is reluctant, but agrees. All the guests leave aside from th Mandalorians, a Trandoshian and a battle droid. Lurek begins by saying "we attempted to enter the palace through the caves. The plan worked, but we infiltrated the palace in the colosseum area. Raanta released his beasts and Krixis attempted to distract them, knowing he was capable of flying out with his jetpack. In his distraction, Krixis was killed by a kyrat dragon. However, in this time we are able to climb to the top and tip Raanta's throne into the pit. The fall killed him." He tells the story without letting Tukka get a word in to question him and throw off his deception.The Wookiee adds that the Hutt beastlord's own pets were more than happy to feast upon him. The party shows Tukka images of the carnage. He tells them that he sees plotholes, but believes his brother is dead, even though he knows he is somehow being deceived. The capture of his niece gives him a little reassurance, as does the droid hand necklace Raanta is known to wear. Lurek says, "I'm sorry if the events are a little fuzzy, but we have lost one of our own as well. Captain Jeria has fallen in combat as well." This sways the Hutt's opinion and Lurek presents him with the box. At this time it is noticed that the Mandalorians have drank about half the bottle of poisoned ale. Lurek tells Tukka that they are not worthy to look upon what is inside the box, and that they should be excused from the room. Tukka does not grant this request. Lurek then tells the Hutt that he will tell him his brother's final words, but he must allow the party to leave. Tukka allows this and all clear the room, aside from the Mandalorians, Lurek, Jaromir and Tukka. Lurek tells Tukka the code to get into the box, and says that Raanta's dying words were "she is not my daughter." The bizzareness of comment puzzles the Hutt, but he is more concerned with the contents of the box. Jaromir begins sliding the bag of grenades toward the group of Mandalorians and the first one drops dead. The others start towards Lurek and Jaromir. Tukka looks up from the box to survey the scene, but at this point it is opened and Lurek and Jaromir are running. Jaromir collides with a Mandalorian, knocking him down, but still manages to make it out of the room and into the operating room with the crew of The Boonta Eve. Lurek trips and rolls out of the way of the first blast of the thermal imploder he implanted into the box. He is hit with the second blast however, taking massive damage and gets caught in rubble. Tukka and the Mandalorians are killed by the blast due to the funnel effect of the room structure (now L-2/D9). The Trandoshian turns at the sound of the explosion and Svarjok shoots him in the back with his rifle, killing him instantly.

Ending Destiny Points: L2/D9 


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