Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Say Uncle

Session 39 Part 1 - 12/15/16 Part 2 - 12/22/16


Beginning Destiny Points L-2 / D-8

Part One – 12/15/16 (This session was less than an hour long due to a late start and an early end due to a party viewing of Rogue One)

Upon watching the Imperial shuttle touch down, Milo uncaringly goes up to the ramp of the shuttle and watches as 7 stormtroopers exit. While he attempts to talk his way out of violence with one of the officers, the rest fan out and try to disarm the crew. Vanin does not take well to this, and with a distinct hum of a lightsaber, beheads one in the blink of an eye. Chaos ensues, Milo continues to pursue for peace by talking with the Imperials, but they are now blind with rage and knock him prone. Adalya shows up some fancy shooting and makes a one in a million shot, getting a second headshot through the head of the first. While the others attempt to stun the officer and kill the other stormtroopers, Vanin runs up the ramp in search of Reom, with Svarjoke and Milo eventually following. Here he encounters 4 more stormtroopers, more scuffling occurs and he is now positioned with his back to the cockpit door, and the stormtroopers between him and his teammates. It is at this time that the cockpit door opens to what appears to be a high ranking human Imperial officer, saying "Good to see you Svarjoke" with a sly smile (Now L-3/D-7)

Part 2 – 12/22/16

"Your Uncle is going to be very happy to hear about you here. The Grand Admiral will be very glad to know you are here." (Now L-4/D-6) [a Destiny Point was used for GM John to slightly alter Svarjoke's backstory and include a '…famous' relative and that Svarjoke changed the family name section of his name when he was left for dead.] Devier Olmos, a Vice Admiral of the Imperials takes command of the situation, revealing that his droids in the cockpit are working on getting communications back up and running (Now L-5/D-5), and then he reminds Svarjoke why he was nicknamed the 'Demolition Man' by pulling out a small detonator from behind his back (Now L-6/D-4). Devier says that he is willing to blow himself up if it means the death of a few aliens. Vanin tries to call him on the bluff, but Svarjoke confirms he isn't one to mess around with and deactivates his lightsabers. Devier sends the stormtroopers still alive in the ship to clean up the rest of the crew outside and round them up. 

While all of this is happening, Sash is watching from the cockpit of the Boonta Eve, and finds it to be extremely odd and concerning that half of his teammates went into the shuttle, not to appear again, and then stormtroopers appear to take in the rest of the crew. Just in the nick of time he activates another pointed comm jamming signal on the shuttle (Now L-5/D-5), but this time is able to instead patch outgoing messages to the Neb Neb, where Lurek the former Imperial Moff is waiting to trick anyone making a call back to base into giving up any information they can. Devier begins the conversation by calling into the 'Ravager'. After a lengthy conversation between Devier and Lurek, who is believed to be a random officer, Lurek learns that Devier helped Trokho leave the holy site just recently with Reom in toe. 

With the transmission over, the stormtroopers are getting close to entering the Neb Neb. Lurek directs Valik to try to sneak out and make his way into the shuttle to help the others. Once Valik clears the area,  Lurek opens fire on the cluster of stormtroopers with the Neb Neb's blaster cannon, killing all remaining (Now L-4/D-6). Now a lot of things happen all at once. Valik had been instructed by Lurek to take the blaster fire as the signal and attempt to take down Devier during the commotion. Unfortunately Devier wasn't made a Vice Admiral by a fluke, at the last minute he sees Valik and spins out of the way. He however did not see Vanin and surprisingly Milo jump into action at the same time. Milo was able to grab Devier's hand holding the dead man switch with both of his own hands. Unfortunately though for Milo, he did this basically at the same time as Vanin's lightsaber comes crashing down on the now tangle of arms and cuts off both of Devier's hands and one of Milo's. By the grace of the Force, Milo's one remaining hand is containing all of this and prevents the dead man switch from activating. ALSO at the same time a shot from Svarjoke's blaster misses by Devier's face by only inches. Instead of killing him, they drag him out of the ship, mostly as a precaution that Milo doesn't fall susceptible to shock and looses the switch and blow the ship and them with it, up. 

Lurek meets the group halfway and reveals himself to Devier, reveling in his realization. Lurek is able to threat out of him that Trokho is bringing Reom to the Imperial prison on Dathomir and traveling on the ship "The Force Walker". After this last bit of information is finally given up, Lurek takes out his blaster and shoots him in the head before Svarjoke can stop him. While all of this was going on Sash had gone into the cockpit to find an astromech droid still manning the communications. Sash hacks into the astromech and downloads the communications logs. Upon quick inspection he sees that the Devier had radioed into the Ravager right before leaving the holy site and logically would be expecting them shortly (Now L-5/D-5). Sash decides they can make use of this droid and leads it off the ship to see Devier's lifeless body hit the ground. 

The crew has to make a decision, and fast, otherwise the Ravager will come looking why Devier's shuttle never arrived. The plan is concocted to load the shuttle up with a number of torpedoes, wake up the stunned officer, and send him back with a message from the Rebels, and blow the ship and the torpedoes when it arrives at the Super Star Destoryer. Before the officer is woken up, torpedoes from the Neb Neb are loaded onto the shuttle, in doing so Vanin find 3000 credits in Devier's locker. Lurek calls for the last remaining Imperial to be woken up, delivers his little speech, and then is prompted with the response of 'But I don't know how to fly the ship' (Now L-6/D-4). At that exact moment the Ravager exits hyperspace and comes into view just above the holy site (Now L-7/D-3). A decision has to be made NOW. Sash quickly rips the data core out of the astromech, and then loads the officer and the astromech on the shuttle, while everyone else gets back into the ships. The Goon Squad on the Boonta, and Team Reom on the Neb Neb. Against all odds, both pilots make incredible work of the situation and escape atmosphere and plot courses for their next destinations. Team Reom plotted a course to Dathomir and successfully jumped. The Goon Squad allowed Milo to plot their course, and jumped. They however did not account for Milo's amazing ability to read situations incorrectly and no on realized the course he plotted out was actually one for Ryloth.

Ending Destiny Points L-7 / D-3


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