Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Icy Return to the IsoUnderground

Session 36

Monday November 7 2016

Beginning Destiny Points: L-6/ D-4

With the explosion, Sash who was sitting in wait in the entrance of the medical room darts out, slams into Jaromir who was turning at the last second to try and observe his employers well being. Sash and Jaromir go back into the throne room to check on Lurek, who sustained major damage from the second wave of explosion from the thermal imploder. Amazingly enough though, all of the mandolorian armor that he was wearing at the time remained in the same condition he walked into this endeavor (intact chestpiece and vambrace, everything else damaged). (now L-7/D-3) Upon a quick inspection, all of the mandolorians who were in the room had been killed, and all of their armor was destroyed due to their proximity to the blast. While all of this was occurring, the other team members in the medical room were able to load up 34 crates into The Boonta Eve. Sash and Jaromir team up to dig Lurek out of the rubble without inflicting more damage to him. They quickly carry him to the Boonta Eve and throw him into 1 of their remaining 2 bacta tanks. 

Svarjoke, Adalya, and Cracka, who had been led back into the hangar by the battle droid, overpower and destroy said battle droid, power up Svarjoke's personal starfighter, The Scrappy Womp Rat, and get it hooked up to the Neb Neb and take off from the space port about the same time the Boonta Eve takes off from the tunnels amid blaring alarms. 

Shortly after taking off, Adalya gives Raanta a call to inform him of the progress, (now L-6/D-4) the call is broadcasted shipwide on the Neb Neb. On the comms, Raanta shows concern for his comrade Lurek. Unfortunately however, Adalya let slip that they would be going to Reom's headquarters first to drop off some of the 'none essentials'. Raanta does not like this and easily realizes that Adalya is trying to hide something from him. Adalya relents and says that they are going to drop off some of the acquired cybernetics. Raanta is extremely displeased by the fact that his adopted daughter has been caught in a lie and was trying to provide Reom with the cybernetics rather than her father. Raanta states to Adalya that she should know what the money that could be generated from the sales of these cybernetics could do for 'his cause.' After threatening to throwing Adalya to the creatures that she herself helped train, she finally relents and agrees to bring Raanta the cybernetics and would have to deal with the rest of the crew, compromising mostly of people loyal to Reom. 

After Svarjoke relays the details of Adalya's conversation with Raanta to the crew of the Boonta Eve, Sash attempts to have a conversation with Cratala about the said crates. This conversation goes less than stellar, with Sash trying to placate Cratala, and convince her that we NEED to appease Raanta by giving him some of the crates, and with Cratala claiming ownership over all the crates. Cratala fires off a lot of less than polite insults and names directed at both Raanta and Sash, and finally relents, throwing her arms up and slamming a door in Sash's face. This pain's Sash deeply, but he continues on with his work. Jeria and Sash quickly open up all the crates and identify that 16 out of the 34 crates are filled with cybernetic implants of various items and qualities, with the rest fill of miscellaneous medial supplies. In one of these crates Jeria finds a datapad that Sash is able to unlock. The datapad details the location of the shipping manifests that delivered these crates. With this information Sash is able to identify the location of multiple warehouses located on various uninhabited moons and planets used a staging grounds and transports point for these illegal cybernetics. This information is promptly given to Cratala as an attempt to lessen his temper, but it appears to have no effect. It is decided upon by Jeria and Sash that 6 of the crates containing cybernetics and the 18 crates with the misc. medical supplies (so 24 crates in total) will be given to Raanta. Sash is able to successfully hide th the fact that any of these crates have been opened and the seals appear intact. 

Upon arriving in Reom's base, Cratala rushes out of the room she secluded herself in and directs Valik and Vanin to start unloading whatever crates we designated to give to Reom. Sash explains to Adalya that they are keeping some of the crates, its that simple. We are going to give Raanta some of the crates, some cybernetics, some medical supplies, more than half of what we took, and that there are still ~34 crates at Tukka's palace. Adalya accepts this, thanking them for understanding. While taking in the rest of the hangar, the crew, those that work for Reom, notice that the facilities look to be less populated than before, maybe about half of what it was 2 days ago when Sash, Cratala, Valik, and Vanin went to aid the crew of the Boonta Eve, though the faces that are present are all familiar, and that there are dried 'red' spots on the ground. Sash knows that this is not oil, and that this is most definitely blood of some sort. The mechanics that work under Sash explaining to him that they didn't see anything out of the ordinary, the same coming and going as usual. Before fully explaining he says weapons out everyone, and start to follow the trail to Reom's office. 

Upon their approach, Jeria promptly gets berated by Reom's sister Shira, blaming both Jeria and 'the Nautolan' for Reom's disappearance. Reom and Harcel are both missing since at least yesterday, so the window of disappearance is only two days ago to one day ago. Shira tasks Jeria and only Jeria with rescuing Reom. Shira does not want Reom to end up like her father. It looks like the room has been ransacked, but through conversation with Sash, he determines it was mostly just Shira and only a few documents have gone missing and her temper getting the best of her, Sash is able to talk her down a bit. Through this conversation, Shira reveals to the rest of the group that she was out scouting battlegrounds and that her and her brother, or most of Reom's operation, has a connection to the Rebel Alliance. Because we have a number of Twi'leks present, we know that the blood is not Twi'lek or human, through this we know its not Reom's, Neb'Tromo's, or Harcel's. Sash goes back and confirms with the mechanics that no unknown entities have come or gone, and that to their knowledge, Reom has not left, but they can not recall. Coming back to Reom's office, Sash successfully, with Shira's aid, accesses Reom's personal terminal. What is revealed is the details on a number of scouting missions, and some research on a Cerean located on Ryloth known to be a prison architect, the last access is shortly after the 4 members lefts for Raanta's palace. Back in the hangar, through Cracka and Adalya they are able to identify the spots as either Sullustan, Devaronian, or Transdoshian.  

Vanin speaks up saying that as the head of security (now L-5/D-5) he can access the security cameras. Through the recordings, the crew sees a scout ship land and out comes Trokho, clearly wounded. Trokho promptly shuts the camera, but not before they were able to identify one of the mechanics, and the crew observes him shooting the rest of the cameras along the way to Reom's office (now L-6/D-4). Sash rushes up to the mechanic that was in the video and asks him to clarify. The mechanic sticks to his original story that nothing was out of the ordinary, Sash pulls out his knife and shows him the recording on the datapad, but the mechanic remains steadfast. Sash forces the knife against the mechanics throat, making it clear that if he is lying, he is dead. The mechanic stays true to his word, saying that the scout that left on the ship returned in that video, and then left shortly thereafter, he can't explain the video. At this point both Jeria and Svarjoke both remember that Trokho was not alone at Raanta's palace, and that there was a mysterious Force User accompanying him. Through his limited knowledge of the Force, Svarjoke states that this could possibly be an ability of the Force User, and that this is why there is a discontinuity with his memory and the recording. Sash finally releases the mechanic and apologizes. 

(Now L-5/D-5) Sash states that all of the scout ships in Reom's operation are equipped with non removable tracers and that their positions can be viewed in real time from Reom's terminal. Sash elects to remain behind and spend the time to datamine Reom's terminal. 

Ending Destiny Points L-5/D-5


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